Kim Soo Hyun Picks Next Project the Netflix Produced K-drama Finger Adapting American Psycho

I can’t believe my prayers have been answered but in such an ironic way. K-actor Kim Soo Hyun, hot off the summer well received tvN drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay, has picked his next acting project. Normally I’d be jumping up and down but I’ll be honest and say I’m not sure I can watch it. He’s sign on as the male lead for the upcoming Netflix produced original K-drama titled Finger, adapted from the novel American Psycho. It will be about a seemingly successful interior designer with serial killer tendencies. Uhm, that’s about the least directly way of describing the male lead Patrick Bateman from the critically acclaimed novel – he’s a 100% serial killer psycho! I love Christian Bale, one of my favorite actors OF ALL TIME, and still I don’t ever feel the need to watch AP. It’s a bold move for Kim Soo Hyun and honestly a meaty role that will challenge him and get him out of being pigeonholed in any way, not that he was. I’m just going to have to watch it in dribbles and think of my love for him the way I watched Kim Ji Hoon go full serial killer in Flower of Evil.


Kim Soo Hyun Picks Next Project the Netflix Produced K-drama Finger Adapting American Psycho — 112 Comments

  1. He can definitely pull it off and I do admire his efforts to constantly branch out into meatier roles and constantly challenge himself. More kudos to him. He’s choosing the path to be regarded as a serious actor, not just a star, although he is both of course.

  2. Ooh, it’s being directed by Jung Ji Woo of Happy End and A Muse! I hope that it just gets broadcasted on Netflix and not on any public broadcast/cable station like Extracurricular so we don’t get a sugarcoated drama to appease the Korean censor board. No way Extracurricular would have gotten away with half of what they filmed. The censor board would have cited the drama like crazy. Extracurricular was all kinds of awesome! Looking forward to a dark drama from Kim Soo Hyun!

  3. He is a good actor. He is one of those who knows how to pick drama scripts. However am observing a pattern. A bit similar to Park Min Young. He is constantly being outshined by his female leads i.e Cindy in Producer, Cheon So Yi in My love from the Stars and Moo Young from Its Ok not to be ok. Its good for his female leads but not good for him in the long term.

    The most memorable role from him I remember is from Moon Embracing the Sun. he literally hard carried that drama in the second half. I also enjoyed the movie Secretly Greatly. I dont think its a problem with his acting because he is good. Its not a charisma problem because he is charismatic. Maybe a change from the romance fantasies would bring that extra ummph to him. So I hope he takes this.

    • Nah, his role in YWCFTS is equally iconic and memorable as the female lead. In China and HK, many people still refer to him as Professor Do or Do Min Joon. The chemistry was so great in YWCFTS and It’s Okay to Not be Okay because both leads bounce off each other so well with their acting prowess in characters with polar opposite personalities. Give him a weak female lead like Moon Embracing the Sun and he still shines on his own.

    • That is such a weird comment and frankly, so inaccurate too.

      Do Min Joon is just as iconic as Cheon Song Yi. Baek Seung Chan won him 3 Daesangs (IU’s break out wasn’t till My Ahjussi). As for IOTNBO, if he was “outshined” by anyone, it was by his hyung. Moon Young, great as she was, definitely didn’t outshine Kang Tae. In fact, for a character so straightforward compared to the other two leads, he got so much praise and love that his fans keep boasting about it.

      I’m not the biggest fan but I like him enough to at least comment lol. I think KSH steals lime light from people like he did from Taec in DH, or GHJ/CTH from Producers. It’s so odd to read a comment saying someone stole lime light from him lol.

      • @Yay,

        I couldn’t agree more! KSH being outshined? Seriously? Lmao.

        I read a lot of absurd comments or “opinions” on this blog but that one definitely takes the cake.

      • Nah Seo Yeji outshined him big time. You can tell because she was the one who gained the most new fans, she was the one trending on SNS, and her character was the most memorable.

      • @Marie, you mean her character was shinier. The writer even said the ML’s character is ordinary compared to other characters in the drama and she was initially worried about the casting, so she was very grateful to KSH for choosing this role. If you recall Koala’s posts on GoodData for buzziness and topicality, KSH and SYJ both took turns being No.1 throughout the drama’s run. I thought SYJ’s acting was fantastic as Ko Moon Young, but most of the buzz was about her tiny waist, outfits and make up. Tells you that her character by design played a big part in the popularity. But she is talented and really bought her character to life, but so did KSH with his non flashy role. It’s not just her that gained more fans, so did second FL and KSH also gained 5 million and counting followers on IG.

      • I like SYJ honestly – she’s prob my top 10 for great acting from her age range. However, she did not outshine KSH.

        IOTNBO aired a total of 8 weeks. She was #1 thrice in the actor category. KSH was #1 a total 5 times. It doesn’t matter, she gained a lot of popularity because of her acting and her role and she deserves it. But she didn’t outshine anyone because honestly, the brothers stole the show in the latter half of the drama. Which is fine. In the end, all three got their due.

