Ryu Jun Yeol Grows Out His Hair for Smexy Quarantine 2020 Switch Up Look

As a personal preference, I’m not into bad boys with leather jackets, long hair, and artfully grungy look, mine is all clean cut, perfectly tailored suit, and a pair of aviators. With that said, boy does K-actor Ryu Jun Yeol look so fiiiinnnnneee this year. I clearly was living under a rock that I didn’t know he grew out his hair and totally changed up his look, going from Jungpal’s clean up (future pilot look) to artiste who loves to play basketball on the side vibe. He didn’t have an acting project that came out this year so perhaps that’s why he’s low key on any promos and I didn’t think to check in on him. All I know is that Deok Sun-Jung Hwan sailed in real life and that makes me so warm and fuzzy they are still going strong. I hope his upcoming movie Alien gives him a good part within the ensemble and also pick a next drama chebal!


Ryu Jun Yeol Grows Out His Hair for Smexy Quarantine 2020 Switch Up Look — 8 Comments

  1. I hope he continues building his Chungmuro resume. He is so good movies. He can be an A-list movie actor if he will stay in Chungmuro.

  2. He’s always been one of my favorites visual-wise, he has this unique, high fashion model look that I really love and the long hair really emphasized that! I so love this! ?

  3. The long hair looks great on him but the haircut itself could be better. But if he and the people around him can dig it, Who am I?

  4. He actually grew his hair for his latest project. Not sure if he’s done filming or not. He said he prefer to let his hair grow naturally rather than wearing a wig.

    I heard news that he got offered in a new drama and i am really excited about that.

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