Sageuk Moon Rising Over the River Confirms Cast of Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon, and Choi Yu Hwa with Guest Appearance by Kang Ha Neul

This is going to be a large scale sageuk so it’s reassuring to have the main cast confirmed this year. The drama Moon Rising Over the River has settled on it’s main cast and one high profile special appearance. Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun will play the leads Princess Pyeonggang and the fool Ondal, with Lee Ji Hoon and Choi Yu Hwa as the second leads. Original Ondal role selection Kang Ha Neul declined due to scheduling conflicts but will be making a special guest appearance playing Ondal’s father. His role will not be just one or two scenes and likely span a few episodes during the usual childhood portions of the traditional sageuk. The drama is scheduled for 2021 airing with the PD of Saimdang, Bride of the Century, Tamra the Island, and Taewang Sasingi with the screenwriter of Woman of 9.9 Billion, White Nights, Temptation, Dr. Jin, Road No. 1, and Time Between Dog and Wolf.


Sageuk Moon Rising Over the River Confirms Cast of Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon, and Choi Yu Hwa with Guest Appearance by Kang Ha Neul — 37 Comments

  1. When Lee Ji Hoon will be main lead? 🙁 He was so good in Rookie Historian GHR.

    I’m not sure about this drama between the writer, the PD and Jisoo as a lead… Kim So Hyun can’t held a drama alone if everything around her is bad like The Ruler.

      • LFG?

        School 2015 has good writers and PD.

        THe Ruler had maybe good ratings but the drama was bad.

      • @Sayaris “Let’s Fight, Ghost” on TVN, with Taecyeon. Had 3.4% average ratings on a late-night slot, back when cable was only starting to pose a real challenge to the terrestrial stations.

      • @Dakchigo> Thank You. Again Let’s Fight, Ghost had a good writer who wrote Let’s Eat 1 and 2 and after LFG other really good dramas.

      • @Sayaris you’re talking about the director not the writer. The writer was a complete rookie and nothing is worse than having Taecyeon for a lead so in comparison this will be a cake walk for her. This drama is more School 2015 than Ruler because the whole plot will revolve around her and the men will just vie for her love and the 2nd female lead will be villainous. We all know how much Kim So Hyun excels when she had to hard carry her dramas.

    • I was thinking of the same thing with Lee Jihoon. He was so good in Rookie Historian, the only one who was good actually compared to SSK and CEW

    • how many jisoo drama have you watched? i only watched him in page turner and i didn’t any flaws in his acting, in fact, i like it. and his latest drama, I’ve noticed that there are so many positive reviews about him. so i think he is not that bad. as for the pd and writer.. both of them has directed and written some good drama. in addition to the victory content as the production team, they also has produced several good dramas. i don’t put a high expectation with this drama, but I’ve a good feeling with the casts and teams.

      • Jisoo is good in second lead role but I don’t find him good enough for a lead role. I don’t really care for his characters. But it’s just my opinion.
        Page Turner was a short drama, it’s very different to be the lead in a longer dramas for an actor as a lead. They have a lot of scenes and lack sleep at the end, so it becomes hard to focus. Sageuk are different too. He wasn’t good in Moon Lovers.

      • Should watch scarlet hear. There is jisoo and iu in tahat drama and he really lay his character. I was touched by his emotion when i rewatch the drama

    • True the burden of carrying the drama lies on KSH but then again she has never relied on her male leads for the success or popularity of her dramas. If anyone can carry a drama completely it’ll be KSH. Wether or not Ruler had good writing is completely subjective but what isn’t subjective is the fact that it had very high ratings and made KSH even more popular and proved how high her star power is. If nothing this drama will once again prove how versatile KSH is as she always challenges herself to roles nobody else her age would ever do. This is what makes her a reliable and stand out star and the reason she is a global fan favourite.

      • The Ruler had good ratings not only because of KSH. There was Yoo Seung Ho whose last drama had great ratings too, Remember : War of a Son. His character was more interesting too.

      • Agree. .Kim So Hyun has never relied on her lead man. .She can stand out in every drama she in. .even just a supporting actress. .And that makes her
        Being the most love and best actress globally. . Every drama of Kim So hyun I’d watched is nice,. Some people may say that some of her drama is not in a highest rating. .but for me, ,I don’t care about the rating, the most important thing is how/the way she portray her role. .well she’s really good Actress. .She had never disappoint me. . that’s why I love her

      • That drama only had ratings because of Nam Goongmin. None of Seungho drama have been popular or bought in ratings so I would agree that Sohyun was the main reason for any of her dramas getting popular. She made all her male leads more famous and she is the one with 9.6 million followers. No competition that she is the most talented band popular of her entire generation.

