Kwak Dong Yeon Gives Post-Drama Interviews as the Breakout Star of Hit tvN Series Vincenzo

The definition of a breakout is for someone not headlining to steal the spotlight. Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin were the leads of tvN drama Vincenzo and they were both excellent, not a surprise for him given his range and continuous development and for her it was a bad pitch that she really swung for the fences with a homerun. So among the supporting characters all anyone can talk about is wuri baby boy Han Seo played by Kwak Dong Yeon, whether it’s K-viewers, I-fans, and even C-netizen chatter, it’s all about what a great performance he put into a character that got the best developmental arc. To be honest Vincenzo started out and ended the same person plus a girlfriend and some added South Korean-ness to his world view but Han Seo went from puppet to person in our very own Pinocchio role. To say he was long overdue for the spotlight forgets that he’s just 24-years old, and was playing teen versions of male leads when he first started out because he was actually still a teenager himself. When he calls Song Joong Ki “hyung” and looks at him with wanting to please eyes it was reel as real and I am so happy Kwak Dong Yeon got to work with so many talented veterans in this drama and finally caught the eye of the broader public.


Kwak Dong Yeon Gives Post-Drama Interviews as the Breakout Star of Hit tvN Series Vincenzo — 14 Comments

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  2. I already noticed him in Moonlight drawn by Clouds. And was surprised that idols readily get lead roles while he continues to do supporting roles. Glad that he is getting love for his role here.

    • YES! He was so good in that! And his cameo in It’s Okay… was perfection. He really needs a good lead role now!

    • Sometimes for all these actors or even idols, it has something to do with how their agency can make good choices. His previous agency wasted the buzz brought by Moonlight for him, and project choices were not really good. But it seems his new agency is really choosing good ones for him starting with IONTBO and then Vincenzo.

  3. I haven’t even started watching this drama yet but I’m not surprised at all he shined in it.

    I’m genuinely wondering how many breakout roles does this dude needs to finally get a lead role in a primetime drama, web drama, anything? He’s proven himself over and over again and yet there’s idols who can barely act are getting lead roles and basically getting paid acting training as drama leads… I get the politics, money/investments, connections at play but it’s really frustrating to see. Hopefully this is his BREAKOUT breakout role..

  4. I’ve loved him since Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, playing Park Bo Gum’s partner-in-crime. He shines even in a small supporting role. So happy to see him finally getting recognition! Props to the writers for writing such a compelling character and for him for pulling it off so well.

  5. I first noticed him in his cameo role in IOTNBO and he really stole the spotlight there as well. You can tell he was just a natural actor and I was so excited when he was cast in Vincenzo. Agree with everything you said above, gosh, how lucky he is to get the part that I would say became the heart of the drama to some, it added the humanity that made this drama better to be honest.

  6. Kwak Dong Yeon is really a versatile actor. I first saw him in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (2016), and since then, I’m already rooting for his acting career.
    I hope he gets a lead role ala Vincenzo, The Fiery Priest, etc. As in, he is really the titular role as well.

  7. Jeon yeo bin and kwak dong yeon outshine than song joong ki,let hope they getting main role on another hit drama and never get into scandal.

  8. He does have few leads role. Seems like he shines more in supporting role than lead roles. He is just 24 so he have all the time to shine in future. Best of luck to him.

  9. I don’t think Vincenzo didn’t change at all. He reconcilied with his mum, find a new family too and accepted who he was.

    For KDY, he has always been a good actor. I love him since Puberty Medley. It was sad that Never Twice writing wasn’t so good, because he was super cute with Park Se-Wan and the baby! They were the only good part of this drama…

    In Love in the Moonlight, for me he was the second lead, I didn’t care about the real second lead at all. The 3 actors, KJY, PBG and KDY had so much fun in the BTS.

    He did well in My ID Gangnam Beauty. He has the same age than Cha Eun-Woo but he played an older character :p

    He made good cameos in different dramas : the exhibisionist in IOTNBO or the worker who died in a metro station in Doctor Detective

    • I noticed him since Puberty Medley as @Sayaris , i found him really good in all his roles,and better to play noticed second roles than being a lead actor with bad interpretations . I wish him to get one day what he deserves . Step by step is getting better and i highly respect that .

  10. adolescence melody! him, lee se young, Yoon Bak, choi tae joon.. sad that it was only 4eps. i hv seen him here n there for years, sometimes i forgot that he is still very young.. hope he gets lead roles in the future

  11. He caught my eye in Modern Farmer, he was so young back there. He looked older and was casted to play older guys when he was in his teens. I’m looking forward to his future projects. Hopefully some famous writer will give him the leading role opportunity to shine more even if the drama will be mediocre but at least and last k- netizens will notice him properly.

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