Shin Ha Kyun and Yeo Jin Gu are Seemingly Opposites in New Posters and Stills for jTBC Drama Beyond Evil

Upcoming jTBC drama Beyond Evil (Monster) wouldn’t know subtlety if it crashed into it. It’s intentionally selected a promotional approach of making leads Shin Ha Kyun as a beat cop and Yeo Jin Gu as an educated high level detective into polar opposites. I guess the point is that one of them is the baddie and we won’t know because both are shady on top of their verbally desired to team up and catch a serial killer. I do think the design staff is making visually interesting and arresting posters, such as the one where Yeo Jin Gu is standing on top of prison grates looking down onto Shin Ha Kyun who is below looking up as if he’s incarcerated. I think it’s too easy to have one turn out as the big bad if it’s being implied this hard but I hope it doesn’t make the drama frustrating to watch with too many feints and red herrings.


Shin Ha Kyun and Yeo Jin Gu are Seemingly Opposites in New Posters and Stills for jTBC Drama Beyond Evil — 13 Comments

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  2. Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun are both keep on landing big and challenging roles. Meanwhile, Kim Yoo Jung is stuck with silly ones. When will the girl improve? She is becoming like a flower pot.

    • No, no, no. You are NOT gonna start a fan war. I’ve seen you make snark comments about KSH in her articles. Now you’re here praising her and putting down KYJ? Begone, troll!

    • @marga let’s be honest, u dislike both kim sohyun and kim yoojung right? in other articles, u dislike ksh, here, u dislike kyj. i wonder which fandom u belong. obviously not ksh and kyj

    • @Marga I just really want to offer you this song. It really reminds me of you so uhmm. Mike test…

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    • @marga

      I used so much effort to defend you in the past thinking it was a misunderstanding… but I can see now it was a waste of efforts and all you wanted to do is play around with people 🙁

    • Lets just ignore these trolls
      Even replying to these immatured kids is wastage of energy
      They are not getting any attention in their life so here they come to seek attention and the best way is to infuriate the fans

      Do something worthwhile in life so ppl remember u for ur good deeds and not bad

    • @marga

      Yes it’s your opinion but you personally know your type of comments can trigger tidal waves of emotions from certain individuals. Strive for peace ✌️ I personally don’t mind too much these kind of comments because like you said, it’s your opinion even if I disagree, but for the greater good, its best not to.

      But if you don’t care, no one can stop you and that’s that I suppose.

  3. @marga
    U have a right to state ur opinion but when u do it in a rude way is where fans like me have a problem

    U guys bash and then talk abt ur opinion right

  4. @marga
    Its called an opinion when u stick to the content of the article
    But when u bring unnecessary comparison its no more opinion

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