Record of Youth Episode Rises Back to 7.730% as Hye Joon Gets His Big Break in Acting and Romance with Jung Ah

It’s 7-episodes in with Record of Youth and I can confidently say that my quibbles with this drama (and there are many) so not outweigh what I do love about it. And episode 7 had so much to love. The ending scene was my favorite, and for once it wasn’t some cheesy OTP kissing, it was the moment Hye Joon’s grandpa and mom was watching him onscreen in a drama moment and just beaming with pride and my heart just burst open like a proud momma hen myself. Park Bo Gum as Hye Joon just elicits all my maternal instincts, with his kindness, sincerity, and candor being so like a harmless goldfish swimming in shark infested waters I want to protect him. But he’s stronger than he looks which is what makes watching him so fascinating. I still don’t feel the OTP at all, as friends yes and their support for each other is wonderful, but as a couple in love there is zero sexual tension. Jung Ha has more tension with Hye Hyo who I understand what attracts him to Jung Ah (her down to earth sassiness) than what made Hye Joon fall for her. Episode 7 ratings went back up and was merited, it erased the boring of episode 6 and gave up something to root for with one much needed successful break for Hye Joon.


Record of Youth Episode Rises Back to 7.730% as Hye Joon Gets His Big Break in Acting and Romance with Jung Ah — 13 Comments

  1. i thought Chae Soo Bin’s the most boring actress but I was wrong. Park So Dam is the most charmless, bland and BORING ACTRESS i have ever watched. Shes USELESS in record of youth.

    • I like chae soobin, she is one of the actresses who could warm my heart by watching her acting. Somehow she could make her character relatable eventhough I’d never been in the same position.

    • I haven’t watched this drama, it’s on my wishlist, so I keep my eyes on the reviews. But PSD is good though in movies, I hope she found her best character. Plus she’s really sweet in real life, I wish her success!

  2. I think visually, Hye Hyo and Jung Ha are more suitable, primarily because the actor is much taller and fuller than PBG, which compliments PSD’s not-so-fragile built. I think PSD and PGB just need to work harder to project a romantic chemistry, but is not hopeless.

  3. Up to this time, i can’t think of a reason why hyejun falls for jeungha. It’s like he banged his head and lost consciousness and when he woke up he is in love with her. I have nothing against Sodam but i think she is not suited for her role. Or they make it a Bogum drama, to stand out, her co stars should not be physically in his level. It’s hard to look at them doing romantic scene. It’s unnatural, u know they are just acting. I am not fully watching this drama. Though i want to support Bogum, but he needs a lot of convincing for some of his fans. So disappointed that it became a love story. My expectation in this drama is so high, what with the synopsis in their press releases but sadly it became like this. Scenes are all copycat of Encounter.

  4. I am really surprised that this drama is getting the rating. It’s so boring for a prime time. It’s like those really slow family drama, it’s boring but many households watch it because they an relate. ROY is like those drama.

    I don’t feel the importance of romance in the drama. Is romance the main plot or Hae Jun’s journey is the main plot? As a viewer, it’s kind of it’s not easy to choose both and feel like only interest on Hae Joon’s journey. And now that he achieve his dream, the feels empty.

    Sorry, the drama lacks substance or maybe woth how’s its presented, it appears that drama doesn’t have substance. You can’t help but skip too many scenes. Staying on this drama for Hae Joon.

  5. Man, week after week after week, people come here to complain about how boring the drama is yet they keep forcing themselves to watch. Yeesh, are you masochists? Why not try other dramas like 18 Again, DYLB or ZD to see if you’ll enjoy them?

    • I’m sure others are watching other dramas too. Perhaps many are like me… just forwarding to scenes where it concerns his career and cutting the rest out. Ep 8 for me is a 10 minute episode. Still entertainment plus Park Bo Gum is eye candy. I am also tired of complaining about PSD. So now I am oblivious to her cos I no longer watch her scenes.

    • Good advise. I actually checked 18 again and binged. It’s actually a better drama and a bonus Wi Ha Joon is actually in it. WHJ is one of those actors who need to be on a romance drama as a lead.

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