Love Alarm 2 with Kim So Hyun, Jung Ga Ram, and Song Kang Confirms Premiere Date of March 12th on Netflix

Last year Joo Ji Hoon had a prime time drama airing with Hyena at the same time he was dominating Netflix K-dramas with the streaming release of Kingdom 2. This time it’s Kim So Hyun‘s turn and the sageuk/drama genres are switched for her, the television airing will be period drama River Where the Moon Rises this Monday on February 15th and her modern drama Love Alarm 2 will be dropping on March 12th on Netflix. Love Alarm season 2 was finished a while ago and her fans have been wondering when it would get a release date. Who knows why it was on the shelf for over a year but the drama got approval from the broadcasting association this past week and Netflix quickly gave it a release date for next month. Of course in the interim between the first season and now one of the male leads Song Kang has shot to superstardom thanks to Netflix drama Sweet Home. Hopefully this brings more viewers to check out the first season of LA and continue the story in the next season.


Love Alarm 2 with Kim So Hyun, Jung Ga Ram, and Song Kang Confirms Premiere Date of March 12th on Netflix — 19 Comments

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  2. Also Song Kang will have his prime time drama airing as well in March and will also be in competition against RWTMR on mon/Tuesday. So he will have love alarm and Naverilla airing in March.

    All of this timing is interesting.

    RWTMR is almost here! I want to bite myself, I’m squirming with excitement 🙂

  3. Spoilers
    I hope they stick to the webtoon’s original ending with Jojo ending up with Hyeyeong. Hyeyeong is the better match out of the two, his love is more organic and grounded while Sunoh is aggressive and clingy. Yeah, we all wanted that earth shattering, intense love when we were younger but as you grow older you want something stable and calm and Hyeyeong definitely offers that kind of love in the story. Also, Jung Ga Ram is definitely the better actor out of the two so it’s easy to root for him

    • They can’t choose the original ending if the webtoon never ended haha they did get together but they may break up or not in the future.

    • Couldn’t agree more about your young vs adult love. But I’m all for Jojo choosing herself. Lol

      I just hope fans err people who will watch this will not blame Sso for the outcome(her choice)— Separate the actress from the character please.

  4. WOW. I didn’t think that LA is really this popular. It’s been trending on Naver as most search drama after the release of first stills. It was the no.1 article in Soompi yesterday and still on trending today. Kim So Hyun’s post on IG reached more than 1 million in just half a day and Song Kang’s post on IG has almost 2 million likes in just half a day. It’s all I can see on facebook. They have a lot of fans here in my country. Now I believe KSH’s fans when they said it is a hit.

    • Unfortunately, ockoala makes it looks like not so so popular. I think she has a bad experience watching LAS1. In any case, the general Netflix viewers consider it a hit considering the response LA always gets.

      • LA is like true beauty… a particular age group hyping it up… pretty cover and average product… typical kdrama cliches but good for time pass… guilty pleasure at best…

    • @luna
      I’m not sure if it was koala attention to do that because it is true that sweet home does have some buzz although most it went away by now, there may be some viewers from sweet home that may be interested in checking out love alarm due to song kang but I don’t expect that much.

      I’m also very surprised by the popularity of love alarm. over 18k likes on Twitter for the Soompi article alone is something crazy. You don’t generally see that many likes unless it’s a post on a popular kpop artist or band. Normally an article on a drama is like 1k to 3k average and occasionally 3-6k. But 18k is an astounding figure just for two photos.

      Does that mean season 3 is a good possibility then… I’m hoping 🙂 … if I was an executive I would green light it right away. Even a love alarm movie would be a smart move. There’s so much unexpected buzz

      • You can also check netflixkr IG. The number of likes in that post is probably their highest for the month(excluding video views).
        A lot of people are really waiting for this drama.

      • I honestly didn’t finish Season 1 because a friend told me how I will be left hanging and I hate that feeling so maybe this time I will get to binge watch it hehe ?

  5. Is Sweet Home really a big hit? As far as I know, it has mixed reviews and was not really memorable. The buzz only lasts for a season and I do not think so it catapulted Song Kang to stardom. I think it is more LA that made Song Kang a star.

  6. Lol I’m wondering the ending, because most of people want Jojo with Sun Oh, and Song Kang is rising star, I’m sure a lot of people contribute the views just to watching him

  7. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m still rooting for Sun Oh and Jojo. Yes they started off with just attraction to each other, but they grew to really love each other. They had much deeper connection compared to Hye Young, in my opinion.
    Anyway, can’t wait! So glad we’re getting two KSH dramas this year!

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