Shin Hye Sun Hits Every Comedic Beat in First Teasers and Lead Character Posters for tvN Sageuk Queen Cheorin

I first noticed K-actress Shin Hye Sun‘s underrated comedic ability in Legend of the Blue Sea, she turned a stock clingly second female lead into a layered and endearing role. She’s great playing the straight woman in lead roles but I love when she acts out in immature ways that we can all relate to lol. She’s going to have a blast in upcoming tvN drama Queen Cheorin (English title No Touch Princess) based on the cult hit C-drama Go Princess Go about a man from modern times who time travels into the body of a princess in history. Shin Hye Sun will be joined by an all star cast of Kim Jung Hyun, Bae Jong Ok, and Kim Tae Woo, and each has the same level of talent to deliver the complexity to this story.

Teasers for Queen Cheorin:


Shin Hye Sun Hits Every Comedic Beat in First Teasers and Lead Character Posters for tvN Sageuk Queen Cheorin — 11 Comments

    • I’m also curious how this will play out.

      While I’m looking forward to Shin Hye Sun’s being hilarious, I’m also wondering how they’re going to make a man’s soul in woman’s body work.

      Is “he” going to become purely a friend with the king, or is “he” going to fall in love with the king?

      • There was a hindi show similar to this called Bhaskar Bharti…she falls for the guy there as well. That show was mad funny.

  1. Different of opinion.

    I really don’t like her comedic acting. She exaggerated IMO. The same happened with her acting in “Still 17”. She was supposed to play a teenager but she instead essayed her character as if she’s a primary schooler.

    To me, SHS in a decent actress but she just cant do comedy.

    • Different personal opinion too.

      I think how 17 years old girl looks like is different among countries and also depends on which year. For me, I think I can relate a Korean teenager in 13 years ago when we still couldn’t use internet on mobile phone. I think 17 years old at that time is quite naive then. Especially Seori character which the most important thing in her teenage is playing violin, sometimes a genius is just like that, they just don’t pay much attention to surrounding world. The way she acted in this drama is approved by the director and writer also who determines the level of comedy she had to show, its the intention of that drama to make Seori more ‘comic’ comedy to match with Mr. Gong, Jennifer, Yoo Chan and the gang.

  2. I hope they dont overdo it like Sassy Girl drama. The one starring Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo. It seems to have a similar vibe. But then Shin Hye Sun is a better actor compared to Oh Yeon Seo and Joo Won’s strength is dramatic roles where he has to be serious 90% of the time not comedy so maybe Kim Jung Hyun might do a better job. I am happy he got a lead role too. I am still mad they killed him off in CLOY?

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