Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk Showcase Visual Compatibility in Couple Wear at Script Reading for tvN Drama Doom at Your Service

Okay, early impression is I love everything about this drama on paper. The Korean title One Day Destruction Came to My Door now has an equally cheeky English title Doom at Your Service, and the title of destruction/doom Meol Mang is the name of our male lead. Leads Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk have been filming for months now and I expect to see this drama sometime in summer/fall of 2021 on tvN. She plays a web agency editor with 100 days left to live and makes a contract and cohabitation arrangement with Mr. Doom himself who handles matters between the Heavens and the human realm. Joining the two leads are Lee Soo Hyuk, Kang Tae Oh, and Shin Do Hyun and goodness so many uber good looking people in this drama lol. Directing is the PD of Search: WWW, My Unfamiliar Family, and Suits with the script by the writer of the drama version of The Beauty Inside.


Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk Showcase Visual Compatibility in Couple Wear at Script Reading for tvN Drama Doom at Your Service — 34 Comments

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  2. Thank you Koala! I’m in seventh heaven. Apologies for fangirling. My boy Gukkie is finally back!!!!!! Love his visual with PBY. The height difference is so adorbs. Waiting to see if Gukkie can top PBY’s chemistry with PHS another of my fave. Loving all the promotions Gukkie is doing in GQ interview & Elle photoshoot and Love Counselling Centre Video. Thanks Heartriders fans. I hope Koala will post Gukki’s hot as hell Story J Company pictorials. He’s in full glory sexy charm with black, white red with sexy tiger print as the photoshoot theme. Then he went all shy and bashful in interview. This is the chameleon king all right. All right, going off to douse myself in cold water. Bye-ing.

  3. Knetz will never stop talking about him not getting enlisted in military for injury but can still film movie with action scene.. I wonder the same too

    • You must be a bitter & jealous person seeing other people exempted. My sister has that foot condition. It has no cure but has to be managed carefully. With that condition he can’t carry a 30-35kg backpack, rifles, water canteen, etc in the army training but can carry out normal life but not exerting extreme weight on the foot. You are a hater.

      • Which action movie with action scene did you see him in? Pipeline? It’s not even shown yet. No Breathing the swimming movie? That was before enlistment. Wolf Hunt? Not even filming yet. Already judge him before you see the action scenes? Someone is really butt hurt and jealous of someone’s else success.

    • That’s your sister but she now can still work in office? The same with korean public service where they can serve in office. I just wonder why he cannot do public service. Call me bitter and all. This drama is not guaranteed success yet. Why his fans so sure of it?

      • SIG wanted to serve in whatever capacity. He said he didn’t want to leave the military base. He said it was humiliating, embarrassing for a Korean man not to finish MS. He got tested in military hospitals like 3-4 times from April to August 2017. Yoo Ah In also wanted to do public service but the Military Administration of Korea had the final say. We fans never hype up the ratings of Doom. We just pray for success, is that too offensive for your ears too? Need to cancel an actor and stay bitter for 4 years. Get over it.

      • Did anyone here said this drama is going to get 100% success? You get called out and now try to change topic. I didn’t know why Korea Military refused to let SIG and YAI serve in public service. Go and complain to the Korean military admin office if you are not happy.

      • Either Korea military refuse to get them serve in public service or either they pull some strings.

  4. Trolls, karma will come back to bite you. Obviously directors & writers will keep on giving SIG more movie offers. Take that. Revenge is best served cold. Yoo Ah In got exempted too same year as SIG. Now YAI is chungmuro king.

    • YAI is talented and widely range actor. He’s on another level. He has bone cancer. I wonder too why he’s not serve in public service. Karma or whatever bullshit you said, will only come back to you. This actor got paid large sum and you don’t get anything sitting in your couch watching this ugly eyed slanted weird looking actor plastic face

      • Are you a korean? Either way, please go and question the Korean military for an answer. Why squabble around seeking attention like this?

  5. So looking forward to this. Imagine all four actors in one scene – SIG, LSH, KTO and Dawon. I don’t know which one to look. Lol. Love PBY and SDH too. It’s going to be a visual feast. Hope Netflix will show it after Navillera.

  6. It’s raining coffee/food trucks on the filming site. Great to see local and international fans supporting the cast with love. This is your time to shine again Oppa In Guk. With love from Malaysia & Indonesia. Semoga berjaya and berhasil Oppa!

  7. oppa seo inguk we love you very much from Philipines. Good luck and fighting oppa. I’m always support you god bless you.

  8. As someone who loves Nam Ji Hyun, I also support her former male co-stars. Go King Louis yah. Stay lit forever.

  9. SIG’s parents come from poor background in Ulsan. Father was a welder who worked in construction site. Mother collected recyclables items. Both still worked like that when he won Superstar K singing competition. They are not rich chaebol family from Seoul. So no string pulling.

      • Hahaha hate to break it to you. You are not common. Commoners come to drama blog to read up on dramas and comment usually positively on actors and actresses we are interested in. Only rare ones go around to put people down.

  10. With PBY in it, I’ll be checking this one for sure. With the writer of TBI I bet this would be funny, but not familiar with the PD.

    I watched Bo Young’s guest stint in Unexpected Business. She is so adorably cute. I hope her role will be more like A Werewolf Boy where I found her so mesmerizing. And not too cutesy like in Strong Girl Bong Soon.

  11. I hope to see PBY in another role than the cute girl… I’m kinda tiring to see her acting cute and she’s better than that.

    SIG is back \o/

      • If you don’t like his face, he can’t do anything about it.

        But his roles were pretty different, so I guess you just stop watching his dramas…

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