Jang Dong Yoon in Talks as Male Lead of 1980’s Period K-drama Oasis Scheduled for Late 2021

K-actor Jang Dong Yoon is putting his hat in the ring of the Song Kang sweepstakes, i.e. working nonstop. Jang Dong Yoon currently is starring in the SBS Mon-Tues zombie sageuk Joseon Exorcist which has been filming consistently for months and now he may be signing on for his next drama. He’s been offered the male lead in the KBS period drama Oasis set in the 1980’s through the 1990’s of South Korean development. He plays a young man growing up in a small town in Jeolla province who after his father’s wrongful death gets involved in the political transformation to seek revenge. The drama is from the PD of Hwarang and Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) and the screenwriter of Damo and Jumong and the drama is scheduled for the end of 2021. Oasis sounds a lot like Giant (one of my faves and a total epic) and I’m glad to see Jang Dong Yoon continue to grow and mature in his roles.


Jang Dong Yoon in Talks as Male Lead of 1980’s Period K-drama Oasis Scheduled for Late 2021 — 62 Comments

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  2. Congratulations to him for getting nonstop drama offers… there’s another one about bald idol (I can’t remember the title) that being offered from SBS… what a range! ?

    I only watched him in The Tale of Nokdu because of KSH but right now i will watch Joseon Exorcist after a few episodes, time to binge watching ?

    • @everyone

      what do we expect from her? she’s also known as lai pei yewww or lai pei yucksss. she’s delusional for thinking that rwtmr fan would be depressed with such a rating and jealous for joseon exorcist.. hello… wake up.. most of rwtmr fans also supported joseon exorcist coz jang dongyoon is there.. do you think they have ill and evil heart like you? lmfao

  3. Kim So-hyun’s The River Where the Moon Rises’ second half (10:05-10:40) defeated the first half of Jang Dong-yoon’s Joseon Exorcist (10:00-10:40), 8.7% versus 5.7%. But Joseon Exorcist performs a lot better after River’s episode finishes (the second part airing at 10:40-11:15 got 8.9%).

      • SBS is definitely a powerhouse in creating saeguk. With the current cast ,new and old faces, it will definitely knock off River!

      • What do people get when their fav drama do better than the other? Can’t people just enjoy what they want without being smug over the other? I enjoy both dramas and even if I love JDY more, I will just celebrate JE’s success without downgrading the other. CONGRATS JE for a strong premiere ❣️

      • Love JE better than RIVER but let them talk about ratings. This is just JE premiere and it’s doing good meanwhile river is already on second half but still stucked with 8% let them talk and let Joseon Exorcist ratings later on speak success. They will keep their head low on the ground when it reach double digits. Just keep humble and don’t be boastful. JE TEAM GO FOR THE WIN

      • They can talk about ratings whenever, however they want but they have to do that without looking down on the other. That’s what decent people do.

      • You do know the massive controversy JE is currently surrounded by? There is a huge petition to cancel the drama and all the actors are being heavily criticized for their bad acting. If the ratings do go up it will only be because of the huge controversy. So if you want to celebrate do that after knowing the facts. Knetizen community boards are blowing up with hate comments towards JE and the actors and staff for allowing the drama to exist. The Blue House is being asked to intervene.

      • @everyone

        what do we expect from her? she’s also known as lai pei yewww or lai pei yucksss. she’s delusional for thinking that rwtmr fan would be depressed with such a rating and jealous for joseon exorcist.. hello… wake up.. most of rwtmr fans also supported joseon exorcist coz jang dongyoon is there.. do you think they have ill and evil heart like you? lmfao

    • Some River drama fans were boasting about ratings and hooha..when it first aired. Now,they know where they stand..

      • River started at 9.4 so that’s much higher than where JE started. You’re the one who wanted to compare ratings just to bring down KSH and yet despite going through the controversy they stand higher than a drama with big named actors and better promotions. Who are you trying to fool?

      • @Wenn Exactly. Really hilarious how obsessed with KSH this vile lai pei yee is. Whenever KSH is mentioned, you can be sure that she’s there ???
        And no one, not even KSH fans, were expecting RWTMR to have high ratings given the writer and PD lol, we were even surprised at the 9% premiere ratings, so I don’t know what “boasting” this dumbass lai pei yee is blabbing about lmao

      • Actually, @Lai Pei Yee is a Sisyphus fan and she’s jealous of RWTMR’S ratings. It’s just one fan who keeps on bringing up ratings of RWTMR. Then Sisyphus turned completely nonsense blockcluster. Now she’s here having a new bet on JE. I hope JE won’t disappoint her again. Please continue to rise JE. Lol.

