C-netizens Critique Victoria Song’s Dress as the Coveted Pick for 2020 Golden Eagle Goddess

The Golden Eagle Awards are held every 2 years and the Golden Eagle Goddess selected also every 2 years. It’s basically a sign that C-ent thinks you’re the Current Drama It Girl. This year 2020 has selected Victoria Song as the Golden Eagle Goddess and she follows in the footsteps (reverse order) of: Dilraba Dilmurat (2018), Tang Yan (2016), Zhao Li Ying (2014), Liu Shi Shi (2012), Wang Luo Dan (2010), Li Xiao Lu (2008), and the original goddess herself Crystal Liu (2006). The earlier outfits were beyond heinous and ugly but Zhao Li Ying had a decent dress and netizens have been most happy with Dilraba’s getup both dress and crown. They are back being unhappy again with Victoria’s dress (too heavy and the shoulder pads and mermaid silhouette makes her look broad) and her weird sparklers going off crown. I think dipped in gold is the only mandate for the dressmakers so just roll with the punches.


C-netizens Critique Victoria Song’s Dress as the Coveted Pick for 2020 Golden Eagle Goddess — 17 Comments

    • I agree, I like their fashion but sometimes the styling and photoshop is….a lot. And they need 50 percent less makeup or at least go easy on it a bit.

  1. It’s not actually a bad dress but the styling/pictures look odd , like her hairstyle looks a bit too short and blunt to go with the dress?

  2. Apparently, you can’t be married to be selected as the goddess??? What kind of rubbish is that? They should just scrap this award show, it has no credibility.

    • You can’t be married? Serious? Wow, this Award Show is a joke. this is the first time I’ve heard of it. Its probably not as important as its suppose to be.

      • The goddess is definitely decided way earlier because months before this ceremony there was news that Victoria Song was chosen as the goddess. Also, that dress takes ages to make so they must have it fitted beforehand. I’m sure the fan voting thing is for fan fighting and publicity for the ceremony. The channel that owns this award is too business orientated.

    • That explains why Yang Mi never won. I always wondered why turns out it’s cause she had gotten married before. Totally unfair for married woman.

  3. The dress is awful compared to its predecessors and it doesn’t photograph well. Victoria has an icy beauty, surely there were more beautiful options to choose from that would accentuate her good looks?

  4. It’s a popularity *fandom* and visual award haha. Otherwise some actresses who’ve won this wouldn’t have based on actual hit dramas. Like Yang Zi had Ashes of Love in 2018 and Tang Songyun had Go Ahead this year which were both huge hits in China but ended up losing to prettier actresses with bigger fandoms.

      • Not Go Go Squid?

        I mean Yanzi has many popular projects under her belt but Dilraba? She’s known for being the beauty tho.

  5. All over c-ent news about this award being rigged heavily that golden eagle removed 700+ fake votes for Wang Yibo (highest fake votes found but still ended up being the winner) and 500+ removed for Victoria Song (which ended with Zhao Li Ying as winner) for best actor/actress. Most of the nominees did not attend. That’s just questionable, really.

    • Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying didn’t win Best Actor/Actress btw, they won Audience Choice award (popularity awards). Best actor/actress award went to different people, Simon Yam for best actor and Tong Yao for best actress. Which is great news for me because I’ve always thought Tong Yao was underrated.
      Golden Eagle award itself has lost much credibility when Dilireba and Li Yifeng who were (and still are) considered idols won the best actor/actress award back in 2018, but c-netz are more acceptance toward the current result.

  6. She really is beautiful, but her dress made her look bigger. And from reading reviews about this award show, They have a very unfair way of selecting the winner and even the votes were controlled what the heck? They should have not produced this at the first place if they don’t know the basics of an award show. Tsk!

  7. As long she is standing the dress looks awesome and giving her curves she doesn’t really have but suit her. But when you saw the video you can see that dress is rock stiff and hanging on her like a millstone. She looks uncomfortable wearing it. We are in the 21st century, when do we stopp treating women like dolls? Who ever designed that and made her wear it, have to wear it themself for at least a week.

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