Gong Myung is the Third Leg of Young Romance Sageuk Hong Chun Gi with Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob

The upside is that it’s definitely age appropriate to the source material and to each other. But why do I feel like two legs are weaker than the third and it’s either going to be elevated or dragged down. Upcoming sageuk Hong Chun Gi, the name of the female lead and also the name of the novel by the writer of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and The Moon Embraces the Sun, has found it’s third main lead. After Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Yoo Jung signed on, they will be joined by actor Gong Myung for the requisite love triangle. Gong Myung is playing the playboy prince, which makes Ahn Hyo Seob the blind astrologer, and Kim Yoo Jung is the titular Hong Chun Gi who is Joseon’s first royal painter. It’s different than Painter of the Wind whih took liberties with real famed Joseon painter Shin Yun Bok and posited that “he” was actually a “she”. Here Hong Chun Gi really is a she and reportedly quite beautiful, so expect many many gorgeous visuals both in painting and in framing the lovely Kim Yoo Jung onscreen.


Gong Myung is the Third Leg of Young Romance Sageuk Hong Chun Gi with Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob — 23 Comments

  1. To each their own. I dont really find her lovely. there’s something unusual about her nose? shes not just my cup of tea, probably.

    • @KES
      Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and we her fans like all her features
      Secondly ur critcisation abt her nose is kind of weird (unusual).
      Ur comment is not my cup of probably

    • If she’s not your cup of tea, why do you feel the need to comment on an article about her? Take your hateful self and beat it.

      • Fans of other actresses just love going to articles of Yoo Jung and hiding behind their “objective” comments (and they just feel so embolden as they know that this blog has been a breeding ground of unnecessary and hurtful comments to one they consider a rival to their fave). They just feel confident that their not so good comments towards YJ and her fans will be supported by others (and even innate by the blogger), hence they can just freely spew hate on an article not related to their fave or koala’s LOVES.

      • @ n

        Take down your conspiracy loving arrogance down a few notches because fans of your favorite actress also go around and talk bad about other actors as well. Don’t act like your fandom is pure and kind.

  2. I think Ahn Hyo Seob was confirmer for the first role and GOmg Myung could be the one. So we will have to wait.

    I’m really excited for this drama!

  3. Oh boy. The poor actor gets the more challenging role of being blind. Lets hope his acting improves in this one. He has been terrible in every drama I have seen him in (yes-that includes Dr. Romantic)and the only time I have found him remotely interesting was when he acted with yoo in na in that jang nara matchmaking drama. That said Gong Myung is pretty charming with a beautiful smile and decent acting chops. Im still 50/50 if I wanna see this. If i do its not for this casting tbh but solely for the writers cred.

  4. This blog sure attracts kim yoo jung haters LMAO. Anyway, wish they confirm very soon. So excited for this. The novel is quite good with a nice twist. Hoping the drama will be able to bring it out and do justice ~~

  5. I haven’t watched any of his dramas so I don’t have an opinion on his casting other than he looks good, just waiting for everyone to confirm, especially our girl. It’s okay if the other legs are weaker because she is the main character and it’s suppose to be female-centric, so she can carry this drama on her own anyways! Haha

  6. Omg some people come to every Yoojung post just to write hate comments.. just let me tell you something life is very short.. live it with respect and love don’t waste your life on bad things.. think before you hurt someone with you words.. don’t live shameful life.. as for Yoojung I wish her all the best .. and I hope all the cast will confirm it.. the story seems to be promising and characters so pretty.. I think all of them will confirm it soon.
    Yoojung > Hong chungi
    Hyo seop > Haram
    Gong myung > Yi yong
    Seems the filming will start at the end of October
    I’m sure the casting already completed just need to the confirmation

  7. my self felt cheated because i thought the screenwriter is the one in tmets as being told by her fans ?previously the fans said the tmets screenwriter wanted to make a script specifically for her, so they thought this hong chun gi is the one. apparently they are very wrong, and i believed them.who also like me who thought that the screenwriter was from the tmets? ?‍♀️

    • I personally never heard of that rumor but I am slightly disappointed that we are getting a rookie writer for this drama, but we will never know, she might turn out to be a phenomenal writer.

      • actually the rumors have been revolved around before the casting. so i firmly believed that it’s the tmets screenwriter who wrote this drama. so in my opinion, mlfts pd + tmets screenwriter would boom! but apparently i was wrong about the screenwriter. should make it clear the difference between screenwriter and novel writer ?

  8. AHS acting is bad. I just watched 18 again and I absolutely fall in love with Lee dohyun. He’s such a great actor. Its always hard for me to find a good 90lines actor. I really want to see him in Saeguk.

  9. I wonder when Gong Myung will get the lead role? The boy is talented and has paid his dues acting alongside lesser talented but more popular male leads. It’s time he got his own lead role – he’s earned it.

    • He must have been lucky to receive Best New Actor at the Baeksang awards. His agency isn’t that big, so he must be extra lucky b/c he’s been pushed to Leading Man status the past year. There’s so many attractive actors, so he may be a flavor of the month and then go away like they all do.

    • Tbh AHS has the height but his acting is seriously very very bad which is the main problem with K-dramas nowadays. He can receive BNA Award but what does this mean in the big picture? K-drama is not gaining any ground. AHS cannot break into I-ground because a very weak cast is the main reason why ratings are so low.

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