Song Joong Gi Graces the Cover and Pages of GQ Korea June 2021 Edition Portraying Vincenzo on Vacation

This is the second weekend without Vincenzo and Mr. Koala is still expected tons of moping and general depression from me because I don’t have my trusty Sat-Sun morning companion. It happens every time one of my crack dramas finish and I plod along until the next one comes along. The cast and crew put in their heart and soul and with the drama done everyone’s off their own ways, and Mr. Vincenzo himself Song Joong Ki looks to have taken a vacation courtesy of GQ Korea magazine. He’s gracing the cover and inside pages of the publication looking confident and relaxed, a bit like Vincenzo v.2 on vacation, though narratively there never was a V v.2 as he basically stayed the same at the end and only added his Korean experience to further cement his purpose as evil punishing evil. I’m sure this drama narrative lends itself to some in depth thesis exploration but on the surface level the drama was a fantastic project for Song Joong Ki on every level. He’s back on top on his own terms using his own talent, I couldn’t be happier for him.


Song Joong Gi Graces the Cover and Pages of GQ Korea June 2021 Edition Portraying Vincenzo on Vacation — 13 Comments

    • I second this! But also, she did mention a few pages back, she was going to watch Taxi Driver due to the hype/ratings. But that’s been like 2-3 weeks ago lol, and there’s been no posts here so yeah lol.

      • @Pam, latest news from Taxi Driver drama. It has changed writer from ep 11 due to differences of opinion between writer and PD. New writer took over just like Uncanny Counter. Storyline could suffer. I’m watching Doom At Your Service now. Are you watching anything else?

  1. I’m glad he is back on top again. But I hope he will choose a project which a character has more depth than Vincenzo and Yoo SI Jin.

    • ?????

      Vincenzo had alot of depth. He was a very complex and dark character to play. A true anti-hero and one of the very few ones in kdrama land.

    • I beg to disagree. Vincenzo character is very complex and has depth. You are right about YSJ though. His character there was one dimensional and flimsy. I have watched all SJK’s dramas and that mega hit drama has been my least favorite because of shallow story and character development.

    • How often do you see a mafia who lost and reunite with his mum, seek revenge for his mum, get pissed with his enemy, build a strange but heart-warming family, and at the same able to take out as many enemies

  2. After vincenzo ended tvn rating back to the flop.4ep the rating was down wonder next drama after mine ended.Taxi driver more hype and rating succes than vincenzo.I’m sure male lead forget his name will get best actor nominated.Last for song joong ki i think after lost best actor in baeksang cause he doesn’t have change to win maybe will win something or daesang in apan award and korean culture award.He still need several hit drama and movie pre-dots to back at top.

    • TvN is cable channel (Vincenzo), SBS is public channel (Taxi Driver).
      So I don’t think your statement “Taxi driver more hyped and rating success ” is correct.

    • It is normal for public channels to have higher ratings. Btw, vincenzo is the 6th highest rated program for tvn and 9th highest for a cable channel in Korea. It is definitely doing well.

  3. It’s good to see him in a project that made the most of his talents, there are plenty of pretty-boy actors who are good at acting but Song Joongki’s level is wayyyy above just ‘good’.

    Vincenzo was true drama crack, I love how it got unexpectedly popular among international kdrama fans too, it was in my country’s Netflix top 10 yesterday and it’s been two weeks since the drama ended!

  4. SJK looking so fine!
    Waiting to see what acting project he will pick next?
    (Besides that movie he’s yet to finish filming.}

  5. Vincenzoo…… How am i supposed to move on from this❤ He reminds it always… fav drma song Joong Ki is the best….. ??❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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