Lee Jae Wook and Park Gyu Young Make a Fresh Pairing for KBS Rom-com Dal Li and Gamja Tang

Drama viewers who have noted that the same names and faces get offered leads in K-dramas in various iterations will be happy with this new surprise pairing. KBS is prepping a rom-com drama for middle of the year called Dal Li and Gamja Tang (Dal Li and Pork Bone Potato Soup) and have signed on Lee Jae Wook and Park Gyu Young. He’s coming off his first leading role in last year’s rom-com Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol and she’s got two high profile second female leads in It’s Okay to Not be Okay and Sweet Home. The drama has her playing an Art Museum Director with high pedigree and refined background while he’s a nouveau rich who was last place during his high school years but now runs his parent’s successful Gamja Tang franchise business. He tries to take over her Art Museum and hijinks plus romance ensues. Sounds silly but with rom-coms it’s all about getting the leads to spend time together with hopefully good personalities and great chemistry. Love the idea of this pairing and fingers crossed the story stays rom-com the entire way through.


Lee Jae Wook and Park Gyu Young Make a Fresh Pairing for KBS Rom-com Dal Li and Gamja Tang — 4 Comments

  1. I swear if they make him have cancer and fake his death and come back alive in this drama… ? can he please do a different genre? His last three roles have been rom com. He’s such an amazing actor, I would like for him to venture out and do an action or thriller or melodrama next.

  2. Please don’t make him playing as older adult guy again. Jae Wook is so young (1998 born), even younger than yeo jin goo. Now, he keeps paired up with much older actresses.

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