    • @ricea really? I have yet to watch the first episode of JE but I read the controversy about the Chinese foods.
      Intervention from the blue house seems to be a bit overboard. Can you send the your source please? Thanks

      • I’ve seen it too its on Theqoo there must be like 10 threads about it already. It’s hot topic

  4. Well done Jang Dong Yoon! I really like him in Tale Of Nokdu. Didn’t he get cast in Wolf Hunt the 10 billion won big budget action thriller movie? It’s rumoured to start filming in early July. How on earth is JDY going to squeeze in time to film Oasis as well? I’m on cloud nine coz the heavens are smiling on all my fave actors now like D.O, Park Hyung Sik, Kang Ha Neul and now JDY. SIG is also co-leading with JDY in Wolf Hunt, double woohoo. Looks like busy bee months ahead for all my boys this year. Chukka!

  5. Well done for keep talking about ratings..who doesn’t want high ratings isn’t?

    Due to this ratings competition we keep losing the essence of watching the drama because of the actings, moral lessons or what not.. all about ratings huh? every watchers or fans keep being anxious for today’s ratings, increase? yeay!! decrease, boooo and more worst, blame to the casts not to the lack of script or poor plot development..and yeay keep hooray because the others dramas keep decreasing in ratings..most just hate without any solid reason and explanation while maybe it just for a simple reason, it’s not everyone taste..

    my concern mostly to the cast, production house itself. Hope they find courage in this chaotic situation with the overrun budgets and whatnot.

    eventhough you doesn’t like River (in this situation) please do not downgrading their efforts to do their best to the end. I hope they will wrap the drama nicely….


    • “Most just hate without any solid reason and explanation”
      LOL It’s simple, lots of toxic people here just have a hate boner for younger actresses for some reason, especially for KSH lmao it’s actually hilarious how obsessed they are, especially that crazy AF lai pei yee ???
      I can even imagine her and the KSH haters here doing some happy dance because RWTMR has a SLIGHT drop in ratings ???
      I guarantee you they won’t shit on RWTMR if KSH is not the female lead lmao

      And you’re totally right, the ratings obsession here is insane and just takes away the enjoyment from watching KDramas. It’s like how KPop fans are so obsessed with YouTube views and streaming counts to the point where they’re not enjoying the music anymore. Sad, really.
      And before anyone says anything, yes, I’m aware that ratings is important, but at the end of the day, we should be in it for the enjoyment, not the ratings game.
      Some really vile people on here…

    • @Tay
      Exactly, Thank You.
      People are hating without exact reason and mostly because they like the cast better than the other. TEAM RWTMR is doing their best despite all the circumstances and I think their effort is commendable more than ratings.
      I think people can’t just mind their own business anymore. LOL. Now, I’ll shut up and enjoy my fav drama.

  6. Wow what happened here LOL
    Came here to congratulate Jang Dong Yoon, I’ve been a fan since seeing him in Solomon’s Perjury and A Poem A Day, and I’m glad that his star is continuing to rise… And was surprised at the comments above. How did a JDY article turned into a ratings olympics article? Is there a way to block commentators here who stir the pot? LOL

    Anyway, congratulations JDY, you’re truly deserving!

    • True HAHA. @Js started the stirring really well. But wait until you see that user with blue handle who keeps on changing his/her username and also that user with green handle that keeps on changing his/her username as well. That three people always reply on each other by agreeing to whoever comments first. LMAO.
      Anyway, congratulations Dong Yoon Oppa. JE has a great premiere ?

    • @Areumdaun IKR! They’re always commenting the most irrelevant sh*t just to hate on KSH, you’d think they have a personal vendetta against her or something ???

      @?? lmfao those little sh*ts are the worst, they’re always just circle-jerking with lai pei yee as their leader ???
      And joke’s on them because KSH fans are also cheering for JDY and his drama, we support him especially after Tale of Nokdu

  7. OMG! I was about to congratulate Dongju’s husband for another project, and then some people are already comparing the ratings. Wait atleast until koala release another article about her recap and ratings lol!?

    And since I mentioned another article but slightly off topic, please koala nim can you post that KSH’s singles cover pictorial? I love how high fashion it is specially the hime cut?

      • @bbc Well, maybe we want others who haven’t seen it, see it too? Someone requested for a Seo In Guk pictorial post in the Jeon Yeo Bin article, and it’s normal for commenters to request an article here too. Not to sound rude, but I don’t know why it’s only an issue if it’s KSH…

      • @DAMN, I don’t have an issue with KSH or other commenters requesting pictorial posts, I just thought if you’re interested in seeing stuff about your faves, you would’ve checked their dedicated sites already.

