Hyun Bin Selected as First Korean Global Ambassador for Watch Brand Omega

It feels like a match made in Heaven and perfect timing as well haha. Omega has announced a new global ambassador, i.e. spokesperson, and it’s the first time the brand has signed on a South Korean star. Their choice is none other than Hyun Bin, hot off his Crash Landing on You global fame and looking like he stepped out of a catalogue from the heyday of the international man who favors the aviators, bomber jackets, cigars, and sports cars. Great pick for Omega and I hope Binnie’s beautiful face graces even more international locales to promote the brand.


Hyun Bin Selected as First Korean Global Ambassador for Watch Brand Omega — 20 Comments

  1. Hyun Bin must be the worst brand ambassador ever. I hardly noticed the Omega watch, even though he is pushing it in our faces. I don’t know whether it says more about the power of Hyun Bin’s aura or the fact that Omega designs watches that do not pop. I think it must be the former, as the Omega Seamaster is a pretty classic design

    • Looking the hyun bin as the new model, cant help but wishing i cud purchase one of these great watches. ..hyun bin is the perfect choice.. Handsone, charming, stylish, timeless, gentleman, great aura, popular,talented..need to say more… Ignore haters such as this e.g

  2. A match made in heaven! Hyun Bin can sell anything to anyone. His amazing good looks draws attention to whatever he may be promoting. He’s a class act all the way!

  3. Lucky HB and SYJ, both are raking in millions of USD from international brands because of CLOY’s popularity with the global audience. When I read the synopsis of CLOY, I thought it was going to be a so-so kdrama series, but alas, all the stars aligned for this one. Even the supporting cast are getting new projects here and there. Happy for them all.

  4. So he filmed a drama in Switzerland, he’s the new ambassador for a swiss watch, I think he’s good to come in Switzerland, we are waiting for him 😀

  5. I think Swiss peeps have become quite well aware of CLOY’S impact now..
    I remember reading one article where an official mentioned how CLOY helped in boosting the tourism sector in Switzerland which was quite affected due to Covid..Infact the places where shooting took place, you can still find CLOY related memorabilia ..
    That’s why Hyun Bin deserves to be the first ever South Korean to represent this brand..
    Anyways , i can’t focus on the watch when this man as a whole is a feast to the eyes..?

  6. Being a brand ambassador is not just about photo shoots and modelling it. This is about core values that both Omega and Hyun Bin share. Hyun Bin truly defines what the brand stands for : class, character, attention to detail & perfection (among others)

    Best choice ever!

  7. Man he’s beautiful, classy and manly at the same time. Those watches are damn expensive and I’ll probably never afford them but good for him and for us because more eye candy

    • So after a quick google search, I saw that the other ambassadors are George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and more. Wow indeed

  8. Hyun Bin must be keeping and investing billions of his won money in the SWiss capital. That to me is the real reason why he always favored Switzerland as a favorite and regular film shooting location, and Swiss products and brands as personal luxury & choice endorsements. It has become, reached a highly reciprocal relationship between them.

  9. I’ll buy the whole product please, including Hyun Bin lols. He is just so fine, and I’m very thankful that CLOY brought him more fame. Now all the aunties at work are drooling over him.

  10. Omega luxury watches perfectly chose Hyun Bin as their latest Ambassador.Definitely the best choice & excellent combination. HB exudes clear, classy & exceptional great character which can exactly relate with the prestigious & well-loved watches.

  11. He is a cool calm and collected man. He deserves the best in life. Congratulations ???? on your selection. The Next thing I want to hear is the wedding date. Seriously ?

  12. Great choice Omega Hyun Bin is so cute and following in the foot steps of other great ambassadors in the past i love his acting love the brand??

  13. Wow lucky omega to get HB as an ambassador.. i think he is like the most perfect korean celebrity.. first of all his face obviously super good looking, his acting is very versatile and he has a very warm n polite vibe n personality..

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