Tale of Gumiho Ratings Drop Slightly to 4.789% in Episode 7 as Story Plods Along with the Return of the Big Bad and Ji Ah’s Backstory

The ratings have been dropping for four consecutive episodes of Tale of Gumiho (Tale of the Nine-tailed) and that’s not a good sign since it’s only episode 7. But I totally understand why and while I will probably watch this through to the end it’s starting to go on FF mostly to see what happened in the past and also to see Lee Rang get something good to happen to him. Like him finding his puppy that he had to euthanize after the villagers burned down the mountain, now reincarnated into a precocious and perfectly annoying little boy. The central romance is a total snoozefest at this point, to the degree that I don’t really care about what happened to Lee Yeon and Ah Eum in the past, I used to but the lack of chemistry between the leads sapped it. Now it’s the random weird scenes like the boy imoogi reincarnation turning into a grown man suddenly and all fully dressed made me laugh. Honestly, this drama had potential but has fallen into the death trap of unable to write beyond the early interesting synopsis.


Tale of Gumiho Ratings Drop Slightly to 4.789% in Episode 7 as Story Plods Along with the Return of the Big Bad and Ji Ah’s Backstory — 8 Comments

  1. Lee Rang reuniting with his puppy. A million of aw came out of me. The story is still interesting only when it focuses on the story and on the Lee brothers and not on the couple they’re trying to peddle to us.

    • True, so, so true. The Russian Fox and the vet have oodles of chemistry in comparison to the main couple. But I think I’m going to drop this drama. Nothing about the plot excites me except for Kim Bum, the Russian Fox and the vet.

    • I really don’t understand why people are stopping to watch this wonderful show. I really found this drama interesting and I am waiting for ep 9. After watching ep 7 and 8, I started finding this drama more and more interesting. The part of Imoggi is itself amazing and interesting. Just like Lee Yeon , I don’t want the past to repeat itself. I am waiting to see how he changes the past. I am also waiting for a great epic fight between Lee Yeon and the Imoggi. I really find the plot very very interesting and the actors are doing a lot of efforts in making it. I love this drama a lot.

  2. I didn’t find anyth8ng catchy between lead couples!!Why 2 watch their past events?But I want 2 see Kim Bum(Rang) nd wht has changed him so so much!! From d very 1st episode its all about Kim Bum 4r me…I will watch it till end not for Yeon but only 4r Rang(Kim Bum)?❤let’s see what d director nd writer has planned 4r my all time favourite actor?

  3. Things I care about in this drama:
    Lee Rang and his puppy, the Vet’s backstory, the Imoogi being the Dried Squid Fairy from Extraordinary You

    Things I dont care about:
    Lead couple ??

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