Namgong Min is Ready to Take Care of Business in New Poster for tvN Drama Awaken

The Korean title for upcoming tvN drams Awaken is Night and Day, so the new poster is actually juxtaposing night and day. Except the day seems more like overcast pre-dawn and more hilariously male lead Namgong Min is exactly the same IDGAF attitude and expression. Whereas female leads Seolhyun and Lee Chung Ah actually changed from light colored outfits to their crime fighting incognito night time dark attire in the poster lol. I’m not teasing because I think the drama looks bad, I’m super looking forward to it but am just chuckling at Namgong Min basically disappearing into character from Day 1 and also his female leads just going through the motions compared to him.


Namgong Min is Ready to Take Care of Business in New Poster for tvN Drama Awaken — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Captain– You need to change your tag from Namgong Min to Namgoong Min. It’s been coming up wrong repeatedly.

    I don’t know anything about this drama, but I’m totally down for watching an IDGAF Namgoong Min.

  2. Waiting to start this kdrama of Namgoong Min’s series. i watched dr prisoner, good manager, hot stove league, go shim what i like to Namgoong Min is his acting in drama, comedy, action and he can carry the show even though he has no love interest in the story, no kissing scenes, no holding hands, no sweet moments… I hope in his next kdrama it would be love story romantic comedy with park min young.mabuhay

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