tvN Youth Sageuk Secret Royal Inspector Joy Releases More Comedic Stills and Previews as Expectation Set at Silly and Sweet

Expectation will be this drama’s best friend if it succeeds and it has a chance. Upcoming tvN sageuk drama Secret Royal Inspector Joy is giving off full blown comedy vibes, physical, verbal, and supremely silly especially in a sageuk setting almost like a fish out of water. There was the same vibe in the first few episodes of Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) and that really hooked K-viewers. Of course Shin Hye Sun is an extraordinary actress and her performance made it work but here it’s just Taecyeon being Taecyeon lol when it comes across as silly. Luckily he has Kim Hye Yoon playing the straight (wo)man as his foil and partner in crime (solving) and she’s got really impeccable comedic timing. The latest previews make me feel this drama will either be a hit for those who are in the mood for sweet and silly or a miss for those who find this take on a K-drama sageuk distasteful. I’m definitely in the former camp but it still only works if the drama has a well written story and characters we can root for.

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Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon Sparkle with Comedic Chemistry in New Posters and Preview for tvN Sageuk Inspector Joy

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Taecyeon Prepares for Impending Job Death After Receiving His Imperial Summons in New Drama Teaser for Inspector Joy

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Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon Unflappable in a Changing Joseon World in First Teasers for tvN Sageuk Drama Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi

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Jung So Min Signs on as Jo Byung Kyu’s Leading Lady in Sageuk Drama Tale of Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi

The casting train is moving fast for high flying K-actor Jo Byung Kyu‘s next drama, likely to keep it fresh of mind just off the highly rated recently finished airing OCN drama The Uncanny Counter. His next drama will be … Continue reading