Lee Jin Wook, Lee Joon, and Kwon Nara in Talks for tvN Drama The Immortal

Well this certainly seems like a really random combo that I never thought of before. K-ent is reporting that the casting for upcoming fantasy drama The Immortal (Korean title Bulgalsal which could refer to the mythical creature Bulgasalri as well) is taking shape. There are two male leads Lee Jin Wook and Lee Joon, both are the titular Bulgasal or immortal who cannot die. Kwon Nara plays a woman who has been reincarnated multiple times and remembers all her past lives. It’s a love and revenge story as one male lead is after the female lead for causing him to turn into this immortal who must feast on human blood and is slowly losing his humanity. The drama is from the PD of Entourage and totally random aside was offered to Won Bin in 2019 to lure him out but he passed (as always).


Lee Jin Wook, Lee Joon, and Kwon Nara in Talks for tvN Drama The Immortal — 6 Comments

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  2. These two are visually appealing. Lee Jin Wook in Sweet Home is garnering attention while Lee Joon in upcoming Silent Sea with A-listers Gong Yoo and Bae Doona. tvN is quick smart to smell potential success of these two hence putting them together in a gumiho-type drama like Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum. Hope the story doesn’t derail halfway through. So many k-dramas lately start off well then slowly crumble like a recalcitrant cookie.

  3. Kwon nara is really popular nowadays. But i can’t seems to like her acting at all. She’s really bad in dr prison.in itaweon her acting was ok since her role was not that complicated.

  4. The three have great visuals, all of them don’t look alike and different. This drama expected to have 40 billion won investment into it or more. Since Won Bin turned it down, maybe the budget will not be 40 billion anymore.

  5. Have a feeling this will be big break for Lee joon since he has always been a very talented actor but choose not to lead a drama yet despite his great ability to have chemistry with all his co stars, male or female. Since this will be his first major lead role in big budget drama, by TVN, i am not surprised if he comes out as the biggest actor after this. If not, he still has Sea of Silence under his name which is also another predictably a hit. He will be huge after this, definitely.

  6. I’m so happy you say this. I’m a new fan after seeing Lee Joon in My Father Is Strange on Netflix this year. Considering MFIS is an old drama from 2017 and that Netflix is willing to do a deal with KBS2 to show it in their streaming platform spoke volumes of Lee Joon’s popularity. I have a feeling that power players in the tv industry both domestic and international have chosen Lee Joon as their next breakout star.

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