First Posters and Stills for tvN Wed-Thurs Drama True Beauty with Moon Ga Young, Cha In Woo, and Hwang In Seop

I’m a bit hesitant to check out tvN drama True Beauty (Goddess Descends) because I checked out the webtoon it’s based on and didn’t like it right off the bat. Last time that happened I gave Backstreet Rookie (Convenience Store Morning Star) the benefit of the doubt and that fell flat on its face. Sometimes a problematic source material really has no way to course correct via adaptation tweaks. True Beauty has Moon Ga Young playing a woman who is an expert at makeup so everyone thinks she’s a top beauty but she’s actually someone who is average underneath all that top layer. I mean, if that’s common then most influencers need to make disclaimers lol. She tries to keep up the deception and finds herself swept up between two men played by Cha In Woo and Hwang In Yeop. I’ll just put that prickly second male lead in my pocket now, thnxsbai!


First Posters and Stills for tvN Wed-Thurs Drama True Beauty with Moon Ga Young, Cha In Woo, and Hwang In Seop — 17 Comments

    • Lol but so did BSR… in the end, it didn’t appeal to anyone.

      This one does look better tho. At the very least the source material it not raunchy. That’s already points to it before it even starts.

  1. I don’t like the concept of this drama or webtoon at all. I find it a big contradiction that the plot is about finding your inner beauty but at the same time it shows how superficial she is at seeing everything at surface level and how obsess she is at makeup in every chapter. She’s able to help some people by making them look attractive but it doesn’t solve their issues at the core. Overall she’s a nice girl but she hasn’t learned anything at the moment. And it’s a pain to keep seeing her lie her way.
    I don’t like the poster of the drama and the webtoon either. Is it trying to convey that inside she’s still her? What cheese lol I think it would have been better if they had her hold two or multiple mirrors with different faces on it and the tag line should be “who am I?”

  2. sbould there be Backstreet Rookie season 2. I want my favorote girl with KIM MIN KYU. They had more chemistry and they looked so good together.
    Ratings for BSR would have been better if JCW was not the Male lead. sigh. sighing and it would have been another drama hit girl.

    • Hahaha…yet before the drama began you cheered hard for their pairing. And even after the drama began, you defended them hard from the age-gap criticisms. But when the drama failed, it’s JCW’s fault? Newsflash: the problem wasn’t the male lead, it was the trashy source material the drama was based on.

      Also, one minute you claim BR was a hit, next minute you admit that it wasn’t and vice versa. At least, stay consistent in your delusion, will you?

    • no shit lmfao. I thought she was in her late 20’s or something, but turns out she’s not even 25! She’s 23-24 TT idk if it’s the same type of make up (??) she wears in every picture I’ve seen or it’s just her facial features…I’m not hating on her but idk she does NOT look like she’s in her early 20’s lol

      • Seems like you really are right, Shin Hye Sun is not in her early 20s .. Actually she is in her early 30s..
        She was born in 1989.. Lmao..i guess it is a complement that u think she looks like in her late 20s..omg..this is so funny!!..People wanted to call her resembling an old lady but actually made her look younger.

  3. That is why it’s best that screen writer should be more creative because what’s good in webtoon may not be as good live so some diversions maybe needed.

    And thos webtoon fanstics, if you can’t make yourselves openminded to some difference in yhe drama vs the webtoon, might as well stick to the webtoon and don’t bother to watch the live version.

  4. He’s Cha EUN Woo. And I am concerned that this drama won’t stretch him professionally, and perhaps typecast him. He said last year that he wanted to do a HS drama, but the premise of this webtoon adaptation seems pretty humdrum. Girl wears makeup! Who knew? I hope I’m wrong. Anyway it’s always a pleasure to watch Eunwoo, so I’ll follow it when it’s released.

  5. @Joane lmao Worry about your Flop Queen lmao she’s so young and already has a 1% rating drama and one Worst Drama of the year on her filmography ???

  6. When I started the webtoon, I was excited because it could talk about loving their inner beauty. However, as time went by, the story just became your typical love triangle story. From the looks of it, the drama looks like it’s gonna still have the love triangle, but are gonna change up a few things in the story. They mentioned how it’s only based on the webtoon, so this could possibly save the story if they make the right changes. If not, well. It’s just gonna be a huge disappointment.

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