K-ent Declares tvN Sat-Sun Fantasy Drama Bulgasal a Disappointment After Sky High $40 Billion Budget Nets Ratings in the 3%-4% Range

I totally forgot how much tvN Sat-Sun fantasy drama Bulgasal cost to make because it just seemed rather low key since it premiered that I put it with other regular fantasy dramas like Tale of the Nine Tales and the like. But it’s not, it’s a $40 billion won drama that is second in price tag to the ambitious Arthdal Chronicles which used its $54 billion won budget to actually shoot two seasons worth of episodes. Putting it in perspective, last year’s biggest hyped Jirisan had a budget of $32 billion won and was considered a disappointment with ratings between 7%-9% (average 8.385%) on cable network tvN. That puts Bulgasal at a massive epic fail as it’s ratings are between 3%-4% range and other than the first episode bringing in 6.346% it’s just fallen less than half what Jirisan brought in. I still don’t know who would hand a $40 BILLION WON drama to the likes of Lee Jin Wook (B-list and with a scandal-tinged past) and Kwon Nara (precariously perched in recent leading lady land but nothing impressive to speak of in achievement). I’ve watched scenes and the two are alternating between torture stoicism (him) and bland befuddlement (her), with the only decent acting and characters and interesting anything coming from second leads Lee Joon and Gong Seung Yeon. You can even tell from stills alone! If this drama cost $10 billion won that would be fine but at one of the most expensive K-dramas ever produced this is a travesty of wasted money all around.

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tvN Drops First Teaser Poster and Previews for Next Sat-Sun Fantasy Drama Bulgasal with Lee Jin Wook, Kwon Nara, Lee Joon, and Gong Seung Yeon

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