jTBC Drama Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick Gets All the Characters in Alignment as Ro Woon Unleashes His Overwhelming Manly Puppy Appeal

Okay, this blog may become Ro Woon centric for the next 6 weeks, please forgive if that happens and I’ll try to keep it restrained. Episode 4 of jTBC Mon-Tues drama Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick (She Would Never Know) flipped the switch for me. My main grievance is gone, the drama is firing on cylinders, and the limitations mere small annoyances that don’t detract from the overall satisfaction. It did take 4 episodes to really warm me up to Won Jin Ah‘s female lead Song Ah, because she was just so prideful and also strangely attached to her douchey (and frankly highly unattractive) boyfriend turned now ex-boyfriend. Sorry the second male lead does NOTHING for me in this drama. All I want to do is punch him in the face each and every time he shows up onscreen and her reluctance to confront him on his bullshit and gaslighting and cheating on her with being on the cusp of marriage to a rich girl is beyond the pale.

Thank god she finally got over her inner hang up and tore him a new asshole in this episode, from lying that she’s got a hot new boyfriend in Ro Woon’s Hyun Seung to later confronting him with her knowledge of the full truth, that was supremely satisfying and now I like her. But that’s sorta besides the points because Hyun Seung is just so insanely magnetic, manly, and sensitive, basically your himbo crossed with lovestruck puppy overlaid with sensitive confidante. He does it all and knows when to push and when to step back. And the drama just loves Ro Woon and basically has written each episode ending with him in mind, framed to perfection to wow all our collective feminine hearts. Like the ending to episode 3 where he protected her and gave her the choice to take his hand (or not), the ending to episode 4 had me squeeing because he’s standing there like a god statue so she can dance to her heart’s content without sleazebags crowding her and smiling at how happy she is without asking for anything in return. He’s won me over and I hope he gets Song Ah to see him as a man in full soon rather than as a nice friend.


jTBC Drama Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick Gets All the Characters in Alignment as Ro Woon Unleashes His Overwhelming Manly Puppy Appeal — 15 Comments

  1. I’m gladly reading these updates while waiting for the drama to end so I can binge it. In the Rowoon vs Cha Eunwoo battle I’ve always found Rowoon the more charismatic and generally better actor, both are handsome but Rowoon seems more i dunno real ? he just makes me feel things

    • God, yes, Rowoon is so much better at literally everything than Cha Eunwoo – singing, dancing, acting, general personality and I’m firm on the fact that Ro’s more beautiful than him too. I literally cannot find a single fault in this man like not only is he amazing at his job but he’s genuinely a nice guy irl too, with multiple records of people praising him for his kindness and humility. That BTS of him suggesting the FL chose whether or not to hold his hand is a perfect example of his awe inspiring personality. So happy Koala’s highlighting him so wonderfully.

      • Rowoon got it all; looks, talents and personality. I agree with every single thing you mentioned 1000000%

  2. I really liked the part in the BTS where it’s Rowoon who said that the FL should take him his hand from behind because his character said before he will let her choose. I think it was the right choice for this scene.

    The scene in the bar with the coworkers was super funny.

  3. Hahaha, I totally understand you. He won me over in Extraordinary you with his manly and good looking face, added with his overwhelmed height that makes all his co-star so petite in a cute way…

  4. There is absolutely not a single thing going right about the writing of this show….The female lead says these weird things that makes me want to slap her hard….”If you didn’t come along, I would have gone on with his lies, I would not have broken it off, I would have chosen him”…Sis, that motherfucker is getting married and that would make you a mistress….just what exactly is attractive about this low self esteem mess for a female lead? Rowoon is too good for this mess….sad that he got saddled with a terrible story. Also, was Won Jin Ah always this bland….she is pretty but that’s all that is coming across for now. I am so disappointed, I don’t even know where to start.

    • I don’t agree. It doesn’t mean she would have been a mistress. But she would have a longer denying period, trying to forgive him, convincing him to choose her, etc. She dated him for 2 years and for her it was very serious. Giving up is not easy. I don’t think she’s weak because she thought about it. I found her reaction pretty natural. When she broke up, it was her own decision, Hyun Seung wasn’t there at this moment.

      • @sayaris

        I agree with your view. It was serious for her to even think of marrying him in the future. She really loved him and had a hard time letting go. Glad that she finally sees the guy for what he really is.

  5. vieweship for this drama is from 1-2% only. if (if) this will not change the Fl will soon become queen of 2% rating.

    smh, why are they stll casting won jinah?

  6. Won jin ah the queen of 2% ratings. I’ve watched all the episodes and rowoon acting was okay but the female lead…you need to express and improve your acting skills more especially this is a melodrama with a simple plot so it will be better if you work harder on your acting skills to make the plot lively. Rowoon helps this drama a lot actually, he potrays his character much better.

  7. Yes miss koala have a good taste for man, rowoon is so handsome and good at acting, I hope people’s doesn’t pay him dust and start recognizing him as an actor, he also has good voice and dance well as idol ❤

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