SBS Drama Alice Jumps a Billion Sharks in Episode 15 and Inadvertently Turns Itself into a Comedy of Pointlessness

I won’t regret watching SBS Fri-Sat drama Alice despite its horrific levels of insanity and shark jumping in the last few episodes but goodness is this going down in flames. This Friday’s episode 15 just had me laughing and making WTF faces the entire time even though tons of people died that I should care about. And I do, I love hot Daddy Min Hyuk and Tae Yi as annoying as she can be is still Jin Gyeom’s mom to be and her love for him is truly heartbreaking. But this drama makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER so even big emotional moments like Min Hyuk dying to protect his wife and son and then Tae Yi dying in her 2020 self just had me shrugging as I marveled at the old man makeup Joo Won was wearing as his own old dude self. Of course he’s the Teacher, the mastermind, the question is why and honestly I don’t care anymore because there is clearly a McGuffin ready to reset everything. And if Teacher was trying to get the reset all along for Jin Gyeom it might’ve been easier to tell him what to do then to lead him like a recalcitrant donkey to market.


SBS Drama Alice Jumps a Billion Sharks in Episode 15 and Inadvertently Turns Itself into a Comedy of Pointlessness — 14 Comments

  1. The writers took a chance, and even if they didn’t succeed fully, I give them kudos for trying especially on a network channel like SBS. Still, not a total fluke and the actors particularly Kim Hee Sun, Joo Won, and Kwak Si Yang have sold the show. They truly elevate this show imo. Kudos to them. Great actors elevate a show as seen here.

    As for the big reveal of Teacher, it was evident it was Jin-gyeom. His final form. I actually was quite sad when both Min-hyuk and Tae-yi died. It showed character growth from both characters, and Jin-gyeom’s reaction to it as well.

    The issue is that the time explanations never occurred in this show so it was just confusing to watch from Ep 13 through now. Whenever Jin-gyeom time traveled, he time jumped into a different parallel universe thus creating another Jin-gyeom. I assume his mom’s death is something that is going to keep happening no matter what universe he is in, as a result of his time hopping.

  2. Wow, that’s exactly how I felt when I watched this episode, so many WTF scenes and the great make up of elderly Joo Won. This drama is bad, but at the same time I wonder why I continued to watched this far.

    • You got to hand it to the show and the actors for selling us this story. Def. moments where it’s WTF/WTH did I just watch, but there is something oddly watchable at the same time about it. You care about the characters, and you get suck deep in the world of Alice that its still watchable.

      Also the fact that its not the same old rom-com/romantic melodrama we seen time and time again too? I think the fact that its trying to be bold and different, is what makes it interesting for us viewers to come back again.

    • Agree with you. I’m the same as you. In trying to answer your question; i believe we want to just finish what we’ve started by watching the drama till its end. It started promisingly good with good castings and acting. But the story becomes a joke towards the ends. I scream, “just finish off this drama now, will you?” everytime it airs.

  3. I don’t think mixing uptime travel and parallel universe is a good idea. I thought this drama is that going the same direction as TKEM, but looks like it is.

    I dropped this dram midway. It’ a waste, it had a good start.

    • I am stalling at Ep 13. My mind simply refuses to budge as I cannot make sense of it! I would rather carry on with Welcome 2 Life; I am currently watching on a parallel world experience with Rain et al.

    • Dark and The Flash (Saving his dying mother every time/time traveller) combined together.

      Plus, we seriously got to give major props to all the actors involved in Alice. In particular, our main 3 (JW, KHS, and KSY). What a fabulous cast. It would be swell to see them reunite together in a different drama or a S2 perhaps??

      You can’t fault the show entirely for trying to do something different and complex, but I think mixing time travel and alternate universes w/o a clear understanding of it is where the audience gets lost. Still not a total miss, there are great elements here with characters, and interesting complex ideas introduced here.

  4. I guess nobody has seen the Jet Lee film, the one. There one crazy psychotic character is in a mission to kill all other versions of him in other dimensions and be the One. They tried to mishmash that with time travel which is a pretty dope idea but the execution is just all over the place and a mess. Instead of spending so much time on establishing Tae Yi as a different person, the whole fauxcest angle they tried to toy with, they could have written this to be tighter. The actors did their best, that includes everybody from Joo Won to Lee Da In. Its just sad to see wasted potential.

  5. I agree with you. I started shouting n laughing at the stupidity n absurdness of this drama story since episode 10! I believe that the story writer(s) has no clear story n ending intended for this drama from the begining. If there were, it has lost in the middle of it. The director n writer are as if writing the story for this drama depending on feedback n responses from viewers throughout its broadcast.

  6. The ending is terrible. Speechless!

    So it doesn’t matter how many scripts are there for you to choose because the agency/actor will not know how the writer develops the story. They probably just know the big concept but not the ending.

    That’s why I always think luck play a part in choosing a well received hit drama. Good script, good casts and good luck ?

    • I remember Joo Won went on Radio Star and said that he finished Alice back in August 2020, and was going to embark on his musical. No clue if he knew the full ending before he signed on. I truly don’t understand how what happening during filming?? I guess they wrote this along the way in the middle half and finished it along the way before production finished August 2020?? Ah well, actors at the end of the day are just there to say their lines, its the writers/director/station that has the final say.

  7. Got a headache watching this drama from ep 11 to 16 lol. So many inconsistencies. Did the actors watch the last episodes before airing? If they did I bet they shook their heads in disbelief.

    • The story is good for me. The story made us, viewers, focused on present Giyeom trying to solve the mystery of his mom’s death and the time travel.I was expecting in the end that after closing the worm hole and killing his mom’s murderer, Giyeoma will end up with Daehyun and Tae Yi will just become motherly to him.It was unexpected that Park Giyeom will rather sacrificed his present self just to eradicate the time travel thing that cause it all. One thing good about Kdramas is that they will make you focus on one aspect and make you anticipatedly conclude the end of the story missing the possible solution. I guess this is the one that dissappoint most of us. For me, the end of the story justifies its mean. It may not how we want to see it but well, need to accept that…

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