SBS Fri-Sat Drama Alice to Skip One Week Airing Due to Chuseok Holidays

I paused writing about SBS time travel drama Alice because while I am still watching the inexplicable flourishes the production insists on adding that adhere to K-drama tropes. I really wish this drama aired on OCN instead, alas it doesn’t so the last few episodes annoyed the heck out of me by throwing in typical rom-com cohabitation tropes between leads Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won when its so inappropriate I can’t even. She’s his mother in his time line and maybe 2020 professor Tae Yi is one of the various incarnations of his mother if she’s from another time line, but she’s still his mother’s doppleganger even then. Thank god Jin Gyeom shows zero feelings that way for her otherwise I would have to burn this drama from my retina. The only good things now are hottie Daddy Min Hyuk trying to solve the mystery of his Tae Yi’s death and pay penance for leaving his woman and baby, Do Yeon being the plucky loyal friend she is despite too little screen time, and of course Jin Gyeom who remains our conduit and emotional connection with this story and still a fantastic comeback performance from Joo Won. Maybe I’ll be less annoyed by next week when Alice comes back after taking this week off from airing due to Chuseok holidays, please give us some concrete answers and cut it with the icky rom-com homages.


SBS Fri-Sat Drama Alice to Skip One Week Airing Due to Chuseok Holidays — 17 Comments

  1. Totally agree! I felt the last
    3 or 4 episodes were boring. The scientist doesn’t seem to talk or do scientific stuff. Buff police is knocked unconcious too many times, journalist runs to police side out of jealousy. Then karaoke session and the amusement park – speechless! The only thing that interest me is park jin gyeom, how is he going to unravel all this and what will his reaction be?

  2. I am on the verge of dropping this drama but I want to know who killed Tae Yi. The pseudo-incest vibes coming from recent episodes are uncomfortable to watch.

    • I’m hoping that it’s more of them bonding and she can’t wrap her head around that fact. But, I also think they using it for the comedy act with the reporter… because, they are funny together.

    • Started the show watching this for Joo Won, and came out the show staying for Kwak Si Yang. He didn’t pop out to me in a big way in other shows, but whatever styling is going on here is clearly working on him big time.

  3. Likewise. I am shouting don’t go there literally every episode. So gross. The story is stagnating too. Cop gets knocked out. Run and hide. Someone finds them. Another person gets knocked out. Shampoo rinse repeat. Sigh.

  4. Hottie Daddy Min Hyuk FTW!!! Hello there <3 <3 Show us more of him, please show!!

    This show is really good, but the weird romantic tinges are taking people out of the show. This is a pre-produced show too lol. I think OCN would've given this show more free reign.

    Still watching because than that, its a really good show. Min Hyuk is the MVP of Alice!!!

  5. Oh heck yes! First, they reduced strong and smart Tae Yi to a dumb weak crybaby. Now, they’re trying to force a creepy loveline? Plus, badass Min hyuk now easily gets his ass kicked by Jin gyeom? I read a comment on DB that the director promised to give him many cool action scenes for picking this drama. Is that why? And what’s that bald cop’s deal?

    Yes, more screentime for Do yeon. She’s great. Though I can’t for the life of me see what she sees in that boring Jin gyeom.

    At this point, I’m only watching for Min hyuk. His is the only storyline I find interesting and the only reason I haven’t yet dropped this drama so hard it would shatter to pieces.

    • Do Yeon is a sweet but annoying. However, she has been loyal to Jin Gyeom despite his coldness towards her.

      Bald cop in Ep 9/10 aren’t the same paternal like figure in prior episodes. I assume something bad occurred for him to be a baddie in the future, maybe he got killed or snapped ultimately?

      LOL. I read so may comments commenting on how they’re staying for Min Hyuk. I wonder why was his story not the main focus here, or in conjecture with our ML’s arc?? Since both are intertwined with one another too?!

      I feel so bad for his character, his is the most emotionally charged storyline for me. I hope he doesn’t die or sacrifice himself!!! KSY has my <3 here.

      • Yeah, she can be annoying. But perhaps that’s part of her charm? Lol. I wish they actually gave her more to do than run around being jealous. Since the drama started, I haven’t seen her actually publish anything. Is she really a journalist? (Rhetorical question)

        I’ve read a bunch of theories about the bald cop but I don’t know yet what to make of them. The next episode’s preview has him pulling a gun on Jin gyeom. Hopefully, it’ll all be explained.

        They could have tightened things up by having Tae Yi be attracted to Min hyuk while she has maternal feelings she can’t explain toward Jin gyeom.

        I’m really rooting for Min hyuk. I wonder what Jin gyeom’s reaction will be when he finds out he’s his dad. On second thought, given his aloofness, he might just shrug like whatever.

      • Responding to your comment above about Do Yeon/Min Hyuk:

        IA. Do Yeon could be more better used to show our ML having romantic love with someone. And see him come out of his shell a bit more, or no romance but instead friendship which was shown in early episodes. She is a journalist, she wrote some reports that was shown a bit in Ep 1-4. However, after establishing the main 4 characters in early episodes, its detoured to Jin-gyeom and Tae-yi’s relationship.

        Same on bald cop. In a flashback scene, bald cop was talking to guy with one leg missing, and said “I’m here to kill Tae-yi.” But we don’t know if that version of the cop was the future 2050 version sent out to kill Tae-yi, or a decoy a la Terminator?

        Yep, hit the nail on the head. I know that those feelings Tae-yi has for her son are maternal but the way the director is directing certain scenes makes it feel romantic which is icky. Why do that to a show and have viewers not wanna watch b/c they hear whispers regarding it? SMH. It’s clear when she shares a scene with Min Hyuk that there’s history there, but she can’t display them rn.

        Min-hyuk intrigues me the most. What’s his purpose for joining Alice, how did Tae-yi warm his stoic heart? He’s cold but cares deeply about her/their son. When he find out what happened to her/their child, it was so heartbreaking. Truly such a sad moment, def. the most tragic character here :((

    • I assume the badass Min Hyuk otherwise would’ve won in other fights. It shows that his son took on his dad’s fighting style, and that his son is a rare one b/c despite being from the present timeline, he can easily take down someone from the future. He is the one as they say.

      I like that Joo Won took on something unique/different. I can tell he got into good shape to display those action scenes in an attractive manner I guess lol?

  6. I thought I was the only one to keep on watching for hot daddy. He is too hot, my kinda guy ? but the story is getting worse, don’t like the romantic story between the main leads, what was the writer thinking?? yuck!

  7. I too STOPPED watching after EP6 or 7 since I CRINGE everytime TY acts cute around JG. It just spoils it for me so I had to stop šŸ™ She is the splitting image of his mother ugh – regardless of any explanations of the show that they could be entirely different persons in parallel universes. I was looking forward to completing this drama until the writer/director took that path which is icky. I might pick it up again once I read recaps that there is no more romantic innuendos between the two.

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