Lee Jae Wook and Kim Hye Yoon Reprise Their Extraordinary You Roles in Adorable True Beauty Cameo

Not all cameos and guest appearances are equal in creativity and memorability and this one ranks on the very top. Kim Hye Yoon and her second male lead Lee Jae Wook from the cult hit K-drama Extraordinary You paid a visit to their drama PD who is directing True Beauty and gifted him with a super meta scene to be remembered. In the scene, Cha Eun Woo is jealous that Moon Ga Young is one a movie date and stalks her out, then mistaking stage date moment between Baek Kyung and Dan Ho from EY as his intended target. He charges only to be chastened by his mistake, but then both Baek Kyung and Dan Ho transition from stage to shadow and Dan Ho runs off to find her Haru. It’s adorable and so nicely integrated into this drama while highlighting the pivotal twist in EY.

Baek Kyung and Dan Ho Scene in True Beauty:


Lee Jae Wook and Kim Hye Yoon Reprise Their Extraordinary You Roles in Adorable True Beauty Cameo — 9 Comments

  1. WOW!!! Kim Hye Yoon is everywhere. She must be really busy. I’m shipping this two in Extraordinary You but they didn’t end up together. Glad that they are together even in less than a minute and in different drama haha

  2. Haruyaaaa!

    It was so funny! I loved this scene! I missed these characters with Danoh searching for Haru and Baek Hyung calling her name Eun Danoh like the good old times.

    Kim Hye Yoon is a nice person, she did a cameo in Live On for the second PD of EY too. She’s friend with Moon Ga Young and Yang Hye Ji who acts in Live On.

  3. Kim hye Yoon is just a flavor of the month. Her acting does not resonate with me. , i saw her in record of youth and she was so bad there…. Just saying Cant understand the hype about her.

    • I don’t think she’s hyped but she’s a hardworking woman as I can see. There’s nothing wrong with appearing to some dramas as cameo. No need to be bitter @joane. Please spare us with your toxicity and we can all have a merry Christmas.

  4. I was wondering where Kim Hye-yoon went! Maybe she took a break in 2020 after a busy 2019?

    I love her! Her emotional range and acting is so impressive, she’s completely different in every drama.

    Looking forward to seeing more from her.

    • I’m looking forward to her upcoming drama SNOWDROP with BP JiSoo and Jung Hae In though she’s not the lead but I am still excited for it.

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