Joynews Poll of Top Drama Scene Stealers of 2020 Goes to Oh Jung Se Followed by Han So Hee and Lee Sang Yi

The Joynews Poll celebrating the paper’s 16th anniversary continues and this time the topic is Top K-drama Scene Stealers of 2020. I have tons that come to mind, love this topic because it highlights up-and-comers as well as sometimes overlooked veterans and character actors/actresses. Getting the most votes with 42 nods is Oh Jung Se for scene stealing both It’s Okay to Not be Okay and The Good Detective this year. You can also give him 2019 thanks to his turn in When the Camellia Blooms, the man is nearing new god levels of turning out diverse and immerse performances. Second place with 34 votes is Han So Hee for being the mistress in The World of the Married, then Lee Sang Yi got 32 votes for weekend drama Once Again so very close between these two. After that the votes trail off: 11 votes to Lee Cho Hee also for Once Again, 10 votes went to Kim Jung Hyun and 7 to Seo Ji Hye for their wonderful own story in Crash Landing on You, Lee Joon Hyuk took 6 votes in Secret Forest 2, Kim Eung Soo in Kkhondae Intern got 5 votes, and lastly both Kim Ji Hoon in Flower of Evil and Jeon Hye Jin in Secret Forest 2 got 4 votes.


Joynews Poll of Top Drama Scene Stealers of 2020 Goes to Oh Jung Se Followed by Han So Hee and Lee Sang Yi — 8 Comments

  1. It feels great to see these underrated actors getting recognised…
    Oh jungse deserved it ,not only for one drama, but for portraying diverse roles in so many projects..

    Han So Hee literally managed to surprise everyone when WOM aired..i m still bitter about her not winning the best new actress in Baeksang.

    Finally, Once Again.I love this drama so much.awww..Lee Sang Yi is a gem..He can act, dance, sing..and what not.

    And how can i forget Seo Ji Hye..Her character as Seo Dan will always be remarkable in kdrama history..I laughed so hard when i read this phrase “don’t be a Seo Dan”??..when i witnessed few people talking about their crushes.

  2. I first met him in IOTNBO and loved him. So I checked out Good Detective when I heard he was in it. Man, I was blown away like “WTF, how is this the same actor???“ I’ll definitely be looking out for more of his work.

    Congratulations, Oh Jung Se!

    • Agree with most on the list but not Han So Hee.
      She is very pretty but her acting is so awkward especially her mouth and facial expression. Hope she improves on her acting as she has great visual.

    • Me too! It’s a shame that the drama is still airing, so it got passed over. I’m glad for the additions of Kim Ji Hoon in Flower of Evil and I love Oh Jung Se’s win – he deserves it! I’d also like to add Kim Bum – he was mesmerizing in the Nine Tailed Fox – one of the only good things about that drama.

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