      • @bbc Sorry, didn’t mean to be defensive, I’m just really tired of some commenters here always policing what KSH fans should say. Some here are even stopping us from hyping our girl even on articles that are literally about her, when literally every fan does the same. Anyway I digress…

        Well, can’t speak for other KSH fans, but personally it’s just nice if sites post about our girl’s photoshoot even if I’ve seen it already. But TBH, part of me also don’t want a post about it knowing how toxic some people here can be, don’t want our girl to be unnecessarily bashed lol

      • @bbc like I’ve mentioned before, I only want to see a bigger KSH name one the side bar of this blog lol.
        But honestly it’s because KP has a wide range of redears, so as a fan I don’t want to limit the appreciation for her to co-fans only?

  8. I really liked Giant, with the young actors and the adult ones. It’s kinda weird to read the word “period” when the story will be between 1980 and 1990… I was born at this time u_u

    JDY looks busy, I’m happy for him! I didn’t like his last drama but I’m curious about JE.

    • When you yourself mentioned River to be crush by JE just to elevate your bias, and you’re here asking why that actress’s name is here in a JDY article, you must be nuts. You just earned the title for the Biggest Clown in this blog. Who would be proud to have you as a fan? I just can’t with these clowns.

      • I blame @Dakchigo though for this mess. Look at how that user used words like “defeated” to compare the ratings in their comment. Definitely stirring the pot. It comes off like they’re a biased River fan. So of course JE fans are gonna react. Even though they should have ignored it. And River/KSH fans also fell for the bait like they always do. I see some claiming to support JE because of JDY yet they’re also tearing down the drama to elevate River. Trolls live off this chaos, they know fans will ALWAYS fall for the bait. If only fans followed @Laura’s advice to let them talk to the wall…

      • I don’t recall mentioning KSH in my earlier post, my reply was for @dakchigo who out of nowhere comparing the rating between the 2 dramas. I think u r the one who earned the biggest clown title for overreacting. smh ? ? ?. I’m sure KSH would be proud to have u as her fan. U just assume my post was to elevate my bias when in fact I did not have any hate towards KSH.

      • I am not a fan of the actress. I’m JDY fan and if you are part of our fandom, you’re a disgrace. Your behavior is really toxic, nothing to be proud of. You’re assuming I’m her fan just because I called you out? ??

      • at least I don’t call other people names… thank you for aggravating me. I now really hope JE crush river.. and she keeps getting KBS channel coz no other channel will be willing to appoint me as she is such a loser. Her love alarm 2 also sucks bug time. lmao.. u ask for it

      • Whatever, hate on her all you want. You’ve just proven that you’re a real troll here. I’m not her fan so it doesn’t really get to me LOL. But I’m sure her fans will protect her from clowns like you. No matter how much you change your handle, You’re exposed now.

      • “No other channel will be willing to appoint me” You? Did you really know how to write a sentence LMAO. I didn’t ask you to talk sh*t about her. And I’m not really her fan so how does that affect me? You’re trying to be funny, aren’t you? You’re the real loser here. So I should stop talking I’m wasting time. ?

      • @js You said you have no hate towards KSH,and now you’re calling her a loser? Oh yeah right, a popular hallyu actress with a big fanbase, 10.8 million IG followers and an in demand choice of casting directors despite not having any big hit drama under her belt.. Yeah right, such a “loser” lmao if that’s the definition of loser, then I want to be loser too ?
        And don’t even tell me that you’re only insulting KSH because of her fans, @? already stated that she’s not a KSH fan, yet you still feel the need to drag KSH and Love Alarm 2 just to get back at @?

        Nobody insulted any actors or actress here, you’re really below the belt now with the “loser” comment

      • @Winterbear Yeah, that @js is even worse than @joane, at least @joane only comments troll-y comments that nobody takes seriously because we know she’s a troll. This @js has the audacity to call KSH a loser when she’s here hating on a popular and successful young actress who is well-loved by people and who is known to be kind and humble too. And yes, @js really has a wack definition of loser LMFAO
        And then she says she doesn’t hate KSH, what a pretentious clown ???