      • Yeah. So Hyun’s management made a good job in creating a very strong image for her. She was trained not to depend on her co-stars, PDs and writers but on her own talent and star power only. She will definetly last a long time in the Korean entertainment industry.

  2. I haven’t seen a single drama of CYH, is she good?
    As for casting JS, maybe the prodn company have seen his Chasik portrayal and thought he could be a fool Ondal plus his chemistry with KSH was good. And maybe the heavy acting will be for LJH’s character?

    Nevertheless, I really can’t wait for this drama as this year Oris are deprived of a sso project. So… Moon Rising over the river fighting!

  3. I’ve never seen any of the dramas of the second leads, so no comment on the new casting but good luck to this drama, it’s going to need all the luck it can get with so many things going against it with only a few bright spots. Granted there were dramas this year with great potential especially writers and directors with a good resume and they failed spectacularly, I’m really intrigued at how this shall fare since they must have some kind of faith in this project for there to be 20 episodes and for hanaul willing to be committed to this drama via smaller role.

  4. The writer’s output varies greatly in terms of quality. I am genuinely surprised to know Dr Jin’s writer is the same with Time Between Dog and Wolf. Whoa. I hope this one will be a decent offering.

  5. this gonna be great ? seems like every one is a warrior. I’m very hopeful that they’ve enough time to produce a high quality drama. btw, i noticed that they put much emphasis on KHN role. even in many articles, khn name was the first. for me, it’s reasonable and understandable becoz he was the 1st one to be offered as the male lead. Him agreeing and joining the team actually was an honoured for the production. So i hope it would not be an issue for both of the lead’s fans✌️i really don’t want kim saeron case happen in this team

    • It’s because CURRENTLY Kang Ha Neul is the bigger name due to the huge commercial success and acclaim of WTCB. They are using his name for buzz since the 2 main leads have not had a mega hit like he has.

  6. The writer and PD are good in general. I don’t know why other commenters highlight their not so appreciated projects.

    The cast is also great. My only hope is that this will not end up like Ruler. Yeah, it received extremely high ratings but the quality of writing and directing is not so good.

  7. The Pros – The whole cast can act. No rookies or idols. Almost everyone has previous saeguk experience. The PD has a lot of saeguk experience. Female centric drama.

    Cons – The writer is uneven. Jisoo isn’t as good as the FL and 2ML in saeguk. MBC.

    I would still say the pros outweigh the cons. The end result is anyone’s guess. Good writers and PD don’t get the same kind of ratings they used to so anything could happen with this drama at this point. The underdog drama right from the start. Good luck.

  8. So Hyun will hard carry and kick ass like she always does so nothing to worry about. Girl picking roles that focus more on her because she knows she can carry them and producers know they only need her to make a drama famous.

    • This will be a sure international hit because So Hyun got a big fan base overseas. However, I also wish this will be a domestic hit because the girl deserves it after all her hard work.

  9. Should watch scarlet heart. There is jisoo and iu in that drama and he really slay his character. I was touched by his emotion when i rewatch the drama

    • What with this comment saying ji soo is not that good acting or not that good being main lead the heck, like all through his drama you cannot find any hole on his acting that’s how great he his. Just trust on him. Recently he got much praise by knetz for his acting. By all this comment you can see that ji soo is being treated a underappreciated actor. By his talent you can trust him to lead a drama.

  10. The writer doesn’t have a choice but to do his greatest coz he got to write to respect both Samguk Sagi by the historian Kim Busik and the best selling novel entitled Princess Pyeonggang of famous movie screenwriter Choi Sagyu. I believe in them, I can see how they look up to So Hyun with such a high respect. The team even claim that The Moon Rising River will be Kim So Hyun’s lifetime achievement. Even I was shocked. Given such bold remarks is a hint of how confident they are on this project. Seeing their mysterious preparations and the surprise moves that always got us. I can feel that they are different most especially they know the best way how to hook up attention. Waiting for such High profile drama!

    • can i know which article mentions that it would be kimsohyun’s lifetime character?
      btw there a lots of sageuks that will overlap with moon rising river, i hope fandoms will be at peace and each dramas will get the hype and attention they deserve

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