Shin Dong Yeob and Kim Yoo Jung to Host 2020 SBS Drama Awards with No Table Seating and Winners Coming Out to Accept Award Solo

I’m glad that SBS is still holding its year end SBS Drama Awards and that its decided to forgo tradition that makes it like a year end party and do it social distanced in a time of increasing yet again COVID counts. The network will not have all the attendees sit in round tables below the stage and instead winners will stay backstage socially distanced and come out to accept their awards, which will not be handed to them but will already be placed on a table with a clean microphone for the winner to give a speech and then take their award. Nicely done. Hosting this year will be Shin Dong Yeob and Kim Yoo Jung, that’s be a cute veteran-youngster vibe. In the running for the SBS Drama Daesang (Grand Prize) is now a four person race between Han Suk Kyu for Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2, Namgong Min in Stove League, villainess Kim So Yeon for Penthouse, and weekend ratings winner Once Again‘s Lee Min Jung.


Shin Dong Yeob and Kim Yoo Jung to Host 2020 SBS Drama Awards with No Table Seating and Winners Coming Out to Accept Award Solo — 7 Comments

    • everyone’s know this, except ockoala. moreover, because she already made a collage photo containing Lee Min jung here, so she won’t fix it.

  1. My girl hosting ❤️❤️❤️ I know she was nominated for an award, so maybe this is a sign she will get an award because normally hosts win awards if they also have nominations. She deserves praise for her performances, no doubt 🙂 but I’m not certain her role I would personally consider award-winning, so if she doesn’t get an award, it doesn’t bother me. And almost everyone wins an award in these network award shows anyways just for attending haha I’m just glad to see her in an award show dress!

    • I think she is going to win an award. It will be awkward if she got nominated and did not win, while she is MCing an award show. Further, she is one of the most import actresses of her gen and even bigger than other late 20s actresses. So, she really needs to win.

      • I was thinking that too haha I’m sure sbs can make many new categories and give an award to every attendee so no one feels left out. They done so in the past. I stopped taking these end of the year network award shows seriously, they’re more of just a fun way to commemorate all the hard work everyone did and to cheer and to close the end of a year haha

  2. I miss Yoo Jung last year where she didn’t attend any award show (or did she but I just missed it). I know Backstreet Rookie was not a very good drama but we cannot ignore the hardwork that she put through. I’m looking forward to her hosting the award show.

  3. Wow any news abt yoo jung is happy news becoz she is the queen of disappearance
    We rarely get any news abt her so she hosting the show is like the biggest christmas presesnt to sosukes from her
    Fly high my girl and may all ur dreams come true

    Merry christmas to everyone

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