Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won Lead Script Reading for Kakao TV Drama City Couple’s Way of Love

I’m rooting for this drama like mad because Ji Chang Wook really needs a drama picking break. His last two were abysmal to bad with Melting Me Softly and then Backstreet Rookie. He’s paired up this time with Kim Ji Won who also didn’t get the mega hit she wanted with the high profile Arthdal Chronicles, so these two together will hopefully spark in a smartly written project that is Kakao TV‘s upcoming City Couple Way of Love: My Lovely Camera Thief. The two encounter modern romance in a chance meeting in a new city and fall in love, with her lying about her real name in order to adopt a new free-spirited persona. The drama is from the PD of It’s Okay to Not be Okay, Boyfriend, and Incarnation of Jealousy with the screenwriter of Romance is a Bonus Book and the I Need Romance series. I’m feeling good about it and am looking forward to this holiday treat when the drama drops in December.


Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won Lead Script Reading for Kakao TV Drama City Couple’s Way of Love — 32 Comments

  1. the female lead may be pretty but her acting is so flat she was only good in descendants of the sun.

    not interested in this JCW drama.

      • Joane’s comment always goes like the FL is not pretty, or pretty but not good in acting, then good but unable to create chemistry. Unless it’s her fave then everything is perfect. SMH

      • idk who joane’s fave is (or maybe I knew but I forgot) but they better be as good at acting, versatile across different roles, and skilled in technical aspects of the job (specifically, pronunciation) as KJW before she tries coming for her for her acting of all things lol.

    • Are you perpetually drunk or just unable to see and hear properly?

      Go watch her in What’s Up, Fight My Way, or Anticipate Love (to name just 3 works) and then see if you can still dare to claim her acting is ‘flat’ or she was only good in that one drama (which I guess even you can’t deny lol. But it’s nowhere even close to being her best work).

  2. I like both actors and the PD. The writer is good too. I didn’t like some parts of Romance is a Bonus Book, like the fact we didn’t see the daughter during all the drama… But I really liked the story took place in book edition.

    So I think it will be a nice drama.

  3. Me parece que va a ser un muy buen drama ya que van a protagonisarlo kim Ji Won y Ji Chang Wook que habian tenido gran quimica en anteriores dramas asi que este no sera la escepcion ya que se trata de una historia de amor haran una quimica explosiva ademas el productor como el escrito han estado a cargo de proyecros favulosos asi que este drama tiene todo para triunfar. “LO ESPERARE CON ANCIAS “

  4. JCW needs a good script pretty badly, he started picking bad scripts even before his Military Service: The K2, Melting Me Softly and Backstreet Rookie were all duds. To be honest, choosing good scripts is a talent in itself: there are some actors who have limited acting skills, but are pretty good with networking and choosing the right projects, so they become commercially successful and sustainable as investors will continually seek them to star in their productions. And there are some who just never get the opportunity to let their talent shine. Then there are others who have talent and a body of work you think would allow them and give them the opportunities to star in solid productions and they just keep choosing duds after duds. I sincerely don’t know what’s going on with him. Kim Ji Won deserves a hit drama after AC, and I hope his bad luck doesn’t rub off on her.

      • I beg to differ – K2 was not a good drama, the drama spent too much focus and emphasis on the fight scenes at the expense of the cohesiveness of the plot. Editing in that drama was very badly done, a good example is the scene of Yoona dancing with a pack of ramen, it went on for so long that instead of conveying her happiness with cooking the pack of ramen, it made the viewer wonder if she had psychological issues. Yoona and Ji Chang Wook had very little chemistry; and their romantic interactions were cringeworthy; in contrast his reactions with Song Yoon Ah were electric, and yet the drama felt the need to shoe horn the romance with Yoona’s character and so on. I know no drama is perfect; but that drama had a myriad of flaws and I was forced to drop it. Anyway, different strokes for different folks, I say, I’m glad you enjoyed K2.

    • JCW is not a high caliber actor in Korea so maybe good scripts are not offered to him? There was a poll done earlier in the year and industry insiders pick their first casting choice and bigger names like Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk didn’t even get one vote but they get more high profile projects than him. So he probably gets bottom of barrel scripts after other actors reject them. So it’s not all about having an eye for good scripts or good/bad luck. If you’re not 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or even 10th choice, you’re not going to get to select from the best scripts. Likewise people always credit Kim Soo Hyun for having a good eye for scripts but truth is he gets first dibs so naturally he’s going to get the quality scripts.

      • Healer was not a high profile project, yet both PMY and JCW pulled it off successfully, it even attained cult status. Nor was Suspicious Partner a high profile project either – still it had a great and cohesive plot and awesome acting. JCW starred in Empress Ki, Warrior Baek Dong Soo and a number of notable projects, so I don’t buy the excuse that he doesn’t have the opportunity to pick good projects, he’s not a rookie by any means and was established way before Park Seo Joon and a number of current IT boys. I do think that lately, he isn’t picking the right type of projects for some reason. Wishing him better success this time around.

      • He may be established earlier but his status has not elevated over the years. I wouldn’t be surprised if some idol turned actors are getting better offers than him. Sometimes scripts sound good on paper but the end result could be completely different due to various factors, but you can’t look at scripts like Melt Me and Backstreet Rookie and think “What a great story, I’m going to choose this from the dozens of offers I get”.

    • You’re right, he’s chosen some real stinkers and that’s at least partly on him. Melting Me Softly was terrible (romcom with no chemistry).

      And as for the ‘he doesn’t get any good scripts to look at’ crowd, please remember Park Seo Joon in 2016 picked a dud (Hwarang) and then didn’t have any more duds after that because he had the sense to pick Fight My Way – which turned out to be a sleeper hit and reversed the setback from Hwarang. Oppas don’t need to be served everything on a platter!

  5. I must be the only person who liked Kim Ji Won in Fight My Way. I really found her charming in that drama. If this series is a similar slice-of-life-esque type drama, I’m sure she’ll do fine. I’m also a huge fan of Ji Chang Wook; admittedly, I didn’t watch K2 or Backstreet Rookie though. Both actors need a win so I think they’ll commit to their roles and pull it out.

  6. I really like ji chang wook and feel that he is really good at acting. His roles always has layers and he gives his heart and soul in everything he does. Whether drama is hit or not , he can’t control but his performances are really good.

  7. Ji chang wook is now losing his star power to get the best scripts. hos last drama was a hit But NOT BECAUSE of him.he should take a rest lol

  8. I’ll always have a soft spot for JCW. He has the looks and the acting chops. Talking about duds, since that seems to be the word that pops up now everytime there is an article about him. All actors go through a career slump..only others experience it longer like him than others. Even the successful actors have duds..like Real for Kim Soo Hyun, Big for Gong Yoo, Hyde and Jykell for Hyun Bin, Hwarang for Park Seo Joon, Song Joong Ki hasnt had a movie hit since Werewolf Boy..TKEM for Lee Min Ho etc..but all of them recovered and are doing well. JCW just needs one big break and he will be back at the top.

  9. The level of bitter soul in this page can’t be counted in a day. Calling a drama that generated 100m won a failure, like don’t you guy that you are nothing but a pathetic loser.

    All of you should come out from your comfort zone and stop ranting here.

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