First Poster of Kim Rae Won in Sci-fi tvN Thriller Drama L.U.C.A.

Two reasons to be hopeful about early 2021 thriller tvN drama L.U.C.A.: The Beginning, the PD and the network, otherwise this one seems too ambitious for its britches. The first posters are out for the drama starring Kim Rae Won as the lead, though it was first courting Ji Chang Wook who passed on the project. The male lead has special powers but no memory and has to run away from baddies chasing him while trying to uncover a big conspiracy. L.U.C.A. stands for last universal common ancestor so we’re maybe talking about cloning here. Directing is the PD of Black, Voice, The Guest, and Liar Game with the script from the screenwriter of Chuno, Fugitive, and Your Honor. The drama will take over the Mon-Tues time slot in early February from Awaken (Day and Night).


First Poster of Kim Rae Won in Sci-fi tvN Thriller Drama L.U.C.A. — 17 Comments

    • IKR ==” i just dont understand what he is thinking, LUCA look more interesting. But i hear he didnt want to act in action drama again?

      • That’s understandable in some level. It’s just that the project he chose over this is mind-bogglingly inferior. And that’s considering the fact that he just came off the did that iS Melty.

      • I don’t think settled is appropriate for this situation considering Kim Rae Won is so much better than Ji Chang Wook. If anything, the production got elevated.

      • “Settled”? lmao I’m sorry but I’m not even a fan of Kim Rae Won and I still know that he’s the bigger star in Korea than Ji Chang Wook. I like JCW very much, but he’s just mostly popular internationally, KRW is the more famous one domestically and already a veteran actor lmao

      • I’m not a KRW fan, but the man is a veteran and almost always delivers top-notch performances.
        Still I still think it’s too weird for JCW to get past this.

      • everyone, THATS MY POINT. It’s perplexing to me that KRW wasn’t the first casting choice for this and they had to move on to KRW because JCW turned it down. So in a way, yes they settled for him like it or not.

        Obviously, KRW is the veteran with more clout and imo, should have been first choice unless there was some type of scheduling conflict or he turned them down at first and they moved on to JCW.

      • I am a KRW fan. And settled is the right word for it whether he is your fave or not. Lets be honest here.

        If the top choice of the writer and pd was JCW and he declined the offer then they have no choice but to SETTLE for whoever is the 2nd, 3rd or 4th actor on the list. There is nothing wrong or shameful about that. This happens all the time.

  1. This looks like a Blade Runner type of gritty and dark sci-fi thriller. PD and writer are solid, not sure about ML. Chuno & Fugitive are in my top action dramas list. Really stumped why JCW turned this down for a 30 min 12 episodes rom-com. This role could be his big hit role after peaking in Healer. Maybe his body can’t withstand all the physical action stunts anymore. Sounds promising.

  2. when some k drama fans on the bird app are asking JCW to retire already. this man has been getting a lot of hate comments lately . as if everithing he does is wrong..tsk tsk.

    JCW was so charming before he joined MS and well loved.. honestly what happened?

  3. If true that this was first offered to JCW, I don’t know why he didn’t agree to do this, LUCA seems more interesting than the projects he recently has been doing…

    • This drama seems to have a “sleek” thriller vibe to it so I get why JCW was the first choice. He has a track record of acting and looking good in this type of production i.e Fabricated City, K2 and Healer. Maybe the next available male lead and one who was willing to do this was KRW thats why they tapped him. Sci -fi and thrillers kdrama tend to flop than be hits. No actor of JCW’s age can afford to flop when they are at their peak. Pretty much all his age mates are doing romcoms and slice of life dramas. I mean look at Alice? for reference. I dont think Joo Won will be touching Scifi any time soon.

      The usual older actors who are more likely to be tapped for this type of drama like Kim Nam Gil, Nam Goong Min, Cho Seung Woo, Lee Jun Ki, all booked and busy. I can see why Kim Rae Won was the next choice and a great one. He is good at this too.

  4. SF Kdrama are more often disaster than good ones… I understand why JCW declined it. BR was directed by a good PD who had a success. BR wasn’t bad. JWC was prettyy good in this drama, acting a ordinary man without any super talent is not easy. BR had a lot of heart. S

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