Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri in Talks for KBS Sageuk Romance Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom

Clearly 2021 is going all in on young romance sageuks and I’m fine with it as long as the casting and production team are solid. KBS is lining up a second half of the year sageuk titled Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom based on the real life prohibition period in Joseon history. In talks for the leads are Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri, the former with plenty of sageuk experience and the latter with none in drama land though she had a supporting role in sageuk movie Monstrum. She wasn’t bad there but didn’t need to do much other than shoot an arrow but of course I know K-netz still find Hyeri a very one-note actress with not much improvement in diversifying her roles despite doing quite well in her one and only right casting in Answer Me 1988. If this ends up the leads I’ll remain cautiously optimistic, after all Yoo Seung Ho had Kim So Hyun in his last sageuk Ruler: Master of the Mask and it still fell flat for them. Plus cutie Seung Ho with his babyface and Hyeri brings back Hyeri-Park Bo Gum vibes from AM1988 so I’m in a happy place of potential for now.


Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri in Talks for KBS Sageuk Romance Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom — 24 Comments

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  2. I know KSH is booked right now, but I need YSH and KSH in a new drama sometime in the future again. Ruler did both of them so dirty.

    • Next year is the 5th year. Maybe then? Shyshy couple really need a modern drama reunion and I’m hoping they’ll keep their promise?

    • I know right! Even YSH himself said he wants to work with KSH again in a modern drama, he said so in their VLive together during the airing of Ruler. Modern or sageuk, I want to see them paired again so bad, they’re my main ship! Maybe next year?
      I remember GP’s excitement over their pairing, everyone’s saying they’re a visual couple and both super talented… And then Ruler happened.. Sigh..

    • Yes!! I really want to see them in a new drama! I got traumatized watching ruler! That drama did them really dirty! I need them in a modern drama together!

  3. Hyeri was barely passable in Monstrum lol, and the only reason she passed was because her role in that film was so minor so it didn’t become a hindrance. Sigh. After Yoo Seung Ho completed his army service, I really thought he would be a big star by now because this guy has good looks, talents and much goodwill from the public. It’s unfortunate. Hopefully he will get his big break soon.

  4. And the moon obsession continues… Moon Lovers: SHR, Moon Embracing The Sun, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, River Where The Moon Rises. Now Thinking of the Moon When the Flower Blooms? I wonder what will come next.

    • With all these “Moon Sageuk” titles, I really need my Moon actresses Moon Geun Young or Moon Chae Won in another sageuk role. Can’t forget them in Painter of the Wind.

      • If they managed to get Moon Ga-young into the mix with the other two, then we could have A Tale of Three Moons. I’d totally watch that!

    • @demoiselle , When the moon goes down, When the moon meets the sun, Lovers under the light of the moon, we’ll meet again under the moonlight, Flower boys of the moon, Missing you when the moon comes, …

  5. I don’t like Hyeri as an actress. She didn’t get better since Reply and her tone doesn’t suit sageuk. I hope she will say no. She has another drama with Jang Ki-Yong that will air in 2021.

  6. Please not her . i have nothing against her if not her acting . Yoo Seung Ho is one of the mysteries of Kent , he stills not have make it big since he finished the army . He worked with popular actresses but he had no chemistry with them . The only ones he had it are in the past works ( Park eun Bi operation proposal, the second lead in Master of the mask, and Yoon eun Hye in Missing you even if she was older , Harry mania was there and a lot of actresses were jealous of YEH back then and wanted to work with him ) But he is a solid actor with lot of works under his belt and that’s what matters . He is young …

  7. One of the Hyeri’s weaknesses when it comes to acting is her enunciation and intonation. Korean viewers have always complained about her enunciation and her tendency of ‘mumbling’ her lines. And for sageuk genres, enunciation happens to be one of the important aspects. I am pretty sure she is going to get grilled by the k-netizens if she does not improve on that aspect.

  8. Wow… another drama for Hyeri even with that ‘minimalist’ talent in acting??? Okay. She has got herself a good manager and agent. Many good actresses should work with this kind of manager/agent.

    I like her personality, but she needs to learn more about acting. I mean, look at IU, she first came with a flat acting, but now… she’s ji eun, the actress.

  9. As a YSH fan, I’m so sad that he still hasn’t gotten big now despite having, like others here have said, good looks, incredible talent, charisma, and GP’s adoration. Sad to say, but I don’t think this drama will be that big break we fans have been waiting for, but I’m still hoping for the best. I think he needs to change his agency or something.

    As for Hyeri, I actually liked her in Reply 1988, but mostly because the character was adorable and doesn’t require much acting range. And I’m sure she’s nice and all, but yeah, she’s really not that good of an actress. I wish they would cast someone else. Sageuks aren’t for everyone, even some good actresses struggle with acting in sageuks.
    I wish KSH is available now, they need another sageuk with a competent writer that won’t do them dirty. Or some underrated but very talented actress.

    • I agree with you. YSH’s new agency is saturated with 30 artistes including veterans and big name stars like Kim Tae Hee under their belt. His old agency BS Company merged with JSTARS Ent. and People Story Company’s subsidiary Story J Company in 2019. It’s easy to get overlooked and have competition from other label-mates in vying for hot roles in potential hit dramas. I noticed some Nam Ji Hyun fans bashing SOOP boss on her IG coz they think SOOP hasn’t given their girl enough attention, drama roles, CFs and publicity like they did to Suzy who’s also under SOOP.

      • im one of the ardent fans of Nam Ji Hyun. what we have been asking soop is for them to promote her and her projects (well). that’s all that we want.

      • @Paula, I actually share the same sentiment and frustration. Fans actually do a better job promoting NJH than soop. There’s hardly any news from soop reg. her short drama Off Route airing on jtbc Mar 15 & 16. No V-live, interviews or even script reading photos. Sigh. Same for her upcoming new drama Welcome to Witch’s Restaurant. Will start shooting mar 2 but not a single word from soop.

    • I like Yoo Seung Ho since he was a child actor. In fact he was in Queen Seondok like Nam Ji Hyun. She would have been the perfect actress to act opposite YSH in a sageuk. That would be my dream combo. I have nothing against Hyeri. I love her in Reply 88 but an untested and unproven in sageuks. To give her a lead role without years of training or mentoring like other child stars smell fishy to me.

  10. Yoo seungho should consider hiring a kdrama watcher like me who can instantly tell if drama going to be good or not just by reading the synopsis…

    Well hyeri acting is okay in Miss Lee, hopefully she improves with this one. She is kind girl in real life and she’s likeable so Yoo Seungho didn’t lose much acting with her.

  11. I’m neither a fan nor hater to Hyeri, I just don’t like her – acting wise so not this pairing please. But Sageuk for YSH? yes yes

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