Park Seo Joon Exudes Dapper Charm in Elle Korea January 2021 Pictorial

My brain was still on Park Seo Joon‘s army buzz cut look in early 2020 drama Itaewon Class for so long this feels like a breath of different visuals to change back his image. Park Seo Joon has two projects tee’d up for 2021, both movies, with Dream and Concrete Utopia, and of course he’s top of mind any time there is a big name drama project in the works. He’s had so many successful projects in recent years that he’s earned every bit of his popularity and success, and he’s still young so I’m just curious to see how his career develops in this decade. This Elle Korea pictorial really frames him expertly, his model lithe build and his expressive eyes.


Park Seo Joon Exudes Dapper Charm in Elle Korea January 2021 Pictorial — 5 Comments

  1. Park Seo Joon, Shin Hye Sun and Nam Goong Min, these are 3 actors that were side characters and many times 2nd leads for some years that I always felt were so talented and charismatic and deserved to be headlining their own dramas. I’m so glad all 3 are getting the accolades and roles they deserve and they kill every role they undertake.

  2. Can’t wait for his comeback with drama, but he is one of those rare young Hallyu actors, that I believe has an ability and talent to cross to movies too.

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