      • @Butterfly and Star: She doesn’t have an instagram account anymore unlike Kim Soo Hyun, so we can’t compare that. However, she has way more viral tweets associated to her and her performance than Kim Soo Hyun, not to mention she has more votes than him in popularity awards like APAN and AAA. While Kim Soo Hyun was more buzz worthy in Korea, Seo Ye Ji was definitely way more buzz worthy than him internationally.

      • @Marie, it was you that said she gained more fans and was talked about more on SNS. I give actual stats and you say she doesn’t have an Instagram account so can’t compare??? Funny. I saw the drama trending worldwide but not the individual actors. As for AAA and APAN, from what I see on Twitter, only the shipper fans care about voting. KSH fans don’t even bother voting or even care about it since he got those awards before. Maybe it has more meaning to SYJ fans since this is her first breakout role that got a lot of attention so they want her to win. At the end of day, the committee will award it to whoever they want.

      • @Star

        Hit ’em with the stats and facts. Lol.


        Don’t worry about KSH. He’s doing excellent in his career. Worry more about dear Suzy who’s current drama is flopping in ratings despite the great writing, directing and acting from the secondary characters.

      • @Marie syj got more fans than ksh?
        Imo, if you know what actually happened in the voting..
        Syj’s fans are not as big as you think.

      • @ Marie
        The votes you’re using as proof of her popularity are not given by her fans at all lol Go look at the mess that’s going on between the fans. The fans of other actresses even called her fandom out for it.

      • Look at this Suzy stan (@Marie) obsessed with dragging down KSH when her fave’s current drama is flopping despite the great writing, directing and acting from the secondary to tertiary and side characters.

        KSH is doing excellent in his career. Worry about dear Suzy instead.

      • @yipp exactly, Seo Yeaji fandom is now currently at beef with many other fandoms because of the mess they created in AAA and APAN..The votes that Yeaji is getting is not entirely coming from her true fans..Even Kim soo Hyun’s fandom was upset with the betrayal.
        Imagine Yeaji going upto the stage to thank her fans for the award only to turn out that it wasn’t her fans who did all the hardwork .

      • @Hehe Lmao if Suzy is flopping, then Kim Soo Hyun is an even bigger flop considering he is apparently the highest paid actor but only brought in 5-6% on the same time slot. Embarrassing. Suzy is the biggest and most popular actress in her 20s. Dragging her in an unrelated article just because you’re insecure over your fave being outshined by Seo Yeji is pathetic. The way some of his fans kept saying she was “too nugu” to star alongside him before the drama aired, but now that it’s ended, she ended up being buzz worthy than him lol..we love to see it.

      • Suzy, the ‘biggest and most popular actress in her 20s’?

        Wow we got someone from an alternate dimension here!!! If that dimension is corona free, please go back there for your own safety!

        (but srs lol @Marie claiming 5-6 percent ratings+ consistent CPI index top ranks for IONTBO is ’embarrassing’ for Kim Soo Hyun but somehow 4-5 percent for Start Up with a big name writer is some proof that Suzy is ‘most popular’? at least keep your logic consistent, girlie ???… last I checked IU was in her 20s and her dramas do way better ratings than this)

      • @Marie u brainless clown, stop attracting hate towards suzy with ur moronic yapping. KSH & IOTNBO were ridiculously popularly this year, ur making urself look like an utter clown & making ppl dislike Suzy

    • I’m over here thinking he picked his projects because the female lead characters are so great =))). He either compliment his co-stars or outshines them there’s no between.

    • This comment is pretty absurd when one actually looks as the ridiculous popularity HE got for YWCFTS. Do Min Joon is one of the most iconic characters in kdrama to date. In DH, METS and Producers, he was the one getting all the spotlight due to his acting. The only recent exception is IOTNBO- and that was by design since literally everyone who’s worked on it has mentioned how the other 2 characters were MEANT to “outshine” his character. So much so that the writer was worried about casting such a boring male lead, and was shocked when KSH even considered it. He was Supposed to be the boring, subdued, less attention grabby one. The fact that he Still managed to get this much attention for a role that, frankly, would have been sleep-inducing had it been played by anyone else is a credit to his acting and charisma.

      Just because he picks scripts where either BOTH the male and female characters are equally charming, or as in iotnbo, he takes a step back and picks one he liked for the story despite his character being not as flashy as the other 2 leads, does not mean he got “outshined”.

      As for Cindy and Cheon Song Yi, idk where you got the impression that those characters were more popular than Baek Sungchan and Do Min Joon but all the Chinese popularity and awards he got would like to disagree lol. The only people who liked Cindy better were IU stans, and that’s to be expected since they’re her fans.

