Park Seo Joon Offered Male Lead in Thriller K-drama Kyungsung Creature From the Writer of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

Well this is an interesting sounding drama and also a great casting choice. K-actor Park Seo Joon may be returning to the small screen soon as he’s been offered the male lead in upcoming thriller drama Kyungsung Creature (also known as Project K). The drama is set in a dystopian time period where people do not have the same broad rights as we know it, and the anxiety and fight to exist in the world while seeking human dignity. If he accepts, Park Seo Joon will play a rich guy used to just living his own satisfying life and everything changes when he meets a woman who disrupts his world and makes him question the fight for justice and human rights. The drama is from the PD of Stove League and penned by the screenwriter of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. Park Seo Joon has movies coming up but in terms of drama I can see him being super picky after hitting a major success with his last drama Itaewon Class.


Park Seo Joon Offered Male Lead in Thriller K-drama Kyungsung Creature From the Writer of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim — 11 Comments

  1. Park Seojoon’s acting was always good (one of really great leading drama actors with right sense of comedic timing), but in his recent projects, I love how he is truly showing his gritty side too.
    The writer has up and down moments, and director is still fresh to the game. But if it’s set as speculated during Japanese occupation days, it has a potential to be an interesting project.

    • The writer and pd was top but if this drama was historical and take time during japanese occupation?Heol no this will be another joseon exorcist.Knetz will be mad with this drama.

      • I don’t think so. K-netz always complain, from distortion of the history to pro-Japanese or pro-North Korea. And those dramas survive, with some of them getting even huge ratings. Josen Exorcist was anomaly. And shoot themselves in the foot by using real king name.
        If writer makes her research and they don’t add things from China they will be okay.

    • Korean are used to japanese occupation dramss done well. If not, previous dramas like chicago typewriter and bridal mask will be shunned as well

      • Chicago Typewriter was entirely not well received in terms of ratings. The numbers got progressively worse and the overall reception was just fine. It wasn’t popular internationally and neither did it get any awards so I wouldn’t call it a success in any regard.

        Gaksital tho, was huge. So if done right, it could do well. I think LMH’s new drama is also set in this time era too.

    • Hull just no,hwarang was flop.Psj more shine in modern day drama not historical or saeguk.Even soong joong ki was flop hard in saeguk because saeguk really hard and not suit for him.

      • Mr Sunshine does well rating wise, although it sets in the same era. Stop using the same brush to paint the same type of drama. Btw, bossam shines these days.

      • Please, not this shitto again. Hwarang had plenty script and directing error, that hardly to do with lead actor, who hit all the right notes and had all the right chops. Why he ever should box himself in contemporary dramas over whatever bs some people made themselves believe in just to fit their narrative lol

  2. Yes! Park seo joon in a thriller it’s been long overdue, all of his drama’s except itaewon class were damn romcoms

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