K-netizens Assemble Top Actresses and Their Legendary Level Beauty GIF and Images Including Son Ye Jin, Song Hye Kyo, and Jeon Ji Hyun

Time is a butcher’s knife but everyone of these ladies are still top beauties today and looking back at a moment in their past career where each had a legendary level of beauty moment is still a marvel. K-netizens have always appreciated that their leading ladies can stand toe to toe with the top beauties in other cinematic industries and these assembled GIF and/or images prove it with our own eyes. For example, young Son Ye Jin was radiant, just an insane level of beauty in the turd of a drama that was Summer Scent, to this day I can’t believe she hard carried an entire show on visual alone lol. Jeon Ji Hyun is basically frozen in perfection and even her interviews she just glows up. Song Hye Kyo is more transformative in her willingness to change her style (hair, makeup, etc), and sometimes even a boring haircut she makes look a million bucks. Check out the legendary line up below!


K-netizens Assemble Top Actresses and Their Legendary Level Beauty GIF and Images Including Son Ye Jin, Song Hye Kyo, and Jeon Ji Hyun — 22 Comments

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  2. Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae Hee and Jun Ji Hyun are my goddesses, I’m always just blown away by their beauties every time I see them. I wonder why Han Ga In isn’t included though?

  3. I see they included people after the legendary Tae Hee/Hye Kyo/Ji Hyun trifecta too.

    I can’t get over how pretty Moon Chae Won is, even from that weird angle she still looks like a doll. And Kim Go Eun! I see loads of netizens calling her ugly but she’s got such a fresh-faced, pure look it’s no surprise she has lots of fans among the netizens too.

    • Son Ye Jin, Kim Tae Ri, and Jeon Ji Hyun were always my faves because they have so much charisma as actresses which makes them more beautiful. Kim Go Eun gets a lot of criticism in the beauty department for some reason but I love her unconvonvential beauty, and she has loads of talent.

      A pretty face can only get you so far.

      • For SHK to still be at the top even in her 25th year..she must have something else apart from her pretty face, right?

      • My comment was supposed to be a reply under Royal We’s post. This site is acting wonky for me.

      • @flowerpot I agree, young Son Ye Jin has that charisma for real, I remember watching her in The Classic and she was just stunning there with a simple look. She’s still gorgeous ofc, it’s good to see her become a true leading lady smashing it left and right on the tv as well as in dramas (and ofc finding happiness in love).

        Kim Taeri is another of my loves for that reason, she’s so talented and comes across as really cool and confident, I love her look.

        As for SHK…people forget she’s a good melo actress. She’s worked with Noh Hee Kyung twice, and NHK doesn’t play when it comes to casting.

  4. “turd of a Drama that was Summer Scent” WOW! Also, Eureka! I can’t believe I’ve FINALLY found someone who thinks of that nightmare the way I do, THANK YOU!

  5. My first kdrama is autumn in my heart almost 20 years ago, so i am biased with song hye kyo. She captured the hearts of viewers in asia and introduced us to korean entertainment. Memorable scene for me is the one with the yellow umbrella in a ferry with that melancholy OST that was stuck in our heads. Her side profile was perfect back then. Hallyu queen indeed. Then followed by jung jinhyun in my sassy girl.

  6. It’s my first time seeing that gif of younger Yum Jungah ? Song Hyekyo has always been my favorite in the face department.

  7. Was watching good detective and I couldn’t get over lee elijah’s beauty, she’s so naturally beautiful I bet she is without make up too.

  8. Yejin’s eyes are so beautiful amd emotive.. K-netz are really crazy after her SS era..They may criticise the drama for its plot but never fail to mention her ethereal beauty..No wonder after Classic and Summer Scent she was named as the next Nation’s first Love..In her early career she had only fan boys because of her face but as she started to do diverse roles ,she gained many new female fans.

  9. I must be the only one who doesn’t get the excessive hype around Jun Ji Hyun’s beauty..For me she is pretty but her face is just like any other girl next door in Korea..
    Anyways beauty is in the eye of beholder..

  10. I find Kim Tae Hee the most beautiful, I love her striking features! My favorite GIFs are the 1st one of Jun Ji Hyun, the Kim Tae Hee one and the 1st one of Moon Chae Won (damn, how pretty is she here? ?).
    And I love that Kim Go Eun was included. Her beauty is really refreshing, completely natural and proves that you don’t have to fit the Korean beauty standards 100% in order to be considered pretty. I find her face really pleasing to look at, and her smile is so beautiful!

  11. Wow Moon Chae Won’s beauty is breathtaking in those gif sets.

    Despite the non-stop influx of new sets of beautiful actresses coming into the kdramaland, classic hallyu beauties like Song Hye Gyo, Son Ye Jin, Kim Tae Hee andJun Ji Hyun still reign strong. Undisputed queens.

  12. its true young Son Ye Jin is breathtaking..but young Moon Chae Won is even more princess doll like..i like her better..

  13. Liked the beauty of Kim Tae Hee and her personal back ground also, Son Ye Jin.❤❤❤ but follows drama/movie’s of Jun Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo almost all actors/actresses if its good story.

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