K-netizens Assemble the Perfect GIF Set of Actors Suitable to Play the Male Lead in Highly Anticipated K-drama Adaptation of Novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang

I’m sure the final casting will NOT be one of these talented and charismatic male actors but one can wish, along with appreciating the GIF and selection talents of K-netizens. The novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang (also called The Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son) was announced to be adapted to a K-drama around fall of 2020 with an anticipated airing in June 2021. Clearly that didn’t happen in that timeline but the project remains ongoing and netizens note the male lead character is super desirable to play with a really compelling arc. It tells the story of a man wrongly accused of embezzling money by a chaebol family and murdered (not sure if really dead or just almost died and came back to life), who then becomes the youngest son of the family to try and destroy them. Writing the script is the writer who adapted Sungkyunkwan Scandal and directing is the PD of W: Two Worlds. Netizens think any of these 9 actors would be perfect (and differently done) for the role: Kim Soo Hyun, Park Bo Gum, Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Woo Bin, Yeo Jin Gu, Kwak Dong Yeon, Woo Do Hwan, Seo Kang Joon, and Lee Jong Seok. I can live with any of these guys, please give them a juicy melo revenge yes!


K-netizens Assemble the Perfect GIF Set of Actors Suitable to Play the Male Lead in Highly Anticipated K-drama Adaptation of Novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang — 17 Comments

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  2. If I like Kim Soo-Hyun, Kim Woo-Bin, Lee Jong-Suk, they’re not so young anymore… I like the others, Woo Do-Hwan was good in Mad Dog trying to get justice for his brother.

  3. If it’s happening anytime this year it definitely won’t be Park Bo Gum because of obvious reasons. I think KSH was linked to this drama a year ago from what I remember. I’d love that honestly. Or Kim Woo Bin. But both have a drama already. But I’m thinking KSH could technically do it considering That Night is just 8 episodes and already started filming a few weeks ago ??‍♀️

    • I think Park Hyung Sik would be an excellent choice for the role! Yeo Jin Gu or Yoo Seung Ho would be my second choice based on the fact that they are both great actors.

  4. It is yeo jin goo..why you always spelt it as yeo jin gu…and yeo jin goo is my ultimate choice if he is not busy since he has great potential and acting chop to nail the role

  5. Kwak Dong Yeon!! Hahaha! I have no idea who this guy is until Vincenzo but, damn. He is so talented and so young. If he’s been consistently pulling excellent performances like in V, I think he’s up for the job.

    It’s him and Woo Do Hwan. They are my top picks from the list. Excellent young actors who should move now to high profile lead characters.

  6. Bo Gummie would be perfect with Seo In Guk opposite him playing the eldest older chaebol brother who eventually discovers his younger bro’s secret identity. I want them to play a deadly mouse and cat game taut with tension & wit laying traps for each other. I have a soft spot for their top notch bromance chemistry in Hello Monster. PBG was just so brilliant in hating yet loving his Hyung. Sometimes I felt like he could kill his own brother. The revealing of PBG’s real identity and his confrontation with SIG were just pure pathos. With the right writer & PD, it could turn into a giant hit. Throw in Kim Woo Bin as the second older brother would be icing on the cake. Sung Dong Ill playing the evil father. Crackling with brimstone & fire. Make it an ensemble cast like the male version of Penthouse or Mine.

  7. Let me just admire the eye candy. I don’t care enough to say or pick a bias but I am going to watch this upcoming drama now.

    South Korea does have some really good looking actors.

  8. I like how Koala uses Park Bo Gum’s pic from the drama I Remember YOu: MOnster cause for me that’s is Park Bo Gum’s best even though he is just a support in the drama. His acting in the drama was the best!

  9. It’s a pity bo gum is still in military..this kind of genre i wanted bo gum to portray again. A charming, innocent look with a wicked smile..he is a great and a very passionate actor..

  10. It would be a treat to see Park Bo-Gum in something like this. He will give you a run for your time and money (if you haven’t watched ‘Hello Monster’ I highly recommend doing so). He was just a supporting character but he stole the show with his brilliant acting as Psychopath Lawyer Jung.

  11. Ah that gif of Bogum from Hello Monster/I Remember You. He was such a scene stealer! I hope that he would tackle a similar genre for his next work. But yeah that’ll have to wait since he’s currently serving military.

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