Offer Out to Ro Woon for the Male Lead Opposite Park Eun Bin in the Sageuk Drama Yeonmo

Right after I posted that K-media was keeping an eye on idol-actor Ro Woon the next day comes news that he’s in talks for another K-drama despite his new one Sunbae Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick (She Will Never Know) hasn’t even aired yet. Ro Woo has been offered the male lead in the sageuk drama adaptation of manhwa Yeonmo (Affection or Loving Appreciation). It’s story of a Joseon King who is actually a woman in disguise, the tale now lost to history, and the man who loves her who is a man living as a woman in disguise. It’s really weird sounding but I read the first two chapters and eh it somehow makes sense in terms of how it came about. Park Eun Bin is the female lead and I can totally see her pulling it off. I think Ro Woon is beautiful enough to cross-dress and Jang Dong Yoon has done it before plus he’s got Joseon Exorcist so this is a great casting choice among the guys who I can see play the male lead. His agency has confirmed that this is one of the new scripts he’s been offered.


Offer Out to Ro Woon for the Male Lead Opposite Park Eun Bin in the Sageuk Drama Yeonmo — 10 Comments

  1. The plot sounds convoluted. And a bit like QC crossed with another historical gender-bender drama. Dunno Rowoon but I do know and like Park Eun-bin so I’ll keep an eye out for this for her.

  2. Rowoon’s back pains won’t be over… Kim Hye Won : 1m60, Won Ji Ah : 1m63, Park Eun Bin : 1m63 xD

    I liked him in the sageuk part in Extraordinary You, so why not.

    • lol, rowoon is too tall for many actress, I want him being paired with actress who has height over 170cm, like shin hye sun, nana, or maybe lee sun kyung, so his partner won’t have a neck pain :))
      but I like Rowoon – Park Eun Bin pairing too

  3. Am I the only one who misunderstood the post? T
    It says, the King is a actually a woman in disguise. But why would be male lead cross dressing? It should be the female lead who should be cross dressing as a King.

    • It’s a double cross dressing manhwa. The King is a woman dressed as a man, the male lead is a man living as a woman to the outside world.

  4. Double cross dressing double not interested.

    Queen Chorin works for me because it isn’t about cross dressing. Which is why Tale of Nokdu didn’t work for me.

  5. I’ve read the manhwa and ML only crossdressed in the childhood portion. He becomes FL’s guard when they grew up and she becomes the King. It’s a bit on melodrama side but I’m looking forward to Park Eun Bin’s return to sageuk nonetheless.

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