MBC Drama Kairos Ends as a Perfect Puzzle, Leaving the Marvelously Constructed Story and Execution for Future Drama Fans to Discover

My Mon-Tues found an unassuming gem that is MBC drama Kairos and my appreciation for its magnificence really hits home today knowing that it’s over. This is less missing a drama I loved for more emotional reasons and more missing a great story, a consummate storyteller, knowing that I won’t have another installment next week. The low ratings don’t bother me, plenty of great dramas have sailed under the radar before, and I’m heartened that future viewers may chance upon this diamond and be mesmerized for 16 episodes and hours as I was. This drama did the time slip plot perfectly, connecting Shin Sung Rok and Lee Se Young one month from each other for only 1 minute between 10:33 and 10:34 pm and doing so with so many taut twists and turns that avoiding one tragedy caused another until they resolved the root of their problem. I felt even for the baddies, and there were as many selfish people as their were righteous fighters, but everyone was so well written I felt the longings and lackings. The drama ended with the right send off for all the story lines and a hopeful air, perhaps these two will never need to communicate across space and time as life will be safe and normal going forward. One can hope.


MBC Drama Kairos Ends as a Perfect Puzzle, Leaving the Marvelously Constructed Story and Execution for Future Drama Fans to Discover — 9 Comments

  1. This drama had everything , acting , pace , story telling everything .. last drama that had me on the edge of my seat like this was Signal

    Yes it’s sad about the rating .. maybe it would of done better on a network like tvn or chosun idk but I wish people were more invested into this other than Penthouse.

    Best drama of 2020, wish the cast and the team members/ writer and director more success .

  2. It was a nice end.

    It became too repetitive for me but the story was well written, the actors were great and for once the fantastic element worked until the end!

  3. This drama deserves every second of my time, what a great drama, I read that the writer does not have a great career, I hope that his work is recognized because he really did deliver a comprehensive script.

  4. This drama is everything! I have never been so pleasantly surprised by a show. I kept expecting the writing to fail and it never did. What a truly great drama! I am going to miss it for weeks to come. I have seen over 300 kdramas and this is one of the very best!

  5. I waited to start this because I have trust issues with time slip style dramas but the reviews got me taking the plunge about 2 weeks ago. I have finished it up and though I think it perhaps could have been a few episodes shorter, it was overall one of the better dramas I’ve seen this year.

    • I know right! Uncanny Counter is really good. The Korean audience must also love it since its ratings rose to 9% for EP8. At this point, it could also hit double digits like Mr. Queen. I saw on Twitter that they’ll be making a season two.

  6. Glad for male lead Shin, that he passed on Penthouse and chose this one instead. He would have been typecast as the forever evil male lead he has been playing for so long, but this role as the compassionate, wronged, emotionally distraught and determined good guy is just the right role for him to branch off into weightier leading roles.

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