      • I think do min joon character is not as interesting / shining as cheon song yi’s but that does not mean soohyun’ acting is bad. Baeksang and SBS award that time gave daesang prize to JJH instead of to KSH. Song Yi character way more memorable and significant that time in my pov. And the same case happened with IOTNBO. Mun Yeong character way bolder than Gang Tae and most importantly, its not only her fashion sense that makes her character bolder than Gang Tae is. But almost all chapter titles are based on Mun Yeong storybook and the main Plot story is about Mun Yeong family. Thats why Mun Yeong character seems outshined Gang Tae. But I see major improvement in Soo Hyun acting. I love his acting sooo much in IOTNBO. No wonder he is highest paid actor

      • @bubblebee which I can’t reply to.
        You said don’t look down on others artist but your comments are indirectly demeaning Ksh.
        Do min joon is memorable character same as Cheon seongyi.
        If not, why is Ksh so famous in china that he was invited to sing and perform in varshow.

      • @Bubblebee JJH got the Korean awards but KSH started the fkin hallyu wave in China with Do Minjun. Just bcs u, specifically, thought he was not as interesting does not change facts lol At the time, Soohyun got Barksang for his film, while JJH got one for the drama. They chose gave out awards acc to seniority, & KSH was already winning awards in other categories, go look at the history surrounding it. Do Minjun is referenced to this day by Chinese and Japanese kpop idols, saying he’s the reason they learned Korean, became interested in hallyu. All these new fans coming into kdramas these last few years spew bs without actually having experienced any of this lol

      • @rwan
        1. I have watched kdrama for almost 2 decades now, so pls, just because not everyone has the same view with you are than you think you are the right one and only.

        2. My comment is based on my pov. I dont even say that KSH acting is bad. Fyi, KSH is the best KActor in his generation based on my POV. What I comment is his character was, not his Acting skill

        3. By saying that award judges gives award based on seniority, oh pls, you discrediting the more senior actors / actress who gets the award as if its not their acting and hardwork that deserve an award. And that means you question the jury’ credibility for giving that more senior actress. Oh pls. Even KSH that time congratulate JJH for receiving the award and mention he is so proud of her achievement. Thats why I adore KSH so much, cos he is so humble, unlike of some his few toxic fans.

        4. Normally when I watch kdrama, I dont care if the star is popular or not, as long as the acting skill is good and the story is good then I love it. I dont care if they are popular in china or anywhere. I think ppl need to start to appreciate the actors not based on their popularity only. Cos u know, some ppl luckily get their popularity overnight, while others need to work so hard for years to reach their popularity.

        5. And lastly, please you need to learn to appreciate ppl opinion even though its not the same page as you are

  4. I like him a lot but not enough to watch trash like Real. So I hope he has good costars and a good screenwriter/PD to partner with him.


  5. I respect him for always taking risks and choosing roles that might not further his hallyu popularity, which cannot be said of The Eternal Chaebol.

  6. Like and trust his acting! Looking forward to see him working with Park Shin Hye one day. I know it will be memorable. They will bring the best from each other and take the world by storm. A Netflix original, no non sense censorship, will be awesome. A grown up series, drama , or movie! My wish! ☺️

    • Let manifest together they will star in one drama or movie together. They are friend irl, i can imagine their natural chemistry together.

  7. Is it gonna be another Flower of Evil where love cures a psychopath at the end? Just like Seo Ye Ji’s characters anti social personality disorder turned out to be a misdiagonosis at the end?

    • ???…Best comment indeed…
      This love cures everything trope has become overused…Kdramas need to come out of their comfort zone and delve into reality.. However, there are other fantastic dramas like My Mister, it’s okay that’s love etc. which were unique in their approach.

    • Hmm, I don’t see them shedding that trope anytime soon. Korean viewers seem to love it too much. And whether i-fans like it or not, Koreans are the primary target audience for Korean dramas.

    • Nope. Since it’s a Netflix Original Series, I don’t see them going to that route. It wouldn’t be aired on any channel in Korea so I guess they will go with full on evil with this one.

  8. If he’s going to be evil, it better be true evil rather than a cop out. I love that he can take on meatier roles without any qualms about his popularity, what his fans might demand of him, or his image. He’s someone who wants to grow as a actor in a real sense.

    But, if it’ll be another Flower of Evil situation where there is a major potion and a happily ever after, then I’d rather he does a sageuk or a rom-com or whathaveyou. The worse is selling something untrue for the buzz. I want this to be a true adaptation of American Psycho because that would be quite cool.

    • Ha… funny you should mention FoE. I started watching the drama (due to all the overpraise and hype) and frankly it’s been a huge disappointment. LJK is terrific as usual. And his chemistry with MCW is ?.

      But really? This is the drama some folks claimed was the absolute best of 2020 and were predicting Baeksangs for? It’s not a bad drama by any means. Certainly not the worst ever made but it’s definitely not the greatest like people made it out to be.

