Moon Geun Young Leaves Namoo Actors After 16 Years and Looks for New Agency

Wow, 16 years is a loooong time and K-actress Moon Geun Young went from late teen to mature actress in that span of time she was with agency Namoo Actors. Her last 5 years in acting projects hasn’t been the most high profile of her career so a fresh reboot is not a bad decision. She’s amicably parting ways with Namoo Actors with her contract expiring and is now a free agent on the market as she hasn’t signed with another agency (yet). I love her so much and would be so thrilled to see an urgency with whatever new agency she picks to really give her more to do with her talent.


Moon Geun Young Leaves Namoo Actors After 16 Years and Looks for New Agency — 21 Comments

  1. She is always been adorable. I know its hard to start again but one door closes and another one opens and sincerely wish her the best after having to face some difficult challenges in the last few years.Be brave Moonie and stay strong.I am sure lots of nice things ahead.?

      • I am not a fan but she’s alright. There is Jang Na Ra and especially Go Hyun Jung who are older versions of her. She just needs to select her roles better. She need to up her social media presence. Do more magazine spreads. One or two Cfs. Interviews. Maybe one or two talk shows. Get a new coordi who can accentuate her look with good makeup and clothes or learn to style herself better. Most of the so called “beauties” are products of plastic surgery, heavy photoshop and good marketing. Strip off their makeup and no filter photos you will see most of them are plain janes. Also since she is young, not married, no kids. Hopefully she is healthy now. She shouldnt take long gaps between projects. There are so many young actresses being churned out every year. Actresses in her age group like Moon Chae Won, Park Min Young, Han Hyo Joo and others are always working. Older more established actresses like Gong Hyo Jin, Jun Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo and others are the ones who can afford those long gaps.

    • Korea has tons of baby-faced actress you know. But they can still make it to A-listers if they choose the right scripts,suited roles. MGY is too precious to be wasted on bad promotion and bad scripts and even makeup

      • She may have a baby face like other actresses but she is not pretty and we know good looks are really important in the industry. Very few plane janes made it

      • She used to be an A-list celebrity who made tons of accomplishments comparable or even greater than So Hyun and Yoo Jung.

      • Yes, I agree she is not pretty type. There is certain look about her which makes her not appealing as actress.

  2. I’m glad that Miss Koala still love her after all these years.Thank you for your fast updates as always.I feel like Namoo has been neglected her recent years. And why they turned down TMETS without asking her? That role is like specially tailored for her. Is her career a joke to them ? I hope that she can find the right place where they appreciate her talent and do a proper job to promote her.

  3. Although, she is not a hallyu star like her fellow child actresses – Park Shin Hye, Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung, she will always be a legend because she broke so manu records during her prime. I hope for a successful comeback, unnie!

  4. She stills one of my favorites . She is a good actress but lately her dramas weren’t that good . She has a lot to offer but i suppose that looks are more important when it comes to get some roles . Her beauty is unique .

  5. she doesnt have the pretty face that the koreans and international viewers are crazy about. shes part of the has been. she was popular as child actress but got irrelevant as an adult actress..

  6. She is an excellent actress but she seriously looked ill in her last drama for some reason. Her new agency needs to all around get her roles, up her social media and put her in the map again. I hope she finds a good agency.

      • I have noticed she has had many challenges to face in the last few years from personal loss to health and regaining confidence. I really admire her and think she is a brave inspiring girl and wish her nice things ahead lets all agree on that.

  7. the competition in the K ent industry is very stiff and lots of new actresses are introduced each year. She really needs a good agency to get her solid drama to be able to make a good comeback.

    Im not a fan of Park Shin Hye but im impressed on how she’s able to maintain her popularity and star power all these years.

    • I disagree. The group of top actresses is getting smaller, because some of the top names fall off. However, they are not getting replaced by any young actresses. Nowadays the landscape is getting more concentrated and dominated by only a handful of actresses, who take almost all the good roles. I would even argue that there is a lack of competition

      • Yes, in the past I would see actresses act in one drama or movie per year. Nowadays, I see actresses doing 2-3 (if not more) roles per year. Effectively eliminating any opportunities for new entrants to take on roles. This is what I call lack of competition.

      • Or actually it is better to call it “lack of opportunities” for new actresses. However, from the POV of veteran actresses it would be called “lack of competition”. They know that there is one or at most two people considered for the main female role.

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