K-netizen Spots Song Hye Kyo Filming Upcoming Romance Drama Now, We Are Breaking Up

Woah, I was so not expecting to see street filming shots already but clearly production is underway and upcoming romance drama Now, We Are Breaking Up is happening whether we think its a good idea or not. A K-netizen posted a street shot of leading lady Song Hye Kyo taken this week on the streets of Seoul as she’s filming the drama. I’m super excited for various reasons: we see her look in character (chic styling), she’s going to have long hair in the drama (contrast to short hair in Encounter), and goodness is wide legged jeans coming back in style!?! I ask because I have heard that low rise jeans are coming back in style and it will truly be two horsemen of the Apocalypse if that is true with the third being mom jeans. All kidding aside, anything and everything Song Hye Kyo does will generate interest and that’s just a testament to both her enduring appeal or anti-appeal depending on why someone follows her. Considering she starred in my first crack drama of all time Autumn in My Heart clearly I’m in the former camp and am looking forward to her next drama evolution here.


K-netizen Spots Song Hye Kyo Filming Upcoming Romance Drama Now, We Are Breaking Up — 13 Comments

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  2. I know some people don’t like SHK’s acting, but for me, she just has that star power, I watch everything she’s in and always enjoy it. Looking forward to this one.

    • SHK is actually a fine melo actress – That Winter, the Wind Blows as well as the melo parts of Descendants of the Sun was proof enough. Same with Worlds Within, she carries her roles in those really well and isn’t just resting on her astounding beauty to do all the work of keeping a viewer’s attention.

      What she isn’t a natural at at is comedy acting/romcom, it often comes across as stiff or posed from her. I didn’t like her in Full House and I can’t imagine her in a Park Ji Eun drama, but that doesn’t mean she can’t act at all.

      • Agreed, I think her acting’s fine too. She’s mature and understated, and I like that style.

  3. My K-drama journey started with Autumn in my Heart and Song Hye Kyo. I remember fondly those early years of hunting high and low and all sorts of difficulties to get each new episode because I was so mesmerized. Therefore, I have not missed a single drama or movie of hers, like her acting, and continue to be dazzled by her beauty and longevity.

  4. I’ll give it a go. I didn’t finish Encounter but that was more a story issue. In my neck of the woods, it’s all about the mom jean.

  5. Super excited to see her back My first K-drama was Autumn in my heart as well and will watch anything she is in. cannot wait.

  6. Lee min ho and kim soo hyun big name actor ended flop drama.Let see if this drama doing well because shk always same acting all over again.

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