C-actress Zhou Xun and American Actor Archie Kao Confirm Divorce After 6 Years of Marriage

I follow entertainment news and even this one caught me off guard yesterday because I thought these two were divorced already! Top C-actress Zhou Xun and Asian-American actor Archie Kao went public yesterday and confirmed they are divorced. This came on the heels of a woman posting a picture of her and Archie kissing and tagging his SNS with a love message. Clearly it forced Archie and Zhou Xun to make a statement and these two notoriously low key people posted on their own SNS the same short statement “Wishing (You) well”. C-ent has been reporting these two were on the splits since 2016 and divorced as early as 2017, but honestly it was a very big bridge to cross for a Chinese actress and US actor to communicate and build a life on such different backgrounds, with only their acting career the main commonality. They were quite the pretty as a picture couple but alas this Christmas it appears another split has added to the somber mood. Wishing each happiness going forward, 好聚好散.


C-actress Zhou Xun and American Actor Archie Kao Confirm Divorce After 6 Years of Marriage — 5 Comments

  1. Hmmm… What to expect from a former Power Ranger?

    Plus, she’s a prolific highly acclaimed actress. The gap is definitely there from the get go.

    • Heyyy what’s wrong with being a former Power Ranger?

      I’m not surprised but I feel a tinge of sadness for these 2 people I don’t know.

      Looking forward for Zhou Xun’s next work. Ruyi’s Royal Love is a no go for me.

  2. Honestly, I don’t think anyone’s surprised given that there were rumours since 2018, but I feel sad too given how I really liked them as a couple. I also don’t know how I feel about Archie’s new gf (ironically of all people) tagging him to announce the situation before any public address was made between both him and Zhou Xun. Agree as well however that the backgrounds between a US actor and a Chinese actress are vast even if both may be able to speak the same language.

    • It is funny, but I think the language barrier was their main problem.

      On another note, I am going be a prick for saying this, but why on earth would someone date the failed boytoy of a famous actress? It just does not make sense to me.

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