      • @js Wow you’re really too much now. KBS is the only one who wants to hire her? Did you already forget that she’s hired by freaking Netflix? She’s so in demand that she had to turn down that Miss Granny role and a lot of the times she’s doing multiple dramas a year.
        Also, not one person here bashed JDY oppa and not one comment here justifies/warrants you calling KSH a loser. KSH is a beloved actress in Korea and internationally. She’s praised even by veteran actors and producers and everyone wants to work with her. In what world is that being a loser? Love Alarm 2 may “suck” for other people because they didn’t like the ending, but that didn’t stop Love Alarm 2 trending all over the world for days. Your comment is false and so unnecessary.

        I’m not an avid fan of KSH (I like her though), but even I can see that she’s a queen who doesn’t deserve this petty disrespect. Only losers here are haters like you

    • Ah yes, @js and @lai pei yee, the biggest clown hypocrites here ???
      After mentioning KSH and RWTMR, now you two clowns are playing victims? True clowns ???

      • @js @Lai Pai Yew

        I am a macaroon stan ever since TTON. I watch both of dramas and both are good in their own ways. I am still supporting both. It is you users like js and Lai Pai Yee pulling the victim cards, setting traps against DongYoon fans and SoHyun fans pretending to be Joseon Exorcist fans when your all intention is to provoke and destroy the good friendship between our fandoms so stop your delusions and keep your sanity. Pretend all you want and make the other fandom with bad image but your hypocrisy already stinks so bad your evil intentions are too obvious. Can’t you do your pretentions a little better? ROFL

    • @js @Lai Pei Yee Can you two just stop already? We JDY fans came here expecting to see positive comments congratulating him, but no, you and your minions hijacked the article just to hate on an actress and her drama. There’s ZERO reason for you to bring up KSH and RWTMR and ratings and yet you still did for whatever reason. And then you expect these KSH fans to just be quiet and not defend her? So immature.
      So sad that I’ve only seen two or three comments that are related to the article, and that’s because of you two instigating fanwars. Tsk.

      • that two clowns have no idea that ksh and jdy fandom has a close friendship and they supported each other.. and they thought that by doing this which hoping that JE crush RWTMR, jdy and JE fans would support them.. pfftt.. they are just pretending to be jdy and JE fans.. who knows they may not even watch the drama ? they’ll do everything low just for throwing hate towards ksh.. even jdy fans despised u @lai pei yee @js

      • @lmao Not sure if that @js is really a JDY fan, but if she is, we don’t claim her.
        I doubt it though, I think she’s just really using JE and JDY to hate on the drama of her hated actress.
        But like you said, JDY and KSH fandoms are close, and haters can’t ruin that. Obviously, I love JDY more, but I still like KSH and wish all the best for RWTMR

  9. Congrats team JE and i hope that ratings of RWTMR also rises so that some shits can keep their mouth shut
    Rating is not everything as long as one can enjoy a drama so plz let others enjoy their respective dramas and u enjoy urs

  10. Congratulations JDY oppa, so happy that you’re currently on a roll! ???

    To everyone, let’s stop giving attention to the idiots creating fanwars above. They’re even using JDY oppa and his drama to hate on a drama that literally has nothing to do with JDY oppa SMH ???

    • Users like Lai Pai Yee really like to use fandoms to make our image bad. Pretending to be a JE fan lololol as if we are going to side with her. Boo she’s a flop.

  11. I’ve been lurking on this site for so long and been entertained by a lot of fan wars!and I got to say Kim sohyun and anything related to her have been creating noise both good and bad; im not even a fan but I dont understand how could she received all these despises and to tell you their rage is so passionate that they are so updated in every little thing she does,its too funny like legit funny!

    • For real. KSH gets the worst hate on this site. At least other actresses only get attacked for their looks or acting skills (which is NOT okay, by the way), but KSH gets called all sorts of insults here, and now this @js is calling her a loser?
      KSH is literally unproblematic, kind, sweet, hardworking, talented, not to mention beautiful and an amazing actress. I have no idea how these people can hate on her so passionately to the point of calling her a loser. What did KSH do to deserve it? Not to mention they’re littering all over an unrelated article..

  12. i hope JDY take kbs drama. The storyline look promising. I like when the actor takes different type of character.. .so we can enjoy their improvement in acting.If JDY accept that drama, hope they did not cast idol as counterpart.Sorry but i prefer actress compare idol-actress. The are many young actress that had a good acting ability

  13. JDY is really a working cow?
    Good for him and reminds of Kim sohyun who always try different roles! And also nice that he already completed his Military duties, so he can choose any project he has wants.

    I’ve watched his episode in RM. Him and Geum sae rok’s interactions are so cute. Are they in a love line in JE? And also is it coincidence that one of the prizes were macarons??

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