jTBC Wed-Thurs Drama Bad Mom with Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun Wraps Ratings Quadrupling Run with Episode 14 Getting 12.032%

Congrats to the Bad Mom (The Good Bad Mother) and her complicated loving relationship with her son as the jTBC weekday drama ends with this Thursday’s episode 14. Most K-dramas are 16-episodes, some 20 and a few even 12-episodes but this is an odd length as I can recollect. Other than that the drama was a one way success train, starting with 3% ratings and only going up with the final episode getting 12.032%. It got overshadowed in the success department by even higher rated same network drama Doctor Cha on the weekend time slot but the two dramas delivered exactly what viewers want – conflict and familial complication and finally catharsis and resolution. Congrats to Ra Mi Ran for headlining and continuing her booming success since breaking out with Answer Me 1988 and of course a return to form for Lee Do Hyun after the criticism he received in The Glory.

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Wed-Thurs Drama The Good Bad Mother with Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun Doubles in Ratings to 7.033% in 4 Episodes Notching Another Hit for jTBC

I was just writing about weekend jTBC drama Doctor Cha which has broken 13% ratings and is a massive hit for the cable network with many more episodes left. Then I looked over and the same network has another hit … Continue reading

Netizens Note that The Glory Stars Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon Dating in Real Life was Already Hinted at Press Conference When They Stood Very Close Together

Inches don’t lie and the recently revealed real life dating relationship between K-stars Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon was clearly not being kept under wraps that hard. Dispatch outed the two after catching them on dates since December … Continue reading

K-netizens Unanimously Criticize K-ent Reporter for Hit Piece on Lee Do Hyun for Lacking Sincerity in Not Giving Interview After The Glory

K-netizens can themselves be difficult if they take a strong position that seems to blow something out of position but conversely they also are very principled in the same way when something isn’t done with the right intent and argument. … Continue reading