Progress is Made After Secrets are Revealed in Start Up Episode 11 Teaser Stills

What I love about ALL the characters in Start-Up is that everyone is scrappy and survivors in their own way. Dal Mi from the divorce and then losing her dad after her mom and sister move away, Ji Pyeong from being an orphan to pulling himself up from is bootstraps with a sprinkling of Grandma magic dust called love, Do San from soldiering on under the weight of parental expectations and his own beta style nature, and In Jae from picking mom and then going along with the rich lifestyle mom landed despite selling out her own soul. What we’re seeing now is a chance for things to get fixed, to get re-adjusted, to be re-assessed under the light of adulthood, and to maybe screw up yet again but be strong enough now to face the consequences head on. Finally we see everyone at level playing field in episode 11 – there are no more secrets and I’m so excited to see what people decide in the open space where it’s two equal choices.


Progress is Made After Secrets are Revealed in Start Up Episode 11 Teaser Stills — 17 Comments

  1. I’m glad Nam joo Hyuk and Kim sun ho forced me to watch this drama, maybe now I can put Suzy back on my “watch” list lol I totally blacklisted her after watching big, but I’m glad her acting has improved

  2. Glad all the secrets are out. Bring it on all the business stuff. I’m ready for it. Yesterday was their last filming day. They have been spamming their IGs with all the pictures. Kinda bittersweet. I love this drama so much. I wasn’t expecting myself to fall for Dosan and Dalmi’s story this hard. Truly the underdog story you want to root for, reminds me of Dream High. PHR is really good making this type of drama. So much warmth. Start Up fighting!

  3. I hope their is a twist to the story where Mr. Han (JP) wins Dal Mis heart. The lead character is to an advantage bec. they see each other at work and after work unlike JP. JPs concern with Dalmi’s success is very evident bec not only he understand how the business world works but he understands the kind of help that Dalmi needs. JP is selfless, even thou he knows the possible ongoing relationship of Dosan and Dalmi, he continues to be the better man on all episodes. I just wonder why the scriptwriter will end up deciding to give Dalmi’s heart to someonw else.

    • Korea is going crazy for Kim Seon Ho now and the fever is spreading all over Asia as well. Heard Salt is inundated with CF offers for the actor both domestic and from overseas. He shot his first CF this week and more to follow suit. Thats how scene stealing the HJP character is. I am ok with him not getting the girl in the drama. After that many kissing, googly eyes scenes and scenarios to force the spotlight back to the main couple. It will be a great disservice to NJH if the story swerves. Ji Pyeong gets halmoni. Happiest ending ever.

      • But domestic ratings are so low. So, I am not sure if KSH will be an IT BOY of Korea. Nevertheless, he is all over Asia particularly ASEAN.

      • @myrranna. Ratings are actually decent considering its on cable. 3 is average. 4-5 is considered decent good. I think if it focused less on the love story and more on the other arcs, people will like it better. Its just tiresome now the triangle. I also find the chemistry severely lacking. Suzy has improved dollaps on her acting in this production but sadly her chemistry score with co-actors is still not there. I actually find her having slightly more chemistry with hjp than nds. Maybe its just the setup being more alluring. Mentor-protege.

      • The 4-5% rating matters 9nly during the 2016 and prior periods. Suzy is a big star in Korea. Hence, 4-5% is not good nor decent level particularly that dramas which occupied the timeslot garnered huge double digit ratings.

      • @myrrana – but Suzy has lousy drama track record though. Like Yoona. She has never had a “hit drama” per say except a hit movie which is Architecture 101 credited more for its beautiful cinematography and an outstanding ensemble cast.

      • @myrrana

        Exactly. It even drops all the way to 3% and these are decent ratings? Given how her stans scream our ears off that she’s “the queen hard-carrying the drama” and the “top actress of her generation”, 3%-4%-5% is not befitting of her so-called greatness.

      • @myrrana and Zen, It’s because Suzy IS the biggest actress in her 20s. 4-5% in that time slot is good considering there are no big names and she is the one carrying the drama. Much better than your Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoojung who both never had a hit outside of Moonlight (Yoojung), but that was due to Park Bo Gum lmao. Stay pressed.

      • @Marie

        Try again, love. I’m neither a KSH or KYJ fan.

        If this was a weekday drama, 3-4-5% would have been understandable. Even boring weekday drama RoY brought in 6-7-8%. But a weekend drama headlined by your “almighty” Suzy can only manage 3-4-5%? Guess her starpower isn’t as huge as you’ve deluded yourself it is.

  4. They did Kang Hanna dirty, both the writer and director. She was so good in Designated Survivor: 60 Days….to imagine getting the screen time she is getting after pulling off heavy weight roles like that, its a real shame. I hope she never works with the writer director team ever again.

  5. Chemistry is subjective, no? I’ve no problem with the leads chemistry. I’m gonna thank my brain for not being hard to please…lol

  6. Episode 10 lost me with how boring it was. And honestly, considering that some kdramas have averaged up to 10 – 12% , I wouldn’t call 3% or 4% decent on cable, just mediocre. The drama is not a flop by any means but the writing is ruining this drama. The forced love triangle doesn’t do the drama any favors. I think the writing floundered after the great reveal with several wasted scenes of Do San following Dalmi around like a lost puppy; and ‘coming to her rescue’ in areas where she could stand on her two feet. It’s getting so boring that I’m finding it hard to continue. Lots of lost opportunities to do justice to Kang Hanna and Ji Pyeong’s character. They’ve been relegated to the stereotypical ‘bitchy second lead girl’ and doesn’t not get the girl’ mode even though this drama could’ve been so much more than that.

    • From a lot of outraged viewer reactions to EP11 and 12, it only gets worse. Good thing I dropped it when I did. Why do dramas start out promising and then turn to crap from the midway point? Is it a curse or what?

  7. @Marie

    Do not delude yourself. 4-5% for a Suzy and PHR collaboration is a bit dismal.

    And stop attacking KSH and KYJ. Both have rating hits under their belts. KSH with Love Alarm and Ruler and Yoo Yung with Moonlight.

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