Kim Hye Yoon in Talks for Female Lead of Sageuk Drama Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi Opposite Taecyeon

Awwww, this wasn’t the cast original set out and isn’t the one that I would have preferred. Upcoming sageuk drama Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi was originally set to star Jo Byung Gyu after his breakout hit with The Uncanny Counter but he stepped aside after the bullying allegations against him from his school age days continued unabated. He was replaced with Taecyeon which is like replacing a delicate chisel with a hammer but eh it gets the job done lol. The female lead offer was out to Jung So Min but it looks like she passed as today K-ent is reporting that Kim Hye Yoon has been cast in the role. That’s a smart move for her because her second female lead turn in upcoming Snowdrop both feels like a step back and the drama may not even air (who knows?) with so much controversy around it. I wish she wouldn’t take this role though because she’s too shrill when she does perky and peppy roles and is better as the icy cold princess role. Though she can act circles around Taec which may be funny in and of itself.


Kim Hye Yoon in Talks for Female Lead of Sageuk Drama Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi Opposite Taecyeon — 27 Comments

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  2. If only they’d get a male lead who can act….Taecyeon has been acting for literally a decade but the ‘cute puppy’ act gets a bit tired at 32, and it really can’t help that he has those flat expressionless eyes that he widens and rolls in place of actual emoting(stands out even more in Vincenzo where he’s surrounded by actors who are actually great)

    I like Kim Hye Yoon though, really enjoyed her in Extraordinary You, she made that drama despite everyone here trying to credit it to her male leads instead (they’re good but let’s be honest, girl was the one carrying that show and Haru didn’t even show up till like ep 4). I’m glad she’s booked a lead gig, I get she needs to put some distance between her and Snowdrop and I hope it works out for her.

  3. She’s the second FL in Snowdrop? Her billing’s all the way down 6th though?

    But anyway, this is such a very weird pairing and there’s a HUGE acting gap.

    • is it good??? I tried the first two but not really enjoy it. especially with Daddi tang as 2nd… I like Wallace Chung but… Seven Tan being the 3rd or 4th wife, duh…

      • It’s fantastic – the main leads make up for any pacing issues. The chemistry is just so achingly sweet. If it makes you feel better, Wallace quite clearly DGAF about any of his concubines and Tan Song Yun marries him as his legal (1st) wife.

  4. I personally prefer his acting over hers if this is a romantic comedy. His goofy persona is a perfect fit for a funny and righteous character (I’m assuming that’s what his character will be like) I think this pairing can work since I can already imagine their bickering, comedy scenes haha I agree she’s stronger at melo acting but he’s stronger at comedy/romance. Hopefully the writer would cater to their strengths.

    • Honestly, ‘goofy and funny’ is exactly his character description at the start of Vincenzo and he can’t even pull that off there so it doesn’t exactly inspire faith because his acting is an absolute joke.

      I get that kpop fans find him attractive and he has a good image with military service and all but that doesn’t entitle people to acting careers.

      • I dropped Vincenzo like half-way through in episode 3 so I don’t have any strong opinion of him in the drama haha I can’t imagine him being worse than the actress playing 2FL haha I watched a few romantic clips on a few of the latter episodes for curiosity sake(because people were supposedly hyping and swooning over it) and I ended up FF it ?

  5. She deserves a better actor! Taecyeon is cute but he’s definitely not good as an actor, KDY is so better than him in Vincenzo.

  6. Yay for Kim Hye Yoon!! But a sad that the male lead is Taec. At this point in his career, his acting is not getting better, please stop casting him in lead roles.

  7. Cool. I felt that her playing support to someone like that idol who was handed a lead role without working hard for it was very insulting anyway.

  8. Taecyeon??? He can’t act. He’s as worst as Nichun in 2PM when it comes to acting. Why not Lee Junho if they want to cast someone from 2PM???? Junho can act better than Taec.

    • Junho indeed is better but Taecyeon is in a hit drama right now. The problem is that it’s a sageuk.

      The fact that So Min turned it down is already not a good sign. A pity I wanted to see the original pairing. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.

  9. If people actually got cast for their acting talents half the industry would never get cast. Honestly after all the scandals that happened this year I’ll take no scandal actors like Taecyeon over anyone else. He doesn’t have to be a good actor just be a decent person.

    • I have to disagree on that. The cast of Beyond Evil and Mouse are all doing a terrific job and are scandal free, too.

      I’m pretty sure there are other decent actors who are more than capable if given a chance of not just acting but making a character come alive onscreen.

    • ….really? It’s not as if an image is some guarantee of good character lol, look at his fellow idol Yunho (also an idol with godawful acting skills and “no scandal” before this) getting exposed for breaking social distancing rules at an illegal prostitution establishment recently. He has the nerve to take roles as an “actor”, he better be good at that job.

      (He’s not. Even after literally a decade and he’s not dome young idol anymore, he’s now in his 30s. It’s embarrassing to watch). Idol fans need to let go of this delusion that their faves are owed lead roles in an acting career no matter whether they can act or not, “good image” doesn’t translate to being watchable onscreen.

  10. I hope it will be Jo Byeong Gu coz he knows how to act and they will be a good tandem of Kim Hye Yoon. I love that actor. He really shined in Uncanny Counter. For Taecyeon is also okay for me.

  11. Just in. The reason Jung So Min turned down the FL is coz she signed for Wolf Hunt. This will be her 3rd collab with SIG.

    • Jung Moon Sung has joined the impressive line-up too. Wonder what role So Min will be playing. OMG this is explosion for SeoMin fans!

      • JSM is super smart to turn this role down thus paving the way for KHY. Act opposite Taec or SIG in Wolf Hunt? No brainer. Lol.

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