Namgong Min Captivates with Rugged Charm in New Drama Stills for Awaken

Three drama stills and three totally different vibes from Namgong Min in his upcoming K-drama Awaken. He got lots of praise and awards nominations for last year’s hit Stove League but lost out in the end so maybe 2021 will be his year with this drama. He’s so overdue for yet another boost in recognition and popularity and his channeling his best Jang Hyuk acting persona here is just perfect. Once you overlay Hyukkie with Min-shhi you totally can’t unsee it hahaha. Awaken also stars Seolhyun, Lee Chung Ah, and Lee Sin Young but I’m tuning in for the expected Namgong Min one-man show.


Namgong Min Captivates with Rugged Charm in New Drama Stills for Awaken — 5 Comments

  1. Omg he looks EXACTLY like Jang Hyuk they could be siblings. Damn, I never found them remotely similar looking before. Even before I read “Jang Hyuk” I instantly thought of him. NGM definitely has it in him to have a great career (or maybe even better).

  2. I prefer NGM. I like JH only in sageuk, he was great in My Country, but in modern drama, I’m not a fan.

    NGM looks great on these pictures and in the teaser. I really like the trio NGM, LCA and Seolhyun. They

    • I’ve seen JH in Fated to Love You and Money Flower and he was roaring awesome in both shows (they’re very different roles). I haven’t watched Beautiful Mind yet but he’s supposed to be really good in that too. So those three aren’t sageuks but are highly recommended 🙂

      • I started them and dropped them. I watched Beautiful Mind.

        I just don’t like him in modern drama, his ton and way to speak suit better sageuk.

  3. I love love Namgong Min, had watched him ever since I can Hear your Heart (yea, makjang in right way it is), and fall for his charm. Happy to see him blooming now

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