Hospital Playlist and Stove League are Highest Audience Rated 2020 K-dramas on Influential Chinese Review Site Douban

English speaking countries head to Rotten Tomatoes to check out how critics and audience viewers rate movies and shows but in China it’s all about Douban. It’s the most influential and mass aggregated site for viewers to rate shows and is actually quite objective as the volume of votes drowns out crazed fans and antis trying to affect ratings. For 2020, there has been high profile K-dramas but that doesn’t translate to quality fare, and vice-versa. The highest rated K-dramas on Douban for this year has Hospital Playlist with 9.4 followed by Stove League at 9.3. Both are considered among the best K-dramas of the year from many reviewers and clearly the Chinese watchers agree. The remaining in the top 10 list are: 365: Repeat the Year (9.1), Secret Forest 2 (9.2), Diary of a Prosecutor (9.2), Flower of Evil (8.8), It’s Okay to Not be Okay (8.6), Hyena (8.9), Kingdom 2 (8.3), and When the Weather is Fine (8.6).


Hospital Playlist and Stove League are Highest Audience Rated 2020 K-dramas on Influential Chinese Review Site Douban — 10 Comments

  1. No rom-coms or melos, isn’t that interesting? Or pure idol dramas…

    Slice of life or crime dramas are the top ranking – good choices.

  2. Douban is not influential or like Rotten Tomatoes. It’s more like IMDb. Anyone can create an account and give ratings. Hospital Playlist and Stove League are genuinely good shows, hence the high scores, but they also don’t star super popular actors who have antis who will deliberately give it 1 star to lower the score.

  3. I really liked 365 Repeat The Year. Not a perfect drama but it was fun, thrilling and exciting. IMO, one of the underrated k drama in 2020 thus im glad of its inlusion as among highest rated K drama on Douban.

    Merry Christmas, Ms. Koala. Merry Christmas everyone.

  4. Kairos got an 8.8 on Douban. Maybe because it aired too late, it didn’t make it into the list? Or are there other factors that influence dramas to be included in the top10 list? Since Hyena got 8.9 but it’s no 8, meanwhile Flower of Evil got 8.8 but it’s no 6 and Psycho got 8.6 but it’s at no 7.

    • Probably number of douban users who rated them. Kairos is only rated by 4k users while all dramas listed here are rated by at least 10k users or more. Hyena is rated by 16k users while IONTBO and FoE are rated by more than 100k users each. Sample size is important in statistic.

  5. Wow, HP and Stove League are also my top 2 dramas this year. Rounding out with Kingdom 2, CLOY, Secret Forest 2, and Start Up. Yet to watch Kairos so will probably include that in as part of next year’s lineup

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