      I’ve finally made it to EP15 (painfully) and although it’s too late in the game to drop the drama, I’m not feeling any motivation or desire to finish it.

      I pray this project won’t turn out like it.

      • From what i have read, majority were leaning towards Lee Jun Ki being nominated for Baeksang and not the drama..(i may be wrong though)
        For me, the drama was good but not terrific..
        But i still think Lee JunKi was fabulous in it and he deserves atleast a nomination if not the award.

      • @Val

        Not just LJK. I saw some comments throwing Baeksangs at the drama as well.

        He might deserve it but if the JoyNews polls are anything to go by, I wouldn’t hold my breath. So far all the poll winners (in both dramas and actors categories) have been either ratings-champs and/or hugely popular.

      • But Secret forest 2 was not that much of a ratings champ as compared to the other dramas.i was kind of surprised that even Park Bo gum managed to get some votes on the Joynews poll but not Kim Soo Hyun. IOTNBO, although may not have high ratings but it was popular in korea…

      • Secret Forest 2 is a solid ratings hit. Maybe not on the level of WOTM or CLOY but it’s definitely a big hit for its genre (no.22 on highly-rated cable dramas of all_time list is no small feat) and has the rave reviews to boot.

        I’ll admit, I was shocked that KSH wasn’t part of the best actors list given his stellar performance in IOTNBO. But looking at the list of actors who made it, a common denominator is that their equivalent dramas were all ratings-hits.

        Only times they’ve mentioned For is in the OTP category and Scene Stealer category.

        I won’t claim to know what criteria they’re using but I believe ratings + popularity/buzz/Hallyu-ness + critical reviews are some of the factors. Note: I wrote some, not only. Some dramas scored one of these, others scored two or more.

        Just my two cents.

      • @*** what you said makes sense..But i don’t think they took too much effort in choosing their answers..
        It feels like 200 industry people were randomly chosen ..asked about particular actors/dramas/otps which they liked or were memorable to them. So this explains, high ratings/buzz dramas equivalent to more people were exposed and enjoyed these. Hence their opinions about these categories…
        Maybe KSH’s character didn’t impress them much unlike Oh jung se and that’s why he didn’t get votes.

      • Yup yup. Can only hope the Baeksang judges will be more…what’s the word? Impartial? Appreciative? Thorough? Thoughtful?

        Oh well, oh hell.

      • To be honest.. don’t expect those things from Baeksang judges unless u want to feel bummed later on.. Can’t blame them though because they can’t please everyone .

        I think Cho Seung Woo has better chances next year..
        Secret Forest 2 was well received in korea..
        For judges, what i fans think doesn’t matter..This year’s Baeksang and other award shows proved it all that themes of dramas should resonate well with korean viewers..
        Anyways Cho Seung woo is a deserving candidate and i think the other nominated ones will be too.. Getting an award is not everything..KSH has plenty of it already.. However i do think it is high time for Lee Jun Ki to get his deserved recognition..Let us just wait and see.

      • Truth be told, I don’t expect anything from them. In fact, I don’t even expect either IOTNBO or KSH or FoE or LJK to win anything.

        That’s why I wrote earlier that “if the Joynews polls are anything to go by, I wouldn’t hold my breath.” I’m well-aware of how the Baeksangs work. It’s more like wishful hoping.

        All the best to you.

  9. He is a good actor but not yet versatile. He nailed every character in his drama but unfortunately they are all kinda similar character. So yeah want to see him in totally different character with different range of emotions portrayed. Not always so serious.

  10. He is a good actor but not yet versatile. He nailed every character in his drama but unfortunately they are all kinda similar character. So yeah want to see him in totally different character with different range of emotions portrayed. Not always so serious.

    • Lol similar?! How??

      Producers – newly graduate geek
      Dream high – country boy with dreams
      MoonSun – charismatic king
      YFAS – aloof alien
      IOTNBO – overburdened everyday guy
      Real – maniac (not so sure but based on the trailer, he seems like a freak)
      Theives – rookie kid
      Secretly greatly – Principles Officer + village fool

      How in the world are any of those similar characters. There are so many odd comments on this site lol.

      • @Butterfly

        I bet that commenter has only seen roughly 1 or 2 of the stuff you listed. Hahaha.

        Odd comments indeed. First, they claim he’s outshone by his leading ladies. Now he plays the same characters? Lmao. How hilarious.

      • I cant see any difference from his acting in moonsun,iotnbo,yfas though. He always have similar kind of hairdo and image. Sometime similar emotions potrayal.I want to see him in different kinda image. But i really enjoyed his acting in secretly greatly.

      • Sorry i’ve seen all his work that’s why i can say that. Not that he is a bad actor or something. He is excellent! Just not yet versatile. This is only my opinion chingu.

      • And yet out of all what Butterfly listed, you seem to have only watched four. But yeah, it’s just your opinion indeed.

