Ondal Trains to be a Warrior and Husband in River Where to the Moon Rises Episode 11 with 7.3%, 8.7% Ratings

Man, the inside the drama and outside the drama wildness with River Where the Moon Rises will be one for the books. After many writing off the drama with a slow start, a male lead that got swapped out after 6 episodes due to a real life bullying scandal, and the replacement male lead coming off a high rated drama but a thoroughly unimpressive acting performance, one wonders what else will shock and awe. Well it’s here, and in the form of replacement male lead Na In Woo turning in what is a charming and really charismatic performance that is on point for the role of Ondal. He’s actually good, people!! I know, and coming from me who called him a constipated wet noodle (which he was in Queen Cheorin but is now clearly proven to be more than role as written then him as an actor. Whew, thank god for that because I do want to watch Kim So Hyun still doing her thang, all fierce tiny warrior princess also trying to enjoy her pretend husband and teach him to fight. They are supremely adorable together. Sadly my smexy broody second male lead Go Geun has been tossed to the jealousy plotting wolves and now I can’t watch him pine for his non-existent princess love because he’s just projecting into nothingness. This drama has turned into a pleasant non-brain hurty watch, there is nothing stupid to annoy me and the lacking elements remain the elementary sageuk plotting and the side characters and baddies not getting fleshed out.


Ondal Trains to be a Warrior and Husband in River Where to the Moon Rises Episode 11 with 7.3%, 8.7% Ratings — 7 Comments

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  2. I laughed so hard on that article where you called him a constipated wet noodle. He has proven you really wrong here. I love the chemistry between him and KSH and their cute height difference. The second half of this drama is coming strong now. The preview with them kissing so passionate totally swoon me over. And I’m swooning still over Go Geon.

  3. NIW is good here and not just average good but very good. Makes you think how much more he would have done with the role from the start. KSH is excellent but with NIW she one ups herself. They playoff each other really well and their chemistry shows. The writing has gotten tighter and the editing too. Overall the quality is improving which is good because the actors are excellent in their characters.

  4. Despite controversy RWTMR is still on stable and has its own audience. Notice the rise of the first half from 6% and now to 7% and the second half ranging from 8-9% consistently. In different dramas, they have wider range between the two halfs of the episode but not in the case of RWTMR as the discrepancy is only 1-2 percent. Meaning this drama has its own fans or audience. Hopefully these viewers can support the drama until the end and the story will get more interesting in the coming episodes especially the transition of Pyeonggang and On Dal to a warrior. It is taking a long time. Can’t they shorten episodes so we can see them in their warrior suits now I am really running out of patience LOL

  5. I agree with your opinion, Koala. I feel that NIW’s acting is getting more fun and enjoyable in this drama. Their chemistry with KSH is also very good, their scene together is my favorite scene. The story is also getting to the top, more exciting but still sweet. I really enjoyed this drama.

  6. It’s because of Na In Woo’s casting that I went back to watching River again.

    I think second leads are usually written in a way that makes viewers hate them for clinging and obsessing over someone they couldn’t have. The only second lead I could remember right now who got more love from the audience was from Start Up.

    I just wish River’s ratings increase a bit more.

  7. okay have evryone of you seen the ep11 preview and their so called duck stuff scene?!!boy Im freakin hyperventilating!!their chemistry is on fire!!new Ondal come of so natural in being a fool, so good seeing new faces as leads I must say.The upcoming war scene is so grandeur and so realistic I got scared and goosebumps when I first saw it. so glad they didnt cancel this show

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