Nam Joo Hyuk is Sweet and Sleek in New November 2020 GQ Korea Pictorial

Four episodes of Start-Up in, I’ll fight anyone who says Nam Joo Hyuk is still a bad actor. He was wonderful in Dazzling (The Light in Your Eyes) but it was easy to chalk up his improvement to acting opposite consummate veterans Han Ji Min and Kim Hye Ja. He has picked bad dramas like Bride of the Water God and got outclassed in other works with other scene-stealers like in School 2015 and Cheese in the Trap. But the Park Hye Ryun magic strikes again, she makes the actors and actresses she picks for her dramas shine and turns the ones on the cusp into stars, like Suzy and Jung Hae In in While You Were Sleeping. So not it’s Nam Joo Hyuk’s turn to show that he can be good, and do it in a high profile youth life and romance drama. Nam Do San is a role that feels made for him, all lanky awkwardness and wells of nerdy sweetness. I want to hear him tell dorky jokes and respond to my flirts with scientific explanations. And also stare at how insanely handsome he is as a specimen, truly a model-turned-actor in visuals.


Nam Joo Hyuk is Sweet and Sleek in New November 2020 GQ Korea Pictorial — 15 Comments

  1. Yay! I will fight anyone too who says he is a bad actor still. He’s probably not the best but he tries and he improves with each drama. And he is adventurous with the drama choices which I appreciate. With his age and looks, he will reach there I’m sure! I’m loving his nam do San in start up. He’s getting confident in leading roles which is great!

  2. I love him too!! I already saw the potential in him in Scarlet Heart and he continued to be good in his other dramas…He’s very expressive, seems to be one of those actors that convey a lot with their eyes. Plus, he’s so handsome. *-*
    Of course he’s doing great in Start-up and I’m loving Nam Do San, and looking forward to watch more of his nerdy cuteness and how he grows some nerve in order to raise his company and get the girl. Right now, the poor boy is having a rough time…

  3. Love him and support him. I’m waiting for his Josee movie. Enjoy a school nurse much. He did will with Jung Yumi. Love them much.

    • That drama was quite bizarre but NJH never looked better. His no make up bare skinned unshaven face was too good looking. Kept me fixated to the show to the end. Lol

      • Indeed! He looked very handsome in The school nurse files. I thought he was more masculine and adult, like the boy is finally growing up to be a man, haha!!

  4. I’m waiting Start Up to finish airing all its episodes, so I can bing-watch it without having to wait all those weeks. But, with every articles that raves about it, I’m not sure I can be that patient. #cryinginthecorner

    • Namjoohyuk is really my first love when I discovered kdramas after watching him in scarlet heart Ive search drama of him even if hes not the main lead.And for me he is a promising actor his eyes are very expressive Ive notice that on wlfkbj and especially in boh..Rooting for njh more projects babe saranghae

  5. I been a fan of Nam Joo-hyuk since he’s in Scarlet, Weightlifting & more kdramas. I’m loving his act in Start up as well. Wishing you more success in Showbiz & more kdramas in the near future.

  6. I got the impression he was playing himself more than a character. He’s so shy and awkward in the real life too. His interviews rest a lot of on his co-stars. It’s not a critic, there are very introverted people, just a ascertainment.

    For me, in term of acting, Kim Seon Ho is the one who shines.

    • For someone as attractive as him, he could be an a-hole, so its refreshing to hear that he’s very shy/introverted in rl. It makes him more attractive to me lol.

  7. He’s not bad in start up…but I’ve seen some inconsistence in his acting. He’s at his best with quirky characters. In this case Dosan is a sweet boy with nerdiness. When he has to deliver maturity and strong statements or when he shows jealousy the sweetness is gone and I don’t feel a connection, he lost the escence of the character. But overall he’s doing a decent job.

    He was much better in School Nurse.

  8. WOW. This guy is stunning to look at. He truly is the full complete package in visuals. And yes he’s very charming and sweet in this show. Never really cared for him, but wow his aura truly is on another level in Start Up that it over shines every one on-screen. The writer of Start Up is a great writer, which no doubts shows up here.

  9. He sucks and for the PR firms to now star him with famous actress like Han Ji Min and Suzy is just sad. Can he just go away with his wooden blank face acting?! Start up was the also the worst writing and if not for Mr. Han, it would have been the worst kdrama of 2020.

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