    • While I know he’s of the most talented k-actors, I also agree that he has not shown a different side of his acting skill yet. His interpretation and portrayal of his previous characters are somewhat similar and almost no distinction between characters.

      It’s a brave move but somewhat apprehensive for a Korean series, but if it’s solely for Netflix, then it’s a good move. Good luck to him.

  11. Woo, our boy is fine!!! My eyes are wonderfully refreshed, thanks for posting the pics Koala.

    Anyway can’t wait for this, I don’t see Korean viewers being into this but I don’t think he cares about being in big rating dramas anymore and values the quality of the script and wants more challenging roles. I support him and wish him the best. I won’t be surprised if he eventually moves on to almost exclusively acting in movies.

  12. American Psycho’s character is quite extreme. I really hope KSH trains himself well in order to perform well. Everything from how he walks to his smirk must be fresh and sinister. I think he has the acting chops to do well but if it’s like Real…it will not be convincing enough. I am very happy he has chosen this role, he’s wanted a role like this before so it’s time to show us what he’s got! This will determine for me if he’s broken out of the usual Kdrama love stories, crime shows, mental health shows where love defeats most things when that’s far from the truth.

    • American Psycho is a really memorable role, the book is so gruesome and misogynistic that the movie is actually an improvement on it.

      If they’re going to do this, I hope it’s truly villainous and interesting. KSH has the chops to do this and show off his range.

  13. He is an intelligent actor, he (or his agency) chooses his projects well! Like you, I don’t think I can watch this since it’s suspense-thriller but I’m happy for how he’s handling his career. Who knows, maybe this is his pathway to Hollywood 🙂

  14. Kim Soo Hyun fans are so defensive over the fact that he was outshined by his female lead lol. Anyways, the highest paid actor could only bring in 5-6% ratings lol.

    • Before you pathetically come for my fave in an unrelated article, remember that she is not the highest paid actor who could not come near the 15% rating he set as the goal at the press conference lmao.

      • Okay. I guess as a KSH stan, I’ll say something about this that most people don’t know. Haha he’s always like that. When asked about numbers, he randomly says anything. He’s not very good with numbers so I’m sorry to disappoint you.

      • In an unrelated article? Yet what does this article have to do with LMH (whom you mocked in one of your comments as the Eternal Chaebol)?

        You’re the pathetic one. And too chickensh*t to handle the same hate against your fave that you were the first one to throw. Idiot.

      • Look at you getting your pathetic panties in a twist when someone mentioned Suzy’s drama flopping in ratings (which is true) yet you expected KSH’s fans to keep quiet and not retaliate when you came into an article about him and started dragging him down after claiming you respect him all while mocking another Hallyu actor (LMH) who’s not even related to this article in any way? What a world-class hypocrite.

      • “She is not the highest paid actor…” How can she be when her dramas range from average to unequivocal flops, she leeches off her more talented and famous male leads (KSH, LJS, LSG) and is always outshone by the second leads.

        Even some of your fandom are begging KSH to cameo in her flopping drama because they know the ratings will shoot up if he does.

        Eat humble pie, babo.

      • LOL we I guess I hit a nerve. How many times are you going to reply to me, smiley? lmao it’s a FACT that he’s the highest paid actor but brought in a measly 5-6% on his grand military comeback. That’s a flop for him, like it or not. You can keep talking about my fave, but she never hoped for 15% unlike yours lmao pathetic.

      • No, your fave is just the most hyped “actress” who doesn’t seem to have delivered any actual ratings hits or lived up to the hype of the projects she does get, in the last seven years.

        Wonder if all the effort some of Korea’s best screenwriters put into modifying their work to accommodate her lack of acting talent was worth it.

    • Marie, KSH topped the Brand Reputation Rankings and topped the Good Data Chart more times than SYJ did. He also got praises for his acting in Korea even though his character is not as flashy as SYJ’s. SYJ mostly got comments for her waist and fashion. In terms of AAA and APAN, SYJ will naturally get a higher count of votes since SYJ fans are getting help from Ong Seung Woo’s fandom. KSH fans are doing it on their own. Lol. If there’s anyone who outshined KSH, it’s OJS and not SYJ because SYJ was also outshined by OJS. Plus, the director, the writer, and most of the cast praised KSH’s acting more than SYJ. Her character is flashy, KSH’s character is not. And now KSH is gonna take a drama that would challenge his Hallyu Status. Meanwhile, SYJ’s gonna take on a role of a rich badass chaebol demon hunter. Yeah, a rude rich girl again. Your fave’s on her way to be typecasted.

      • She was comparing SYJ to KSH so I assumed. Suzy and KSH has been friends for a very long time, i bet longer than the time she became Suzy’s fan. Why is she hating? That’s odd.

      • Ikr? Don’t know why she didn’t just skip the article when she’s not a fan.

