Yoon Kye Sang Declines You Are My Spring, Kim Dong Wook in Talks to Join Seo Hyun Jin

There is news around early 2021 K-drama You Are My Spring, and it feels like a one-for-one equal swap. Yoon Kye Sang was in talks for the drama but this week declined, but the production moved fast as Kim Dong Wook is now going to be the male lead. The female lead is Seo Hyun Jin who is just a fantastic actress and if I were male leads I would do any drama just to work with her. I’m still salty that my Kim Jae Wook didn’t get her in Temperature of Love but now she gets to work with Kim Dong Wook so patience always ends up working for me as my faves over time end up working together. Directing the drama is the PD of The King: Eternal Monarch, Search: WWW, and Mr. Sunshine with the screenwriter of Bubblegum.


Yoon Kye Sang Declines You Are My Spring, Kim Dong Wook in Talks to Join Seo Hyun Jin — 8 Comments

  1. Yes, It would have been a great opportunity to costar with Seo Hyunjin and work with a great PD. But sometimes to accept a role just because of that it is to be too greedy when you feel the character is not for you. An actor has to give life to a character and if you feel you cannot do it it is better to set it free for another actor and not kill it

  2. OMG please Kim dong Wook accept the role. I really liked him in Find me in your memory and I love Seo Hyun Jin in Inside Beauty.

  3. Wait isn’t Seo Hyun Jin also in another drama for SBS as well? Two dramas in 1 yr :O?

    Speaking of, Kim Dong Wook is short and not that handsome, but yet he has a quiet charm to him. Still, him and SHJ, I much rather see SHJ and Kim Seon Ho instead haha.

  4. I’m not surprised. Yoon Kye Sang was quick to accept Chocolate just for the chance to work with Ha Ji Won. Maybe the fact that Chocolate bombed critically even with Ha Ji Won in it played a role in him turning this one down. Sometimes having two capable stars in a drama is not a guarantee for success anymore. I would rather have my Ryan Gold aka Kim Jae Wook reuniting with SHJ or Yoo Teo (rising star in Soompi article) pairing up with her. These two visually attractive smouldering sexy actors will burn up the screen with SHJ. I can even see my boy SIG with her. Double Seo Power Couple. I can easy now that SIG and PBY have fulfilled one of my OTP dream pairing. Patience is indeed a virtue in seeing our fave OTP come true. HB-SYJ gave me hope for the shipping thingy. Lol.

  5. Yay another drama with Kim Dongwook.and now opposite ana actress I super adore. So excites for this one. I do hope he confirms…
    But I am wary of the writer. Still SHJ usually picks dramas I end up liking, so maybe this will be good.

  6. I read a few weeks back that YKS is busy learning carpentry, and he seemed keen at it. Possibly, this could be the reason why he declined the invitation to play the role in the movie You Are My Spring or he may be shifting career.

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