jTBC Drama Sisyphus: The Myth with Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye Releases First Action-packed Teaser

Wow wee, what a great pre-Christmas surprise! jTBC stealth mode dropped the first teaser for its early 2021 thriller K-drama Sisyphus: The Myth and I say stealth because there hasn’t been a single still released so far. Starring Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye, it’s yet another time travel or time related drama where she’s the kickass warrior from the future back to protect Jo Seung Woo’s engineer inventor dude. I’m getting Terminator vibes but it’s been so long since “I’ll be back” was a meme that I think this new generation would love a great protector of the future of humanity story. I thought the first teaser looked great but as always it’s hard to divorce Park Shin Hye the actress from the character she plays, it always takes me at least some time immersing in the story proper to stop thinking of her star persona cosplaying a role. Jo Seung Woo looks like a deer in headlights which is a nice change of role, and together I can see this story being more than the sum of the two big name stars.

Sisyphus: The Myth:


jTBC Drama Sisyphus: The Myth with Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye Releases First Action-packed Teaser — 17 Comments

  1. Definitely heavy Terminator vibes. And “Come with me if you want to live” becomes “If I save you, you’re going to save the world.” Lol. Wait, who did PSH call Appa? Is it JSW? Oh well, I’m curious enough to check it out when it airs.

  2. Definitely going for the Terminator plot inspiration but more importantly why is PSH screeching? She’s never had a high pitched tone before. Don’t make her screen like a banshee the entire drama her voiceover was much better keep her normal voice.

    • I agree…i’m her long time fan and has been patiently waiting for this drama but i cringed at the screeching and panicky actions of her character. Prolly i was hoping too much for her to be a bad-ass yet cool fighter lol

      Oh well, it’s too early to tell. Crossing fingers!

  3. Looks fun. I’m sold. Hopefully the script is not going to lost its brain in the midst of the kickings, shootings and bombings like many many action dramas as of lately. Actually I can’t think of any action kdrama with logic intact. Three Days?

  4. Okay….I have to say,that was some mind blowing teaser.JSW can do no wrong in my eyes.
    Finally,PSH does something out of her comfort zone. I just hope this doesn’t fizzle out at the end. But this looks interesting. I think am sold(for now).

  5. I had a different idea (less explosive) in my brain of how this was going to be and the advance was so wow, I thought it was a drama that would go under the radar because of the little attention, publicity and information that we had, but that teaser it really looks like a movie.

  6. Maannnnn, so many ad pop ups for this koala’s p when I just click an article link. Just 5 windows to check this article…Koala was way better but ads are ruining the experience now.

  7. PSH is killing that, I love see her growing, such an amazing actress. And JSW? He is so charismatic, I can’t wait for this pair.

  8. PSH is proving herself as a versatile actress with her growth in each projects. She started her career with melodramas, got popular as a romcom queen and now established her name in thriller and action this year. I can’t wait to see the drama as well as what projects PSH is taking in upcoming years.

    And she does look good with every costars even her last 3 drama partners are much older than her.

  9. Cannot wait! I hope the storyline, directing, editing will be solid for this series. I know that the 2 leads can definitely act, I hope the director was able to bring out the acting chemistry and the intensity from both PSH and JSW.

  10. The teaser is gold? and I’m loving bad-ass world savior psh here??. Hopefully the storyline will keep everything intact till the end, coz both lead definitely deserves to shine. And may with this project, SK writers n director wont hesitate to cast psh in action/ thriller genre. Amen

  11. Can not wait for this! Wishing that 2021 to see more of ShinHye. Her TV projects come really so far in between. We were blessed with 2 blockbuster movies that got great reviews and setting best lists all over the world! The new normal in this pandemic era.

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