        Instead she claimed to respect him then went on to drag him and when a KSH fan hit back with Suzy’s drama flopping, she’s getting defensive.

        What a clown.


        Don’t come for someone’s fave when you can’t handle the retaliation on your fave.

    • Can your fave even take on roles that would make her look like a supporting cast even though she’s the main lead? I bet no. She will always choose roles that would make her look like a strong girl, if not a rude girl. And you think that’s versatility? No, it’s not.

      And SYJ fans are cheaters. SYJ is getting a lot of hate because of her fans. Son YeJin, Lee Minho, Kim Goeun, Hyun Bin fans are now hating on her because of the fans’ sTrAtEgy.

      If she wins, she’s gonna go on stage thinking she’s THAT popular when in fact, she’s not. Kpop fans are the ones who voted for her and not her fans. Alliance, my ass.

    • Brought 5-6% but Netflix still chose him to lead on their drama? You can only dream. Go support your favorite’s next role which is another rich rude girl role with another famous actor to leech off. Lol. I think you are forgetting the fact that Soo hyun’s popularity is the one that contributed the most to PBIO. And that can obviously be justified by the numerous endorsements he has now. He has 10. Yeji has….. 4? 5? Plus, soo hyun has both local and global endorsements. Lol

      • And how many endorsements that you have?
        Please if you love some artist, give support to that particular artist without bringing down other artist’ achievement. You are so annoyed when some toxic fans discredit your fave and what you wrote is the same as that toxic fans. Be a wiser netz I guess.

    • Lol, you are getting pathetic and it’s not even about your fave so why so butthurt? Tell us again how female lead outshined KSH? Oh right, you counted the tweets on SNS. Thanks for pointing out KSH is highest paid and it just so happens that IOTNBO reminds us why he is the highest paid actor in SK. His fee is what industry sets as his worth and he rightfully deserves that amount for his credibility as an actor, ability to attract positive topicality and high viewership (whether it’s through traditional tv ratings, domestic or global OTT platforms – did you hear? domestic TVing live ratings were 70-80% and Top 10 in 43 countries on Netflix so somebody’s watching), and most importantly, ability to generate good return on investment for investors. CJ ENM reported increased profit in their 3Q2020 report compared to last year due to the success of dramas It’s Okay to Not be Okay and Stranger 2. So yeah, stay pressed and enjoy your fave’s drama ?.

  15. Holy crap! Kid has got serious brass cahones to take on a role like this given how important the nice guy image is in Korean dramas and cinema. This could be AMAZING! Very excited!

  16. LOL well I guess I hit a nerve. How many times is this smiley going to reply to me haha. Like it or not, the “highest paid actor” only brought in a measly 5-6% on his GRAND MILITARY COMEBACK AFTER 5 YEARS lol. Say what you want of my fave, but she’s humble and never hoped for 15% unlike someone haha. Anyways, Seo Yeji is the real winner from this drama whereas your boy is no longer the IT boy of drama when the likes of Park Bogum can get 7-8% on a weekday drama and Park Seo Joon is rising even more. Stay mad about it lol.

    • Yeah. It’s okay. He doesn’t want to be the IT boy of drama anymore. He wants to be recognized more as an ACTOR not as a STAR. He wouldn’t take PBIO if he wants the popularity. He wouldn’t consider that Netflix project mentioned in the post that could possibly challenge his popularity right now if that is all that he wants. His done with that phase. He’s now ready to delve into roles that he wasn’t ready to take before. So, you can take all the popularity shit that you want. He’s gonna go pick whatever project that he wants now and he will definitely not play safe just to secure his hallyu status.

      And duh, it’s obvious that he just randomly said 15%. Why are you so attacked? His fans just even laughed it off when he said that.

      Do you think Soohyun will be attacked when you say he is not the IT boy anymore? Lol. He has millions, he is enjoying his life, brands are still getting him, he’s reviewing a lot of projects right now.

      • @Win

        Ikr? Hahahaha. Even Marie herself wrote earlier that she “respects him for always taking risks and choosing roles that might not further his hallyu popularity…”

        So she already KNOWS he’s great. She’s dumbly attacking him now because someone truthfully told her not to worry about KSH and instead focus on her fave (Suzy) whose current drama is flopping so hard. Which is a fact. Part 1 of Episode 8 hit a new low of 3.821. And this is the top actress of her generation, Marie?

        Hahahaha. What a clown she is! Marie, keep performing for us. It’s entertaining af. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Hello, Marie. Soohyun and Suzy stans have always been close. You can see it on twitter. I believe those who bashed Suzy aren’t Soohyun stans. They’re probably Hyunji or SYJ stans. KSH stans have been dragged a lot of times because of their toxicity even though they weren’t involved on their fights. SYJ doesn’t deserve them. Lol

      As for being the IT boy of Korea, I doubt he even cares about that. He’s turning 33 already and he already said it a number of times that he doesn’t want to be recognized as a Top Star, he wants to be recognized as an Actor. He’s still in the process of getting that full recognition but at least the Korean GP knows that he’s that kind of actor. A lot of koreans praised his performance on PBIO and you wouldn’t believe it but a lot of them praised his performance on Real too.

