Tale of Gumiho Gets Even Better in Episode 2 World and Character Building and Brings in Ratings of 5.557%

I don’t want to jinx the future of Tale of Gumiho (Tale of the Nine-Tailed) but goodness is this drama my new crack! The Park Bo Gum Show can only do such much in Park Bo Gum appreciation before one gets tired of too much of one candy and Alice is flirting with Oedipal foreshadowing so I have to be careful there. But Tale of Gumiho went from below expectations before airing to blowing my mind with how good it is. Lee Dong Wook is doing a perfect job as Lee Yeon, the Goblin with the Grim Reaper personality mashed together. His brand of deadpan dialogue reading works so well in dry humor and controlled restraint.

Jo Boa needs to buy her agent a car for getting her such a strong, smart, brave female lead, and without any forced sassiness. She’s like an OCN detective female lead (so far) lol. Kim Bum is also perfect as Lee Rang, his smarminess fits the character out to get his older brother, and the moment of insecurity and betrayal when he actually says how pissed he is that his brother gave up his Mountain God role for a mortal woman gave his character depth. The romance is really not there (yet) and I love it because even if she is the reincarnation there is so much danger and mystery to unpack first and he has to re-fall in love with her after wandering the world for 600 years. Jo Boa and Lee Dong Wook have chemistry that is not yet unleashed but I can sense it will be there. I can’t wait!


Tale of Gumiho Gets Even Better in Episode 2 World and Character Building and Brings in Ratings of 5.557% — 28 Comments

  1. I also loved ep 2 even more than ep 1!

    Everything is perfect except the actress playing FL. Like something is missing in her portrayal. I love the character and how smart she is but she’s missing like an oomph. The actress makes an otherwise interesting character boring. And there’s almost no chemistry between the two.

    • I disagree with you. I think Jo Boa is doing a good job as a strong and smart female lead. You should be thankful that we don’t have at least Go Ara or Jin Seyeon in this drama as FL. I just dropped DDSSLLS in Ep 1 because of Go Ara.
      This is my first time watching Jo Boa’s drama. She is good for me. I just checked her filmography: she never really received a decent role in any drama that showcases her talent. I’m happy for her to finally see some light in her acting career.

      • This is also my first time watching a jo boa drama lol I avoided those other actresses you mentioned, I’ve never watched their dramas either. So I don’t have an opinion on them yet.

        I think she’s doing decent enough not to draw me away from the drama but in my opinion she doesn’t have that sparkle that I believe this character deserves.

      • Oh.. harsh word, it’s unfair for Go Ara.. bcoz of her in Hwarang I’ve learned to watch KDrama

      • I think she’s decent but I feel like something is missing. It’s only my opinion. Im not a fan of Suzyy but I think boa is better than Suzy.

      • True! When Suzy always got good projects with famous directors and writers, actresses like Jo Boa suffer in bad roles/projects.

    • She is pretty decent. I won’t say her acting is excellent but she didn’t ruin her character with her acting like some over-hyped actresses. She is watchable and she has good chemistry with the ML.

      • I agree she’s decent where she doesn’t distract me or draw me away from the story and I don’t think she ruin the character either but I think she’s missing an element or two that could really make this character really special on top of intelligence. I think it may be the lack of ability to show her vulnerability. Just my opinion but the bickering scenes between her and ML doesn’t sizzle because he’s witty and charismatic but she doesn’t have the same energy… there you go, lack of charisma is the term I’m thinking of. Once again just my opinion haha

    • Um, people? It’s Laura’s opinion and she’s entitled to it. She didn’t even state it disrespectfully like some people tend to do around here. Chill.

      Personally, this is my first time hearing of this actress and seeing her in action but I like her portrayal thus far. I just hope they don’t do her dirty and dumb her down later like Kdramas tend to do.

      • Thank you for respecting my opinion 🙂
        And yes I hope her character retains her intelligence throughout the drama! She’s one of the most intuitive and intelligent character I have witnessed in a long time.

      • @Laura and @Ladybird, I agree on the female lead. The actress is doing a good job but that zing just isn’t there for me.

        Also, she does seem to have the same wide-eyed, open-mouthed expression in every scene. I’m not scorched by the chemistry either but I’ll give them time.

        I really enjoy her voice, though. There’s something soothing about it.

      • Agreed @Aurora….I noticed she has the same wide-eyed and open-mouthed expression from the trailer until episode 2….haha….KimBun and Wookie have the best chemistry so far. Even KB’s little fox sidekick has more zing than FL. Anyway it’s only second episode, I hope there will be good progress and even though nada, she doesn’t bothers me at all.

      • @Ladybird

        Haha, that deer in headlights look of hers reminds me of Bella Swan. Plus, Wookie’s amber Edward Cullen-esque eyes certainly don’t help. Hahaha.

        But yes, she doesn’t bother me either. Like I wrote earlier, I think she’s doing a good job. And I like her voice.

    • You’re right with your description about the actress. I could imagine someone else in that role but never mind. She’s already lucky in bagging this role. And yes I know there are other actress who could do worse than her.

