18 Again is the Feel Good K-drama of 2020 with Breakout Star Lee Do Hyun and Heartfelt Performances by Leads Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Sang Hyun

I haven’t written about jTBC drama 18 Again since it premiered but I’ve been watching weekly, addicted and totally won over by this underrated gem. The feels it delivers is similar to the second chances sincerity in Thirty But Seventeen and the catharsis of Knowing Wife, with the entire cast giving it their all and bringing to life this complete story with no weak link in acting, directing, and writing. Lee Do Hyun was the transformative heart of the series, as young again Da Young, and he’s fulfilled the promise I glimpsed when he stole the male lead thunder in Hotel Del Luna. It’s not taking away from adult leads Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Sang Hyun as older but not yet wiser Da Young, at least until he has a chance to be 18 again and realize that he wouldn’t change anything and in fact appreciated his hard knock life that was filled with more joy than sorrow, more satisfaction than resentment.

The high school kiddos were excellent as well, this was like a mini-School series where the kids got lots of character development and even their own arcs, I’m looking forward to seeing Hwang In Yeop flourish as the next It Boy to come and the others including Noh Jeong Eui, Choi Bo Min, and Ryeo Un are all quite promosing. The supporting cast was phenomenal, funny without too much slapstick, with their own quirky personalities to add color to the central family dynamic of a man and a woman forced to grow up too early but actually doing a great job of it but for feeling like they didn’t. I love dramas that allow a what-if do-ver because its like a nice reminder that we should all pause and appreciate the things we have. 18 Again = HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


18 Again is the Feel Good K-drama of 2020 with Breakout Star Lee Do Hyun and Heartfelt Performances by Leads Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Sang Hyun — 15 Comments

  1. This show is such a GEM ? … every episode tugs at my heartstring, I’m touched by different situations/relationships throughout the show. Really highly recommended. Have heard abt Lee Do Hyun before this but hv never watched a show he was in. Now I’m a fan. He is fantastic … the rest of the cast were great too

  2. Really loved this gem of a drama too! Wish more people caught it. Lee do Hyun blew it out of the park. I immediately went to go look up all things Lee do Hyun. Glad he’s getting more recognition and hope he gets more lead roles!

  3. Totally agree! This drama is a Flawless vem. Lee Do Hyun’s acting deserves all my respect. The whole cast was great.There were no fissures in story and the acting. Fighting 18 Again.

  4. I remember when everyone was talking mad crap before it aired. This is why you should never judge a book by it’s cover. Lol

  5. And cheapskate Viki isn’t carrying it though they have a fake web page up for it with no videos. I refuse to go the illegal bootleg route. Guess millions of us with a concience will never get to see it.

    • I think VIU, Iflex and some other platform have licensed to this drama. It’s possible Netflix will get the license for the other region soon.

  6. I started this drama simply because I was super bored of the Nine Tailed. Went in without much expectation and ended up loving it. Truly one of the better ones in 2020.

  7. It is a great drama. All the casts did their roles very well. Lee Do Hyun has great potential and i am sure he can achieve his aim to provide for his family such that his mum don’t have to work and people will not disturb his disabled brother.

    The writer wrote very well – logical with surprises. PD did an amazing directing job guiding and stating his requirements to Lee Do Hyun and casts.

    Will look out for their future works.

  8. Thanks, I’ll check it out. I’ve just started Kairos and so far liking it too. (hopefully it will not disappoint as we get more episodes, unlike Tale of Guminho, sadly…)

  9. This show is such an underrated gem. I loovvee love love Lee Do Hyun’s acting here and goodness he is so handsome lol. I immediately follow his instagram and look up all things lee do hyun. Will look forward to his next drama in 2021. 10/10 for the drama because I absolutely, really love it

  10. YASSSSS! I was wondering why you haven’t talked about this drama. It’s so heartwarming and meaningful. Great acting all around. I’m officially rooting for Lee Do Hyun. He’s literally the magic of this drama and I hope he delays his military service as long as possible LOL. I can see why Kim Haneul is a rom-com queen now, she and LDH have great chemistry as well. The younger and older versions are so emotionally in tune with each other that you don’t feel different at all whenever they switch up young or old.

  11. I love this drama because it makes you think and reflect. But, I cant help but be mad at the wife. Of course she struggles from the prejudices and expectations placed on women, but so does her husband. Throughout her marriage, she was supported and encouraged, went to college, kept striving to be an announcer, and still had dreams to pursue.

    Her husband didnt have any of that. He gave up his dreams continuously for his family, he worked low-income jobs and was ridiculed by society for not having an education, he was called pathetic by his own family. And ultimately she divorced him for reasons he didnt even know about.

    Yes, the moral of the story is communication. But 15 episodes focused on the husband’s suffering and loneliness and making amends. I wish there was focus on how the wife needed to apologize as well.

    Such an amazing drama though. DH is a young actor that will go far for sure.

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