      Popularity? Korea knows him. He’s still very well known in China. He has 10 brand endorsements. He already won a lot of popularity awards. He has a lot of money and is investing on talent. Do you think he would even care about the IT boy crown?

  17. Geez, why do you guys pick on seo yea ji? Its not even her fault. Even if her fan’s strategy is wrong in ur pov still its not her fault. And fyi, now other fandom use the same strategy too. I mean try learning to admit someone’ ability. Even Soo Hyun choose her to be his FL. So who are you judging? She even respect SooHyun and mention that he is her best partner. I mean get a life, only say good thing or stay silence. She is probably way more beautiful and talented and nicer that those who keeps mocking

    • Others fandom do that because Syj’s fandom did it first.
      Now something like this is happening in kdrama.

      And syj is not soohyun’s choice, but the director.
      Idk what caused you to think that way.

      • Soohyun is a big name and we all know that GM produce the drama. Of course Soohyun has the prerogative to choose his FL. I am not a yeyes. I even love ksh acting since mlfts way before I know a SYJ. I just cant stand ppl who bring down others. If we love some artist, just love that artist without bringing other artist down

    • Don’t you know that PBIO, KSH and KSH stans have been dragged a lot of times because of Hyunji and SYJ stans? They always pick on other actors such as Lee Minho and Park Shin Hye and KSH stans get dragged with their wrongdoings. Even because of their strategy, KSH stans were dragged. So I don’t get why you are even asking that question.

      Another thing, most solo SYJ stans don’t even respect KSH. Lol

      • Yes, most solo syj stan don’t respect ksh. They always say that PBIO’s success because of Syj.

        Wake up, Pbio maybe not will famous or produce and bought by netflix if not because ksh.
        Syj fans feel syj is superior than other actress but in fact not.

      • Well its their fans’ fault. Dont bring down SYJ or underrate her talent just bcos of her few toxic fans. And I believe every star has their toxic fans, even Ksh’ or Lmh’ or PSH’ stan. If one of your fave’ toxic fans do wrong thing, would you like being considered as one of them? Dont generalize ppl and its their toxic fans fault not the artist

    • From what i know other fandoms were infuriated with what seo yeaji fans did so they also thought at first to do the same but they didn’t execute it bcause majority of those other actor fans want to win it on their own ..stop spreading false news. Also if other stans had gone for the same route as Seo Yeaji,she wouldn’t be at the top..
      You people even tainted Kim Soo Hyun’s name who had nothing to do with it and dragged his fandom down..
      Thank god people are smart enough to differentiate between Yukaris and Yeyes.

      • Dont mention “you people” pls. I am not even a Yeye, I even love KSH since mlfts way before i know a syj. I even never bring ksh himself or his fandom down or say bad things about them. I just happen loving iotnbo so much because of the story and the cast acting. Dont generalize ppl if you dont want to be generalize pls. Just love the artist’ work. Their few toxic fans have nothing to do with the artist’ performance / talent

  18. Yes, most solo syj stan don’t respect ksh. They always say that PBIO’s success because of Syj.

    Wake up, Pbio maybe not will famous or produce and bought by netflix if not because ksh.
    Syj fans feel syj is superior than other actress but in fact not.

    • Yes, blame on the toxic fans, not Yeaji. She works so hard to contribute to make pbio successful along with soohyun and all cast and crew team

  19. Okay .. the hate here is getting too much..First of all i m neither a yeaji or soo hyun fan..but I respect and recognise them as good actors..
    I know what her fans did was very wrong..from discrediting Ksh for Pbio, to involving in messy voting..But it is not her fault that her fans are like that..
    People here calling her a nugu actress before PBIO is a bit too much..She may not be of Kim Soo Hyun’s level but her filmography is quite good..
    Before calling her undeserving of being Ksh’s on-screen partner, check her previous drama Lawless Lawyer’s ratings 2 years ago..It is still better than PBIO ..and it is a fact.. Although PBIO was more popular internationally because of Netflix..
    And to yeaji fans , try to respect soo hyun..If not as her co-actor of PBIo , atleast think of him as her senior who is from the same agency.