  2. I haven’t seen the second episode yet. But while watching the first (from the opening scene to the end), I kept getting deja vu vibes like I’ve seen this before, both in Western media and Kdramaland.

    But I really like this show. I’m reluctant to love it to pieces and be let down later. I feel you on Alice. I might drop it if they don’t get it together.

    In the meantime, Tale of Gumiho… let’s go!

  3. I am agree with @Laura, Jo Boah lacks sparks and charisma among the mega charisma Wookie and KimBun. I watched Jo Boah in Forest (Park HaeJin) and Innocent Thing (JangHyuk), for me she is an okay actress but nothing special. She isn’t a very versatile actress but she is better than some of the overhyped actresses.

    But she is doing her job in Gumiho and she doesn’t put me off as a character. So I don’t mind her.

  4. Wow!!! I m kind of addicted to this drama..
    After watching first 2 episodes, I got reminded of Gu Family Book, Hwayugi, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Goblin ..Also, some Mystic Pop Up Bar Vibes is there as well..
    But still this drama is quite engaging..pacing is good along with amazing performance by the cast..
    PS: Personally I prefer Lee Dong Wook over Gong Yoo.. No dislike towards Gong Yoo cause he is a good actor but I have seen him in Goblin only.. The main leads in that drama didn’t work for me..I could finish Goblin due to the 2nd leads only.. Lee Dong Wook was so charismatic as the Grim Reaper and acted according to his age..(I cringed so hard when I saw an ahjusshi flirting with a high school girl meanwhile acting all cute and jealous..I m looking at you Kim Shin)

  5. I must admit I didn’t think LDW can act that well when I watched him in Life. I also remember just watching a couple of eps of Touch Your Heart and felt his acting was one-dimensional. But so happy for him that his role here in this current drama suits him very well, or he has vastly improved as an actor. I like how his acting here is layered and does not look flat. The story and the pace are also engaging. I wish the FL doesn’t have the same facial expression all the time, maybe she’ll improve over time, but that’s not to say that it will turn me off from watching this drama. After the FOE ended, so glad that I have this drama to watch during the week.

  6. Jo Boa has been saddled with bad scripts for the longest time so I am just so happy for her. She went from Campy, foul mouthed mermaid in Surplus Princess to doing underwhelming projects one after another with few good ones in between. I think the last good one would be Goodbye to Goodbye and she has always nailed the no-nonsense, strong female lead role without going over the top. Yayyy for her. Lee Dong Wook actually did incredibly well in Hell is other people. He proved that he means business in terms of acting with that project to me. So, he has been consistently making solid choices. This project really flew under the radar and packed punch the best way imaginable. The pace is incredible so lets not burn out fast. Kim Bum really is knocking it out of the park and I couldn’t be happier. Kim Yong Ji too, she was my second favorite part in King: Eternal Monarch and she deserves more love. I can’t wait for next week, that was a solid cliff hanger. I like how horror, fantasy all comes together in this show. It gives you good jump scare at points.

  7. I like the drama so far, but I’m not sold on it. It’s taking me a while to warm up to the characters. So far, I’m really impressed by Kim Bum’s portrayal, he’s knocking it out of the park; and LDW’s hitting the right notes for me as well. Jo Boa’s portrayal is decent; but not great. Like many have commented she’s lacking that extra sizzle/sparkle that would elevate her acting from good to great. It’s still early, though. I remember that it took a few episodes for me to get to really love IONTBO; and this drama might follow the same pattern.

  8. Yes, I do agree with Jo Bo Ah having the same expressions but what surprised me was her character Nam Jiah. I mean how could she be so sharp enough up until the point that Lee Yeon was like nothing much to her? I mean he’s a freaking Gumiho here so anyone should be shock to see a creature turned human, am I right?

    Anyways, as for Lee Dong Wook, I personally think that he made his breakthrough in Hell is Other People. Him being a dentist turned psychopath and a some sort of influencer is something I can’t get off my head till today. So when I see him as Lee Yeon, I can tell that he will do well, no doubt.

    Ah Kim Bum, how long has it been since Boys Over Flowers? Him as the vengeful half brother Lee Rang was something that thrives this drama even more. I can’t wait for his part of the story then only I would call this drama a even.?

    P.S: I’m not hating Jo Bo Ah, but what if Park Shin Hye was the female lead for this drama. Can anyone give their opinion about this, I want to know thanks??

  9. I was really skeptical about this show and my expectations were really low, but wow was I in for a ride! Episode was interesting but episode 2 really hooked me for the ride! I also have to say I think Jo Bo Ah is doing a great job here although it probably helps that her character is just downright awesome. I’ve like her ever since I saw her in Shut Up Flower Boy and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her shine as much before. Of course there are stronger actresses out there, but she’s doing a good enough job so I find the criticism a bit unwarranted when it would have been much worse *cough* Jin Seyeon *cough* Now that would have made the drama totally unwatchable for me, so I’m just happy that’s not the case and will enjoy the show for what it is!

  10. Jajajaja cant wait for eps 3 and 4 next week ? i watch it with my friend and we scream together at how handsome Dongwook.

    Everything still interesting for me ? and i hope the story will stable or getting better.

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