    • I am sooo agreeing with you. Some fans calls syj’ few toxic fans for their bad behaviour while they are being the toxic one as well by not appreciating syj talent and acting and insulting her being a nugu etc. Guess what. The successful of iotnbo is not because of ksh himself, or syj herself. From the talented writer producing great story, from amazing pdnim for directing, and all great cast.
      What I m trying to say, never underestimate ppl or anyone. Cos life is like a wheel. Sometimes u are up or down. A rookie writer even can produce such powerful story and her story becomes the highest ranked kdrama in netflix. So never underestimate ppl just bcos for u that they are just a “nugu / rookie”

      • Yes i agree what u said but it is not confirmed that it is the highest ranked kdrama in Netflix.. because Flixpatrol doesn’t have the data for first quarter of 2020.. That’s why i always avoid that term cause CLOY and IC were there and no one knows its proper score..
        I will wait till Netflix officially releases the data..
        Regardless, your point still holds true that it was a hit internationally even when the writer didn’t have big projects to her name.

      • FACT THAT Writer Of IOTNOB thanks KSH,she said KSH is that type of actor who don’t care about writer is rookie or very experienced… If he loves the script..he will do it.

    • I agree, SYJ worked her way up through supporting roles and lower-profile dramas for years before getting her breakout, and she performed well and had fantastic chemistry with KSH. Calling her a ‘nugu’ just because she had to work for her success is too much. If anything, I respect that work because she earned her opportunities unlike some people.

  20. I don’t get why Seo Ye Ji fans doing whatever on awards voting means we turn it into a point against the actress herself? She herself did no wrong.

    Anyway IONTBO was not a ratings smash, it’s ok to admit that but it’s also true it got a lot of buzz and KSH was brave to take a drama by a rookie writer for his comeback. There’s no way he didn’t have offers from bigger/established writers, but 5-6 percent and so much buzz for a drama with a rookie writer really speaks to the quality of the drama. Hope he’s satisfied with his performance and loom forward to seeing him next in this film!

    • I am with you. I also wonder why their voting team should do that far to make her winning the popularity award. I believe with her outstanding acting performance in iotnbo, she even deserves Best Actress prize or another critical acclaimed award. For me, even though she doesnt win the popularity award, it wont make me see less of her. Wouldnt it be much worth it and meaningful if she gets the award, that her actual fans are the one who vote. I believe SYJ will think that way. SYJ shines on IOTNBO because she works hard for it, just like CEO GM said in recent interview. KSH is also a talented actor. They both compliment each other to make iotnbo succesful

      • @Royal We & Bubblebee

        I adore SYJ and also disagree with her being dragged. I’ve realized some of the commenters dragging her is due to the misunderstanding that she’s @Marie’s bias (which is Suzy, not SYJ) given the way that hateful troll is hell-bent on using SYJ to tear down KSH which is obviously not gonna fly with his fans.

        Oh boy.

      • @Royal We & Bubblebee

        I adore SYJ and also disagree with her being dragged. I’ve realized some of the commenters dragging her is due to the misunderstanding that she’s @Marie’s bias (which is not even SYJ but Suzy) given the way that hateful troll is hell-bent on using SYJ to tear down KSH which is obviously not gonna fly with his fans.

        Oh boy.

  21. I come to read new casting news for kim soo hyun but all i see is the hate comments and war. It all start from one suzy stan @Marie. If you are happy to create this chaos then remember karma is exist.

    • Stanning Suzy is already karma since she must forever endure criticism that her fave is an airhead that can’t act, sing or dance.

      • Don’t hate on suzy ffs. Hate on the clown Marie using her as an excuse to tear others down

  22. @Coco
    In which part that I look down at KSH acting skill on my previous comment?
    I mentioned that HIS CHARACTER and NOT his acting skills thats not as shiny as the other leads. Even Jo Young and GM themself saying Gang Tae character is not as bold as the other two leads.
    And fyi, for me KSH is the BEST KActor in his generation because of what? Because he has high integrity and dedication on what he do. He doesnt care being not popular bcos thats not what he wants to achieve. He just wants to be a good actor with good and improved acting skill.
    So on which part I say that KSH acting is bad?
    And why being so popular in china or anywhere is that important? Being a popular actor / actress doesnt always mean that they are a good one in term of acting skills. For me, some ppl is lucky enough to gain their success in one night, while some must work really hard in years to achieve their success. And theres nothing wrong with it. Everyone has their own path and timezone to reach their achievement. So pls just think positively. Surprisingly for me, even though Gang Tae character in iotnbo is not even as shiny as his other character in his previous drama, but his acting skills in iotnbo is his best performance and I m glad I stan the right actor

    • You’re talking about something completely different to what was actually being discussed. Being “popular in china” is important because the guy single-handedly started a whole hallyu wave, that is a Huge deal. It’s the whole reason he’s the highest paid actor. Why pretend like ot isn’t important?

      • Its based on my pov.
        And for me watching kdrama, I dont care if the star is widely popular in china or anything. Cos not all actors / actress who is so popular in china have the best acting skill. So pls, if the popularity of the actors / actress is important to you, then just let it be for you. But sometimes a real treasure is buried somewhere so deep that even everyone cant see, and thats why i never judging any actor / actress based on their popularity, and you dont even have to be agreeing with me. We all have the rights to have different opinion. Thank you

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